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Vanilla Level Design 2008: Submissions

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Interested in showing off your level design skills? Think you have what it takes to beat the crowd? Then this is the contest for you:

The SMWC Level Design Contest

Breakdown and Rules

The rules are simple. You have 10 days to make a one-level hack, using only things from the original SMW (this means NO ExGFX, NO sprites, NO ASM - pure original SMW). Design the level any way you like, have it any length you like - but don't make it TOO long. You may also have any style of level you like - burning layer 2 castle, puzzling switch palace, haunted ghost house. Make it end however you want - balloon puzzle to the goal, keyhole, boss battle. Your only limitation is that you must do everything inside Lunar Magic with no external programs (except an emulator, of course.) The only external program you may use is a tile editor to combine ORIGINAL SMW tilesets (IE. mixing line guides with the cave tileset, mushrooms with the forest tileset, etc). That is it. Nothing more.

Do not change the overworld. Simply edit level 105, but be sure to change it around to make it unique. You may have as many secondary exits as you like, and as many bonus rooms as you like. When you think you have made THE level, upload an IPS patch and post it in this thread.

You may discuss the contest here, ask questions, and post your works, but you must NOT discuss ANY of the other submitted levels besides your own. Doing this will result in disqualification from the contest.

Finally, you may only submit ONE level, so make sure it's the one you want.

ADDED RULE: Thanks to Bloodstar's constant NAGGINGS D: I will allow editing of the "Nintendo Presents" logo so you may sign your name on your level.


Each level will be judged according to the following categories, out of 10 for each.

Creativity: Did you take the original SMW and bend it to form new, creative puzzles, clever areas, and tricky obstacles
Difficulty: Is the difficulty just right? Is it not insanely tough, but at the same time, not insanely easy?
Appeal: Does the level look nice? Are there any graphical glitches?
Functionality: Does the level work properly? Are there any retarded places that are unfair/can kill the player too easily?
FUN: Is your level FUN OVERALL?


1. Don't be afraid to use Super GFX to mix original tilesets and sprite sets. That is available to you!
2. Use Layer 2, auto scrolling, and different generators for some interesting puzzles.
3. Feel free to make any style of level that suits you - underwater, dark castle, treacherous (non-annoying) labyrnith, etc.
4. Though it won't be judged, you can edit the level name, intro message, and Nintendo Presents logo to spice it up a bit.

Judging and Deadlines

Since it was FirePhoenix (SnowyFP) who came up with this idea, he has volunteered to help judge this. CyclopsCaveman, also hearing of this, has volunteered to judge. Therefore, them and I will be the three judges of this contest. Thankfully, it should be as unbiased as possible, since we have a variety of people playing.

The deadline is February 25th. Be sure to have your IPSs submitted in this thread by then. Judging and grading will then be done, and the results will be posted for each. Remember, this is a fun contest, and instead of having to make a whole entire hack, you can simply make one level for fun. Finally, also remember that anything in LM is fair game - custom palettes, manipulation of the original Map16 tiles, etc. Do not break the rules and use external programs.

FINAL NOTE: Please do NOT submit your IPSs to the Hack section. Just post the link to them in this thread!

That should be all. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Have fun!
This post is for a list of all the IPS Patches entered in the contest, alongside the author's name.

Levels: 51 submitted

AxemJinx: Tunnel Trouble
DarkHacker: Prison Escape
spigmike: Land Lost in Dust
Lucas: Boo's Time Tower
Dylan Yoshi: Big Boo's Icy Mansion
Mario41001: Haunted Isle
Rasto: Haunted Fortress
SMS: Mario's Epic Excursion
WhiteYoshiEgg: Yoshi's Island 7
Dotsarecool: Land of Darkness
Joshua: Tidal Swamp
Eymerich: The Soulwrecked
Kaeru: Mountain Heights
Mr. L: Super Wario Blah
Schwa: Shining Forest
Giga: Castle of Mystery
hebesphenomegacorona: This is a Castle
daaa77: Chateau von Mort (Glitch Fixed)
pas'ra'chilli: Hazy Forest Castle
Manaphy: The House on Haunted Hill
Claus: Mario Ware: Mega Micro Level
x1372: Ninji Fortress
Breakfast: Random Airship
dottedboy: Iggy's Castle
anonimato: Bowser's Nightmare Factory
Insectduel:The Sky Attack
green-kirby:Mario and A_Yoshi's Quest
FirePhoenix0: Flight of the Yoshi
pikaguy900: Frost Cavern Castle
pieguy1372: Podoboo Cavern
Pozeal: Unnamed
wowfunhappy: Wowfunhappy's Contest Entry
Delmaru: Watchout...Above and Below
Caped Mario: Sunset Vista
Xgor: Mario's Ship
Sind: No Name
Internoob: Mario's Great Adventure
Exor: Mt. Dover
MamaLuigi: MamaLuigi's Contest Entry
groudondjango: Wendy's Security Castle
Remnic: Remnic's SMW Level
Crystal King: Crystal King's SMW Level
Higsby: Koopa Hills
asdf: Frozen Future Fury
Cheeseum: Frozen Forest
Onyx: Onyx Platform 1
Vic Rattlehead: Into the Dark
DaKing: DaKing's Contest Entry
Suicine: Do the Time Warp
daboys121: Yes, you may change the level name. Also, going to delete your post so FP's is second and has the list of IPSs. You did nothing wrong, so don't worry.
This is a great idea. Actually I hope we do these somewhat often.

I have a question. Suppose I have a finished level in my not-yet-released hack that fits the requirements. Can I use that level, even though it will ultimately appear in my own hack later? I ask because my first hack is mostly being done without any outside programs.

Another question: Can we use a tile editor to make sprite and tile swaps? I know that involves an outside program, but it could lead to more creative combinations. Actually, the level in question for me uses them, so...I'll wait for a response before I do anything.
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For your first question, as long as it meets the requirements, yes, you may use it.

For two, you might wish to elaborate more. Is there anything custom in this level of yours? If they is, it won't be able to be judged, as this is a pure original SMW contest.
What I mean is my level combines different foreground sets so I can use line guides with normal terrain. Another level I might consider swaps Monty Moles into the castle sprite set so I can use them in a castle setting. Is that sort of thing ok? I'm only using what's in the original game (apart from manipulated Map16 tiles, but those are ok, right?).

Edit: If I'm still being unclear, can I post or send you an example (youtube video link)?
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Oh, you meant mixing and matching different gfx/sprite sets from the original SMW. That's perfectly fine. In fact, it's highly encouraged for all the submissions.
Can I edit the message in level C5?
Feel free to. As for editing the intro level, don't bother with that because we aren't judging based on that level.
this may be a stupid question but.... can you enter with a automatic mario level?
Your layout has been removed.
This may be stupid but it was not mentioned. May we use custom music?
It really makes a lot for a level. =)

Also I love this idea. I have been working on a one level hack I think I will finish it and use it in this contest! =)
Was custom music part of the original SMW? No. Therefore that;s a disqualification if you add it.

Xgor: I guess that you can enter with one of those if you really want to, though I don't know how well we'd be able to judge it. It'd be different to judge than the other levels.
We are allowed to use Custom Palettes and ExAnimation right?

Edit: Plus, can we modify the Map16Page with the original SMW tiles to create new tiles based on the original ones?

Edit2: Just out of couriosity: What does the winner get? :P

Edit3: Bunch of questions, I know. Can we fix the Piranha's Stem? Of course without the patch. Editing the vine in AllGFX.bin. Apparently editing their colors in YY-CHR with a custom palette. (But since the mushroom shares it's colors with the Piranha stem, I need a custom palette along with recoloring. Nintendo's fault.)

Edit4: *sigh* Can we use ExGFX that is still the original SMW tileset? I have to change my grass tileset to the cave tileset since the downward-slopes would glitch. But since I need the grass tiles but have to change the header to cave, I have to use ExGFX.

Edit5: Meh, don't answer on my last question, I won't use that method.

Well, I don't know, I want to know these too, I am using custom palette and some edited map16 tiles, but if it isn't allowed, I'll change.
I might make a level for this.
Considering that LM has a built in GFX editor, that means custom GFX are allowed if they are done in that editor?

That is almost like ExGFX!
Originally posted by Amanda
Considering that LM has a built in GFX editor, that means custom GFX are allowed if they are done in that editor?

That is almost like ExGFX!

i agree, In my first hack i only used block tool and LM!
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Ok, I think my submission is ready.

It's called Tunnel Trouble.
...In retrospect, it seems to use a lot of sprites that you rarely see in the original game...but no matter.

Am I allowed to post a video of my submission?
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Question: What if I wanted to combine two tilesets, but I also wanted to use the original tilesets as well? There would be no room in the original graphics for the new tileset, so it would have to be ExGFX. Would using ExGFX in that way be acceptable?
Your layout has been removed.

just a question: you said that it can have as many secondary exits as we want, but I hope this doesn't mean it can be endless,... I mean, one can just join two, three, four, levels he made before and stick them together for the contest, and with time set to 0, there's no gameplay problem...
Have we to value an "integrity" of theme within the level (say, Castle goes with Castle, Mushrooms with Mushrooms, and the like..)
And, say I want the player to find the "real" exit (actually, hidden as a secret exit would be), have I got the possibility to add different exits (the "fake" one, and the "real", secret, one) or I simply must tell the player "sorry man, but your princess is in another castle", and drive him back to the beginning?)

Yes, in the end is more than a single question.

to anyone that downloaded Verdant FG: I've fixed it with the gameplay page and a readme, so get the fixed version.
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