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24hosmw: Submissions

Link Thread Closed

A link to the hacks waiting to be moderated because my hack isn't moderated yet. It's called vines and stuff, and it's 100% vanilla.
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First time using ExAnimation:
My Youtube Channel
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Well, here's my entry:


Just click this
My Youtube Channel
Everything related to SMW goes there. Check it out!

Fairly basic and vanilla, nothing too special here.
Hey, I have no chance of winning, but I'm entering.
And then, there comes my unexpected appearance.
download it here

EDIT: Well, I aimed at things Bowser's Castle didn't use or that were underused in the game itself: Ghosts, Ice,fog, and Forest . It's supposed to be some kind of sPeCiAl sublevel, and thus using things that were unused in the original SMW, to give that feeling of "only appears in some special level". If it's too hard, come to think about it: It's a SPECIAL level in BOWSER'S CASTLE!
I don't really think I'll get any special position, but it took me some effort, also, if you think you're outside the castle, look at the BG and see the windows and bricks #w{=D}
Wow... this is the first vanilla thing I've done since... forever.

Since the east coast got no sympathy from SNN, I was unable to complete an entry by myself. p4plus2 and I ended up working together to make this awesome beast.
Worked on this non-stop 22 hours (yes all-nighter), and I'm fairly proud of it considering I haven't seriously hacked in about a year.
It's not really "Nintendo made this", but more "this must be a hack like the laser suit", which I don't really care about, in my opinion it's pretty fun to play.

24H (that's the title), the gimmick in this was very fun to build with, I was even considering doing a full hack with this (less buggy and more streamlined of course), but then I realized I'm a lazy tard.

The only bug I know off is that layer 3 disappears at one point where a message pops up, MarioE and Iceguy tried to help me fix this for the last 3 or so hours, but to no avail, all they could pimp out of it in such short time was recovering an immobile layer 3 image after the message box, which, honestly, looks worse than letting it disappear, so I left it like this.

Also huge thanks to Alcaro for miscellaneous help with the titlescreen (code wise).

That time limit also motivated me to actually finish this thing and gave me the necessary DRILL (hahahahaha play the level and laugh at this awesome pun).
Your layout has been removed.
Sup. Enter the level to the right labeled as "FRONT DOOR".

Done with over a half an hour to spare.

Relatively short, definitely difficult.

Enjoy everyone. If anyone who plays this needs help getting to the secret exit or the 3UP Moon, just PM me or whatever.
Just sayin' that the one in my files was updated again, so, download it again too.

Door #17. Full of Fuzzies. Well, sorta - I kinda rushed it up in the end.
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Hey you were four seconds early. D:
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Also: No updating people (leod)!


Link Thread Closed