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Vanilla Level Design 2008: Submissions

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Originally posted by Joshua
Daaa77, can you tell me exactly what glitch you fixed in Chateau Von Mort? With all these entries I don't really feel up to redownloading and replaying it...

I fixed a glitch on the second floor in a P-Switch Puzzle. Some coins necessary to move on sometimes didn't appear due to me placing too many objects in the room. It's been fixed now.

Why are we all using Megaupload now? It's crap. Use ZShare, it's fast and you don't even need an account. Not much ads either. I guarantee it's Safe to Use.
Use Sendspace. From what I've heard, you don't need an account to upload things. :P

Also, there's a whole bunch of good level designers entering, so I've been worried since it's began. D:
Your layout has been removed.
Your layout has been removed.
Don't worry Pieguy. My hack's not gonna win.

No, seriously, it's not going to. You'll see why some time.

I found the problem days after I submitted it, so it was too late to fix, since it's likely already been judged by now...
It's me!!

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Just resubmit it. I'm sure that they'd be willing to play it again.

Also, note that I said A BUNCH of good level designers.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Schwa
Don't worry Pieguy. My hack's not gonna win.

No, seriously, it's not going to. You'll see why some time.

I found the problem days after I submitted it, so it was too late to fix, since it's likely already been judged by now...

...I didn't run into any problems. >_>

NNID: JoshButton (Nickname: Buttons)
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lolwut the other one didn't work

Also, the level title is in the hack. Go and check it.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
Flight of the Yoshi

Wait what!? I'm entering in my own contest??? Yes I am but don't worry it's just for fun. I can't win it I've decided. If I win any position I'll pass it on to the person(s) below me. Obviously I won't be judging it so I'll leave that to SNN/Roselia.
You missed Insectduel's level, and it seems the Mario & A_Yoshi hack breaks the rules by having a very custom overworld. Plus it's obviously directly taken from a regular hack ("plot" and such), which is kind of lame.
NNID: JoshButton (Nickname: Buttons)
SMM Bookmark Account: Click here. Many fun levels to play! :)
I added Insectduel's level. Dunno how I missed it.

Also, how do you mean "very custom overworld"? The fact that it's changed from the original game? We don't mind the OW being changed, it's just that we aren't judging on it. I see that in SNN's first post it says don't change the overworld but since we aren't judging it, I'm not going to disqualify a hack because the OW's been changed around. In fact, my level changes the OW to fit the theme so I see no problem there.

As for plot, there's no judgment on plot. Added plot is just for fun purposes.

As for being out of a hack in progress, I see no problem there either. If the level has good design and doesn't break the rules then I have no problem with it. A decent number of levels already submitted are from hacks in progress.
For the secondary exits, I can edit 106, 107, 108, and etc. ?
I hope I can...


Frost Cavern Castle

Description: Basically a castle within a cave within a mountain, Frost Mountain. (No name sounds right for it that would make it sound like this. :( Mt. Frost Castle? It makes it sound like it's all castle. Frost Mountain? Makes it sound like there's no castle at all. Frost Cavern Castle leaves out only the "mountain" part. :( GAH!!) The castle's purpose is unknown, as it's not even finished yet. O_o (Sure doesn't look that way! XD) There's some minor puzzles in it, and the main attraction is the 3 paths to take. There's the P-Switch Path, Yoshi Path, and Star Path. Each path has you complete it using said "item". And that's all you really need to know. Oh, and there's a Keyhole at the end. There IS a Key in the level. You have to look for it.

Tips: Beware the Yoshi Path, it's autoscrolling when you reach the flying section. To get through, you MUST use Down+Y/X when you land... Well... Unless you like trying to bounce off enemies. That move. Just a warning. I alert you to it in the level, but... I just want to make sure everyone knows to do that. ^^

(If this info was not to be said, lemme know and I'll edit it out. :()
I'd better enter this before I forget.

My level is a puzzle level situated in a cavern with Podoboos. It is a very tough puzzle, so be careful. There is a graphical glitch, but it is not fixable unless I remap a few sprites, which I can't do in this case. ;_;

With that said...

Podoboo Cavern

*drops IPS in the box and walks out the door*
Your layout has been removed.
GUYS. He said no discussing your levels. >_<

Not trying to rent-a-mod, but it bugs me how you guys are doing it constantly and getting away with it, and I'm following the rules.
It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
Originally posted by Roselia
You may discuss the contest here, ask questions, and post your works, but you must NOT discuss ANY of the other submitted levels besides your own.

Your layout has been removed.
Besides your own Schwa. You are allowed to say stuff about your own levels. What I meant by that was don't go and say something like "wow X's hack is awesome, and this hack sucks"
beware my suckage entry of dooom
Its called Unnamed.
BEST IRC QUOTE EVER:[on the topic of robot master names being suggestive]
<&SNN> they could be completely blunt and just say something like
<&SNN> "Big Fucking Erection Man"

My contest entry! Yay!

It's called... um... erm... well you see... I never really thought of a name... Okay, I deem this "Wowfunhappy's Contest Entry." Hey, at least the name is practical.

It should be noted that a large part of the level is designed so that it will change a little bit each time you play it. Thus, judges MAY want to play it to times in order to see how the level changes.

It doesn't change drastically or anything, but it DOES change.

And so... yeah... that's just about it.

*pulls out piece of paper and starts muttering to himself*

...After that, I'll station the super-sonic-thingy-gadget in area number one, which will get S.N.N. out of the way. Then, I'll get the next judge while he's sleeping by stationing X three feet away from Z...
OHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Christ, my bad... Sorry for the misunderstanding on my part. x__x

I wish I would've known that earlier, though...
It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
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