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Vanilla Level Design 2008: Submissions

Link Thread Closed
hey FirePhoenix, I decided to name my level "twisted forest" for some reason. Think you can change the levels name on the second post?

Edit: I almost forgot. My name was Sind when I submitted my level.
Okay, ? is fixed.
Well, the status bar isn't, but the last part is way better now.
I'd normally add some fire, but the thing itself is tricky...

Anyway, lulz.

I can't believe I still made it for the contest:

The name is Wendy's Security Castle.
Do you think you can escape the Ghost Mansion?

Click here...

(demo, full version is cancelled, sorry)

Wow! almost 40 submissions? That's what I call a challenge!
to anyone that downloaded Verdant FG: I've fixed it with the gameplay page and a readme, so get the fixed version.
Will my " ? " get accepted ? It isn't in the list on the first page.

Don`t you realize FirePhoenix0 isn`t online?
Scientific genius!Here it is (my level). Although I wouldn't call it my best work, it is pretty good nonetheless.
I am the Eggman! My current Egglayout is to support Sonic Robo Blast 2. I'll change it sometime in the future.
Listen to the SRB2 Soundtrack! It's awesome! AWESOME I SAY! Also, PM me if you ever wanna do SRB2 with me.
And Higsby appears out of nowhere to enter the contest!

Koopa Hills
Frozen Future Fury

Tired of all the puzzle levels? Just want to get to the action? Well, now you can. With this challenging yet fun level. No critical thinking required! Well...beyond reaction skills, thinking on your feet, and a few...creative areas. Screenshot, you say? I say, screenshot!

(it isn't as hard as it looks)

I'm not sure when the limit for entering is, given the staff's wacky time zones as I remember them (I would've expected EST otherwise), so I'm just posting this now. I fully expect to lose, given the apparant bias towards puzzledom, but hey, you never know.
/me sneaks in before the deadline.
Frozen Forest

A cold forest and a acid filled Castle hidden in a bush. How much stranger can things get?
Edit: Just realized I forgot to move the entrance to 107 back to screen 0 after I was done testing. It'll be fixed though. >.> (s'all good now.)
Augh! So many submissions! And I have so much real life going on right now!

I'll get to the levels when I can. Until then, SNN/Roselia can also take care of updating the list on the first page.
Hmm very dumb question here: how do i uppload it? sorry but i havnt much time,so i got to uppload it just right now or i won't uppload it at all. I think someone explained this earlier in the thread but damnit i can't find it xD
Freewebs, Mediafire, etc. Upload the IPS there, and post the link here.
uh yes.But how do i make it to an ips file? hmm or maybe the faq section gives explanation,i'll take a look.

EDIT: ah shit,i seem to have deleted the version where the level was fully completed,bah,nvm.
Open up the recycle bin, select what you deleted, double-click it, and select "restore".
Your layout has been removed.
Rainbow World

Finished the tweaking and is FINALLY ready to play. I'm deleting the old version soon.
CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
Ok, I fixed a few minor things in my hack. W00t!
BTW, I'm Delmaru
link for IPS
Well, heres my entry titled cape quest, just a fun level!
Ladies and gentlemen, Schwa turns around and delivers a haymaker that woos the crowd!

Shining Forest has been improved; the major graphical inconsistancies have all been fixed, with only minor sacrifices.

Re-download the file if you haven't already.

Dangit, we still needed to figure out a prize, didn't we? I like playing more when there are things at stake. >_<
It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
Link Thread Closed