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Sprite Template Idea

Please forgive me if this has already been suggested/solved.

I recently had another idea for helping newcoming designers acclimate quickly. I don't know if it's just my style, but when I start designing a stage, I like pasting all of the sprites in the current tileset into the current sublevel so I never have to hunt through the add sprite dialog for the sprite I need. Sometimes I do the same with certain corner tiles, land formations, etc.- I mean, looking through any of the "add x" dialogs can become cumbersome, especially if you go on to design multiple levels or a full game.

So, what I'm proposing is that we paste tilesets into a "template patch" where sublevel 105, 106, etc. (or whatever string of sublevels) have all the stuff for a particular tileset crammed into the first few screens for easy access. That way, designers can simply copy/paste things to/from the clipboard instead of hunting through the "add x" dialogs every time they want to start a new level. Of course, this wouldn't really apply to sprite swaps or custom sprites, but I feel like it would save a lot of tedious work in the long run. We did this to an extent with the early tilesets in SMWCP2, and I think it's a good idea in general.

I'm basically trying to gauge interest here- would this be helpful to anyone? If not, that's fine. If so, I might be willing to put together some templates in my free time, but then I would like for it to be linked from the FAQ or something so newcomers can easily find it. This is all hypothetical, of course :b
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Well, I was proposing it more as a workaround rather than a feature, because my impression is there's no guarantee there'll be any further development over on FuSoYa's end. I mean, uploading an IPS with all of that already pasted into the sublevels is something we can do right now if we wanted, and it doesn't involve any coding.
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Thats not a bad idea, but this would belong here.

I don't get why people make useless posts such as these, why not contribute to the actual discussion instead? :\

This is actually quite a nice idea in my opinion. For those who use AlcaRobot on IRC, it's not too much trouble and there isn't really a need to look through the add sprites dialog since we can just use !ar sprite 0F (to return the name of sprite 0F) or !ar sprite goomba (to return the sprite ID of the goomba). Speaking of that, I wonder why there isn't search box or something like that in those dialog boxes, I'm sure it would help people find sprites more easily.

But anyway, with this idea the sprites are already in the levels so it would just be a matter of pasting them in your own ROM. Also, it can work with some basic custom sprites like the Hammer Bro, Shyguy and Venus Piranha plant (you could make a level with SMB2 sprites for example) since usually many people who use Sprite Tool tend to include those sprites in their hacks.

In short, I agree with this idea; it would be very convenient for many of us.
Certainly. I know of a few other designers who like the template idea as well (in fact, I've witnessed several uses of that technique in SMWCP2 already). If it's something that actually gets thrown together, I'll make sure it goes in the FAQ for sure.
I'd suggest distributing it as .mwl files instead of (or in addition to) an .ips patch-- I suspect many people who use this would extract the levels and insert them in their own ROMs anyway, so this would save a few steps. (Especially if they're levels like, say, 180-190 or 19C-1BA, that people aren't particularly likely to have already used in their ROM early on (whether they start from the lowest or highest for sublevel numbering).)

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Ok, here's what I have so far.

The standard sprite sets are all done, and I've begun working on the FG tiles, but I've only done the cloud/forest set so far. Dealing with the fringe tiles is annoying, so hopefully it'll take the frustration out of things for some designers. I may end up making some Map16 tiles as well to make certain intersections possible and to make the sets more functional overall.

Feel free to tell me if you have any questions, comments, or complaints.

Oh, and I probably will change the level numbers to the ones you suggested, Zeldara, by the time all of it is finished.

Thanks for the feedback so far!


Edit: Update!

There's still plenty of work to do on the FG tiles (especially Map16 formations), but I think this will serve well as a general template collection for now, the sprites especially so. Again, if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.
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