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Vanilla Level Design 2008: Submissions

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"No new graphics" applies to that.

However, you CAN use the original graphics for an ExAnimation, which I am doing.
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I'm on it.

Good to be back.
I'm just gonna stick to music...
Originally posted by TLMB
Are we able to use ExGFX for ExAnimation, and are we able to edit the GFX to a certain extent?

Please read the thread before asking previously answered questions.
I will ask again: Are we allowed to change the fish tile in AllGFX.bin to have a correct Classic Piranha Plant? No patch, just edit the GFX to have the correct stem.
I'm pretty sure you are allowed to do whatever you want with the original SMW graphics. Map16 and all that is allowed, just as long as you don't actually change the graphics themselves. How much simpler can it get?
I wasn't sure about it but if that's all, then I will start working on my level.

Edit: I came up with a new question: Since you are just allowed to make one level, can we build in that one level switches to activate the colored blocks? You get teleported to the OW and then re-enter the level to use the new activated blocks. I don't know if I will use this but maybe others could make a good use of this?
That would be a pretty unique idea I think. And since it'll be in the same level, I don't see why it would be a problem.

And as to fixing the piranha stem, since the piranha was in SMW originally and just not used, you are allowed to fix the stem.
Yes, as FP said, those are both fine.

Also, 12 days left in the contest. I suspect we are going to get swarmed with levels by the 24th though.
Alguien que entienda español, me podria explicar que esta pasando?
plz gracias.
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Esto es un concurso de quien ase el mejor hack de solo 1 nivel y solo usar graphicas de Super Mario World original. Perdon si escribi mal.
Originally posted by DaKing
Esto es un concurso de quien ase el mejor hack de solo 1 nivel y solo usar graphicas de Super Mario World original. Perdon si escribi mal.

ahhhh. okas gracias ^^
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I have finished my level, a Desert/Ghost Swamp hybrid, called A Land Lost in Dust. Looking back, I probably spent more time working on the graphics than the level design, but it has to look great to be fun to play, right?

A Land Lost in Dust.ips

I also decided to put a few pictures in to help you understand a couple different things... and to show off.

Welcome to the desert, our yoshi coins have racing stripes...

Ruins, they're complex, and they're something you didn't see at all in SMW.

A little P-Switch puzzle.

Yes, there's a secret exit. Oh and if you didn't notice, Mario is now conveniently located in a haunted Oasis.

You can stand on the tree limbs with green leaves, but not the ones with brown leaves.

I think that big boo really does not want you to get that yoshi coin.

And a little comedic frustration at the end. I put a yoshi coin, that for all intensive purposes looks collectible, but I believe is actually impossible to get. I wanted to see if I could make some people run out the remaining ~200 seconds left on the clock just trying to get it...
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Wow. The competition is getting tough! I posted feedback and clearly did not follow the rules and therefore got my post edited and warned. Hooray!
Wow. This challenge is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be, and that's after having designed around 20 levels or so before even having touched YY-CHR or anything. Turns out I have to make quite a few changes to my levels to pull this off... thank goodness for the extended deadline.

Just feels kinda strange to notice how much I've begun to rely on my own custom graphics to make things look right.

Best of luck everyone... seems odd to only have two submissions so far.
I'll possibly enter. I do have a couple ideas, personally.

I have one ready, but every time you die the game freezes. Do I have to fix this in order to submit? Noting that the level doesn't have a midway point.
Yes, you do have to fix that. Otherwise it's just a hassle t have to restart it every time you die because it freezes.

I have no clue why it would freeze however. You didn't do something that we said you couldn't, did you? SMW is not a very freezing-prone game...
I inserted 4 levels. They work fine on my other hack, though.
Just happened to catch this as I was scrolling through the website. I have an idea for a level I've been wanting to make for a while, and this may be just the excuse I need to make it, so perhaps I'll create something over the weekend.

One question though: Other than recognition, is there any sort of prize?
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If the overworld has been changed but still has the original SMW gfx, will I get disqualified?

And one other thing: You CAN use original SMW sprites, right?
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