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The Legend of the 5 Elite Guards


Game: The Legend of the 5 Elite Guards

The story is a little ify right now, help would also be greatly appreciated, feel free to PM me of any cool names, personalities, back-stories, etc. Any help will be mentioned in the readme text. ANY help.

Basically, you are in the kingdom of [needs a name -,-] and the king was betrayed by his 5 elite guards. as you progress through the game the story reveals more untold knowledge, but it starts off with the back stories of each 5 elite guard, as well as some helpful info you should know currently, like that the king had many warriors, the strongest of these warriors were the 5 elite guards. Each elite guard was given an alternate form much more powerful than their original form. One day the betrayed him and took his wealth. Before they left, the king removed their humanity, allowing you to kill them, but leaving them in their alternate forms. Now you need to go and defeat all the elite guards and save the kingdom, and prevent the kingdom from going into total chaos.
BTW each elite guard needs a better name, and a better back-story, and a personality, I'm not gunna rely only on people from here, but I would GREATLY appreciate any help with this kinda stuff from imaginative people. (if you do help in any way, you will be mentioned)

==each of these was taken at certain locations where there happened to be no enemies, it's not all like that x.x==

First of all, I like your story concept.

Only problem? Your level designs are pretty generic and empty-looking. Are you going for strict vanilla, or are you just not comfortable with ExGFX?

Are the screens with the paired doors part of a "4 seasons" level or something to that effect?

As for elite guards: My idea is sorta like SMRPG. Each one wields a weapon of choice and has a personality associated with that weapon. As for names--I'm thinking of ones that sound tough and badass, based on some foreign words for said weapons.

A sword guard: Level headed and courageous. Name suggestions: Gladion (from Gladius), Xavier (sounds like xiphos, a Greek word for sword)

An axe guard: Brash and impulsive. Name suggestions: LeBron (a stealth pun on "labrys", Greek for a double-headed axe and the origin of "labyrinth")

A spear guard: Dry-witted and sarcastic (think "pointed" sense of humor). Name suggestions: Pilar (a Spanish name, sounds like and may be related to Latin pilum, a kind of spear")

A bow guard: This one may be a girl. Smart, but a bit cowardly when the sh*t hits the fan. That's why she favors a long-range weapon. Name suggestions: Mayumi (female; Japanese for "true bow")

These are just a few possibilities. See if you can come up with a fifth weapon with a fitting personality. If I get any more cool ideas, I'll PM you.
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wow, thats a really cool idea, I could do something with that, only a thing that was not told til it had to be was that each guard was given a relic, once each relic is united, it will form a key stone, which is the only way to open the king's chambers, and save the king.

I could make each guard wield a specific weapon, in order to protect the relic.

also, yes I am very horrible when it comes to stuff like graphics of any kind, I would love to make my own, but it seems way too confusing, as does the music thing, but I'm trying to learn music at the least.

as for the four door thing, its supposed to be a trip through time, you start in the morning, but you cannot continue, you go through a door, and its that place, but in the afternoon, same thing, then you continue through the night, remember, all the good secrets happen at night.
Ehm, there's 4 bosses you met at once in the online game "MapleStory" which are called: Red Nirg, Hsalf, Margana and Rellik. Spell them backwards. You could use these names cause there pretty badass.
hmm, thats an interesting idea choco
Awesome! You even changed Mario's colour slightly! Amazing!
I'm not dead.
yeah, I didnt like having the color being light, so I darkened his colors, and reversed the original color for the fire powerup (his shirt is blue and pants are red)
Originally posted by Green Moon 93
Awesome! You even changed Mario's colour slightly! Amazing!

isn't that unique at all #w{=D}

good to see that there are still some vanilla hacks without bad fail palettes and random tile placement but it looks a bit empty, you should play a bit super mario world and get some ideas. there are also tons of vanilla hacks in the hacks section where you can look for some ideas.
the world of smw is full of possibilityes, just try to use as much of them as you can, like the on/off blocks, the scrolling types, layer 2 things and so on. there's way more to do with the tiles than nintendo did, just try.

if you need any help you can PM me ;)
I can make pretty good levels, but I suck at placing sprites and enemies etc _ _\\\
the sprites should adapt to the level. everything is good as long as you don't put some disco koopas offscreen. if you want you can send me a level and i'll show you how to place sprites #w{=D}
You know, If memory serves there are 5 axem rangers in Super Mario RPG, and the personalities that biospark mentioned fits them like a glove. they could be a model for your 5 Guard's GFX and I may even be able to work on that once I get my hack to its first demo.

Also awesome Mario palettes, that was the look I was envisioning (minus the change to Fire Mario).

Edit: 2 points :D
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Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip (maybe?)
Great idea, Echo. In fact, that's EXACTLY what I had in mind. Pink was a shallow girly-girl. Black was a shades-wearing, cool-talking, gangsta wannabe. Green was a nerd. Yellow was a muscle-head who was always hungry. Red was the leader.

(BTW, that was the order I like to kill them in when I play SMRPG.)

But I digress. Those might be good personalities to base them off of. Just use your imagination and make them unique.

I like the Mario palettes too. Subtle changes like that can really make a hack feel fresh.
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yeah, I love the colors, the original ones are good, but they were so bland and built in.
With these minor changes, it brings a more vibrant and in life experience, it makes it more unique and add life to it, its just a nice bold color and I love them so > u<

as for the names and personalities, thank you, but I must decline, as SMRPG was and is my FAVORITE Mario game of all time
there is no way I could willingly take anything like that from the game, and put it into my own. I may take some of the basic points, and expand it and make it original, but not exactly, its just impossible for me to stomach.
A new update!

I finally have a free weekend, and have some new ideas so I'm going to work on my hack!

As for world 2 I was thinking of doing a season theme, and that means a continuation for a story! ooooo~

well if anyone wants to try and help me with music you'll be revered highly and probably be mentioned in the game itself, rather than just in the readme