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How Secretive Are You About SMW Hacking?
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Does nobody know that you hack? Does your family know, friends know, or do you just kinda keep it to yourself?

I don't think I know anybody who knows I hack. I know a very select few people who know that I HAVE hacked in passed, but I don't think they know I still do.

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I'm fairly sure we had a thread about this not too long ago...

But yeah, I'm quite open about romhacking. Sometimes I even bring the topic up if I feel like it :V
I haven't been into rom hacking recently, but I'm completely open about everything I do on the PC and internet.

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i hide everything i do. Everything, including SMW hacking.

i just lurk sometimes

I'm pretty open about most things. SMW hacking is no exception. I don't shove it in people's faces in a "LOOKIE WHAT I MADE" kind of way, but if someone sees me hacking I don't try and hide it.

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Originally posted by Binrazan
I haven't been into rom hacking recently, but I'm completely open about everything I do on the PC and internet.

This. No need to hide anything.
I don't hide that I'm hacking because I can't hide it because I don't hack. But I'm actually more open about stuff on the Internet than I am IRL for some reason. Meh.

Good fucking bye.
My old 7th grade Computer Teacher knew that I hack. And my old 6th grade Geography teacher has a Sega Genesis Emulator. I wonder what's special about my Robotics and Engineering Teacher.
I proudly list assembly as a programming language I know. If people ask, I'll be totally upfront about romhacking.
My family knows, and a few friends, but that's about it. I'm not particularly "advertising" about it.
If the topic of Mario comes up, I may tell them I hack, and if I have my flash drive on me, I show them my hacks.

So I'm open about it, but not that many people I see would be that interested in hearing in.

It's not really that I'm secretive about it; it's just I don't bring it up or advertise about it. Though a few of my friends know I hack SMW in think it's cool but other then that I won't mention it unless I know someone who absolutely loves SMW; which isn't that many.

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Moved to hack discussion, because it's a more fitting place for this.

I don't really hide SMW hacking from other people, since I always leave the door open when I use Lunar Magic, so anybody who comes by my room can see what I'm doing.

One day, my mother saw me hacking and she asked me if I was making a game, and I said I was. I've told my younger brother about SMW hacking the day I've discovered it, and we often talk about it, even if he doesn't hack at all. I've also told a couple of friends about it, but they don't really care.
The only people I've talked to about SMW hacking, in real life, are my brother and my grandparents. They enjoy hearing about the hack I'm working on at the time, especially my brother. Other than them, I don't really talk about SMW hacking to anyone else in real life, especially since I'm a very shy person in real life.

My Hacks:
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Other stuff:
My SMW/SMAS/SMAS+W disassembly
Yoshifanatic's Discord Server: A place for fans of my stuff and/or Yoshi to chat with others.
I'm pretty open about it. It's not something I feel the need to do in private. I like to show my sister some of the hilariously insane things I have come up with (she's one of those people who would much rather watch insane than play.) A few people outside my family know that I hack. And since the computer I use is in the living room, there's no point in trying to hide it.

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How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
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Originally posted by Botcrazy
My family knows, and a few friends, but that's about it. I'm not particularly "advertising" about it.

Me too. Since most people I know would think its nerdy and boring, unless they knew me VERY well.

If people see me hacking and they ask me what I am doing I tell them.

If the topic of Mario ever comes up in conversation (and it never has O_o), then I will probably mention it.

I see no point in trying to keep it a secret.

Just back here to browse a bit.
I've mentioned it to a few friends, so I'm not that secretive. They all think it's really cool.

Mario's Vanilla Journey

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I'm in the "if they ask, I'll tell them, otherwise I won't bother bringing it up" boat. It's not that I really give a shit what people think, but rather, most of my friends don't even know what an emulator is, let alone a Super Mario World ROM hack.
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