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Vanilla Level Design 2008: Submissions

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You can change the intro, the OW the title screen, if doesn't matter. The only thing we're judging is the level you make.

This is a Castle

This level has an... interesting gimmick in the boss fight. I'm not saying what it is, but it's completely legal by the contest rules.
Okay, I've finished everything now, everything is now 100% Finished.
Here's the download:

The level is called "Château Von Mort". It's a ghost house that's designed to test Logic, Speed, and Agility. Here's some Screens:

Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: I have found a Serious Glitch in the Level and had to fix it. If you downloaded the Version of My level on Megaupload, please delete that version and download my new (Fixed) Version on ZShare, Yes, I'm using ZShare this time.

To FirePhoenix0: Can you please replace the link to the old version with the link to the new version and put (Glitch Fixed) Next To It?
Well my submission's almost ready. All I have left to do is tweak a few palettes and have a few friends beta test it. For having started with two of my old levels, making this into something worth showing off here has taken a lot more than I thought it would.

*edit* Ok, just palettes.

*edit2* hate... palette... editing...

Very nice stuff submitted so far though, so I really doubt I'm going to win this thing. Good luck everyone, I'm definitely testing out all the levels people submit here. It gives me a good idea of whose games I should be trying out as well :).
OK, Here are a few screenshots of my level:

Hope you like it!
Hazy Forest Castle

Megaupload is some wacky-crazy awfulness. I wonder if nuking it from orbit would work...
Originally posted by FirePhoenix0
Giga: Your patch is bad. Fix it please.

Rasto: Fixed your name.

blizzC: You have more than a week to make one level. The contest ends on the 25th. You should be able to make a level by then.

Eymerich: Sorry, I guess SNN and I missed adding your name. Don't worry though, we didn't miss testing your level.

k,i guess i make a level then. But it may not be so good since im new with SMW hacks :) but i try anyways.
Super Mario Will Come After You,So...Watch Out!What We Win?
Originally posted by Geckye1456
What We Win?

If you personally win, I won't ban your ass for stupidity.
Question: Will there be runner-up prizes (or at least acknowledgement)?
Well, there will be the first, second, and third prizes. However, once FP is done his judging, he is going to send his results and comments to me. I am then going to merge everything together for EVERY level submitted. This means I will upload a TXT file that has the ratings of every level, and a few comments. Not only will this help the creator improve their design skills, it will give people an idea about others' design skills.
Hopefully the comments will help the creators design good levels even when they are using all of the things that are restricted for this contest.

Also, SNN, did we actually decide on the prizes yet? Sure me a PM answer for now cause I can't get on IRC. If we haven't decided yet, I'll try to get on IRC later and we'll talk it out.
Hey... um... I think I found a serious glitch in my level, can I fix it and resubmit? (I'm not going to change ANYTHING else)

Let me just say, I think this is a fantastic idea. SMW hacking has, over the years, gotten very complicated. This contest gives hackers a chance to just go back and focus on what really matters- level design.\

May be a little early to start thinking about things like this but, would you consider making this an annual event, or even a bi-annual event? It's important that we give all the future hackers a chance to enter contests like this as well.

plus I'll be a better level designer in a years time and maybe even have a chance at winning this thing *shot*
May I fix the Piranha plant's stem by replacing it by a vine tile ? Using LM's 8x8 editor ? Since it's still SMW GFX, it's OK to do this, isn't it ?

Still waiting for an answer to my question...
Yes, you can resubmit the level.

MamaLuigi: Yes.

wowfunhappy: I probably won't do this contest again, but sometime later I might do an Overworld Designing Contest, or maybe a graphics contest, or something. I don't know yet.

Also, one week left for levels - we already have 20 (I personally have about 15 judged) so keep on submitting them.
Originally posted by S.N.N.

wowfunhappy: I probably won't do this contest again, but sometime later I might do an Overworld Designing Contest, or maybe a graphics contest, or something. I don't know yet.

Or Maybe a Level Contest where there are no limits...? (Custom Stuff Allowed)

Dunno... Just an Idea

By the way, about the glitch in my level and the fix, read my edited post.
I've actually thought of doing more contests in the future. But that's for another day. ;)
You know, what would be cool would be like a SMW Hacking Grand Prix, with like 3 or 4 different contests in one huge event, and everyone could enter only 1 or 2 of the events... There'd be one for level design without anything custom (just like this one), level design with ExGfx but nothing else custom, level design with custom anything, and one other one that I can't think of (those three are just examples).

If it's alright with SNN, no matter what we do I want to play a bigger part in running the next event, rather than entering it as a competitor.

But one thing's for sure, we can't hold these TOO often or they'd get stale. Most likely, at least.
It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
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