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A Fated Kingdom
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - A Fated Kingdom
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Hello SMWCentral. I come bearing ideas of a new hack. A pretty sad one. And I'm just going to go ahead and throw it out in the blue, I need an experienced team to help me along the way. Before I tell you who I'll need, let me fill you in on the plot I had in mind.



The beginning of the story takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom a few years after the original Super Mario World game had ended. Everyone has aged a few years and all seemed well. It wouldn't be a Mario game though if Peach were to go uncaptured. So she is. And who else but Bowser would do it? Well, Mario catches a glimpse of Bowser before he runs off, and something seems different. He seems a bit darker, more crouched, more animal like. Mario shrugs this off, and starts his timeless chase again.

[2 or so worlds of generic Gameplay pass]

Mario reaches Bowsers castle once again and makes his way to the roof. It is there that Mario gets a better look at Bowser. Bowser looks pained, as if he's lost all control of himself. He then takes peach in his hand, and throws her over the roof where you hear a thud. Bowser sheds a tear.

[Boss fight with Bowser. Bowser in the end will kill himself.]

Mario makes his way down to Peach, who is dying. She tells him that she will be fine, then she dies. Pained, Mario brings her body back to his house and lays her on his bed as he mourns. He see's a glimmer in the mirror and walks towards it. The mirror becomes liquid, and he falls in.

[Enter mirror world.]

This new world is much like Mario's own, with one main difference.(Graphics wise that is, not Gameplay wise. It will be a little gimmicky.) The difference is that it appears as he currently see's the world: A seamless, lifeless place. He sets his own path to escape from this mushroom kingdom. Perhaps to the bean bean kingdom, maybe to the shy guy kingdom. No one knows. But he stays in the mirror. It comforts him to see everyone share his pain.

As his new journey begins, he runs into a mirrored Luigi. There are no words exchanged, no thoughts, just silence. Luigi speaks up, says he was too weak to save peach. Too little of a man to have even stood a chance.

[Boss fight with mirrored Luigi]

After you beat the mirrored Luigi, you receive a cutscene of the real Luigi grabbing his chest, and falling to his knees. A moment later, you recieve an image of the mirrored Mario, standing above Luigi. It then cuts to the real Mario again. He thinks nothing of it at all, and he continues his journey.

[Continuation of the journey leads to Peaches castle, which lies before a desert of nothingness in the mirror world.]

Mario catches a glimmer of pink, and suddenly the landscape around him beings to take color and life again. His movements become motivated, and he chases after this figure.

[Mario's chase leads him into peaches castle to meet none other than peach herself.]

He confronts this mirrored peach with love, and she responds with sadness. This appears to be the actual ghost of peach. She explains that it wasn't Bowsers fault at all, but that it was an evil being who took control of him.

[Bowsers ghost appears and apologizes to Mario, and asks his forgiveness. He was just about ready to give up taking peach and find his own girl.]

Mario forgives Bowser and asks if there's any way he can bring them back to life. There is not. On top of that, Peach also reveals that the evil spirit that possessed Bowser had taken shape of Mario and has mirrored his journey. It dawns on Mario then that Luigi might have fallen victim to this spirit.

[Luigi's ghost shows up and makes a comical comment. Mario chuckles a little, but then cries.]

Mario apologizes to all of them that he couldn't have done more, to which they all dismiss his ludicrous comments and embrace him.

[Another evil spirit shows up suddenly behind the four, and just stares at mario]

Mario jumps back, and readies for battle.

[Boss battle with spirit]

Mario almost dies in the battle, but is healed by the spirit of peach. He asks his friends if he has to face his mirrored self in battle in the normal kingdom. They nod yes. He heads back to the real world where the shadow mario lies in wait, staring into the mirror. As soon as Mario emerges, the shadow grabs him and throws him aside.

[Final boss battle]

Mario just barely survives the encounter, and manages to seal the shadow in the mirror realm. He buries Bowser, Luigi, and Peach with the help of toad, and lies in bed, waiting for the bitter end.


And that's about it! A bit dark, yes. But hey, I think there can be some great gimmicks to go along with this kind of story. Now, as for the team I'm going to be needing these people:

2 - 3 Level editors to work with me.

NOTE: Just be aware that if you accept to be a level editor, then I will probably make some changes to your levels. I prefer more open levels than closed or crowded levels. Keep that in mind when applying. :X

2 - 3 People experienced with graphics.

NOTE: I have one tile set in mind for this hack that I can kinda draw up. I would need help with it though. Other than that, i'd mainly need help with graphics for custom enemies, bosses, cutscenes, and alternative mushroom kingdom graphics.

3 - 4 People who are good with custom sprites, bosses and cutscenes.

NOTE: I will help in any way I can.

1 - 2 People with a good taste of Music.

NOTE: I will help in any way I can.

1 - 2 Other people to help me with the overworld

NOTE: Unlike level editors, I am open to any type of overworld. But I would still like to see your work before hand though. Also, overworlds are subject to change. :X

1 Person who would be willing to see this project through should I have to leave early before it's completed.

NOTE: DO NOT apply for this unless you are 100% sure you will see it through to the end. I'm very serious about this. >_O


NOTE! I want to see examples of work that you've done beforehand before I accept you to the team. I want this to become a memorable hack. Also, if you have criticism on the story, I'd love to hear it. I had only thought of this story yesterday during class. I don't expect it to be perfect.

ALSO! I have no work done on this yet, but I have very solid ideas as to what to do.


Anyways, if you're interested or just have some thoughts, please reply. Any help at all would be nice. I do have skype, and msn. Skype is prefered though. Skype name is Mariowings77, says I live in Virginia. But yeah. Hope to hear from you all soon. :)


Sounds great, but you need screenshots to start a hack thread. :/

Please don't send me PMs about why JDCGames is down. That part of my life is over.
... I had completely forgotten about that... Erm... me thinks this will close then... I'll just go get started on the first level then. <_>


Well, you have 24 hours to show something.

I will not sign up for now, as most teams hacks don't go very far, but good luck, anyway :)

Please don't send me PMs about why JDCGames is down. That part of my life is over.
EDIT: Can a mod please delete this thread instead of closing it? I'm not going to have something ready just yet. I'll repost a new thread when I do have some screen shots. Thanks!


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