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24hosmw: Submissions

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Here is my Door 9 Level.

Not expecting Top 10 this time, but the effort is worth it.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.

Its okay, but i got lazy.

I bet 50 bucks i wont win this contest#w{=)}
Heated Halls

I probably could've done more, but I got lazy.
Just back here to browse a bit.

Hope you enjoy my submission. I'm not the best, but I tried to make it feel like it was actually part of the castle as much as I could while adding some sort of gimmick that wasn't used in the other 8 rooms.

The actual submission content is vanilla.

... mm'yes.
My submission!
I always like to think up a nice little back story to things I make.
basically Bowser wasn't really defeated and you need to go back and beat him for real, but his castle is locked, so you need to go through the back door, the 9th room!
Slipspiky Nonadoor (yay for strange titles?)

Storyline: Mario has randomly gone back to replay castles he's already been to. But... what's this? It seems Bowser remodeled this castle at some point...

Note that this level is quite difficult, and somewhat longer than the original Bowser's Castle rooms (though I did include three power-up blocks, the last of which contains a cape). (It is still possible as Super Mario without taking damage or collecting the cape, though.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
Haunted Hallway I have been working on this all day.
PRO-TIP! The springboard jump is difficult to figure out, but when you will have.
*EDIT* It doesn't say anything about the haunted hallway being room nine, just because I didn't have enough space to explain it in the intro message. But I have included a readme explaining it a bit.
Living life takes forever
I see that S.N.N. was really trying to get the less experienced/more inferior of us to creep out -- it seemed to work!


I am not the best person at hacking SMW, but I figured I'd give this a shot. I'll never win the contest if I don't try, now, am I?

This is what I figure to be somewhat equivalent to what a ninth door would be. Yes, it does use only 2 colors, and no, I didn't draw a full-fledged title screen or make a huge overworld for it. Ignore everything but the level.

I hope you will enjoy and such.
Bouncy Bonanza

Didn't take me long, but I hope you enjoy... And Don't Hate Me because of this.
Sky Remains
Here it is, my door.
hope you guys enjoy.

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Dhort Nien
My entry has actually has 2 halves. One half with sharp things then another with ice. after the second half it continues in the original level 1BD.

E: Note: I'm not that good at making a level hard, so it might be a little easy
Slowly regaining interest in hacking

The intact room

I didn't insert any custom stuff because I thought it wouldn't feel like the original Bowser castle if I did.
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