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can an evil wizard, be a Dr.?

See, I'm making a story line/plot, and I'm not sure if the villain, can be called Dr.[insert name] and still be an evil wizard.

Depends though, on the character, and the story line involved. It would be easier to answer if you told us the storyline you are talking about....
well you see...I was brainstorming with myself xDD
heres what i came up with though:

Mario has defeated bowser, but a new death has dawned on the mushroom kingdom, as Dr. Synyster, the evil wizard, has befallen the land. Mario has tried to combat him, but in a quick blow, Mario was defeated, and the kingdom was enslaved.
9 years pass and the mushroom kingdom is no more, the kingdom that sits in its place is the kingdom of Scyneria, and is ruled by the evil dictator, Dr. Synyster. In order to ensure his long time rule, he has erected [insert #, where # = # of worlds] fortresses, which are ruled by his minions. A savior of epic proportions rises up to defeat this menace, once and for all, and savior is Retsinis, a man who shall challenge the evil wizard and save his land from the wizard's [damn it damn damn, how to you spell this word, it sounds like: tear-iny].
Go ahead. Someone being a doctor doesn't mean a whole lot other than them having either a doctorate level degree or being a qualified medical doctor. In a setting in which wizards exist (say, Mushroom Kingdom) it's entirely plausible someone could be both a doctor and a wizard.
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Well, it's your plot, so you can do what you want with it.
I personally think it's a lot better than the 'Bowser kidnapped Peach' thing, so go for it :D

By the way - it's spelt 'Tyranny', I believe.
well then, I guess this story is good enough for Mr. Synyster
Originally posted by Baby Eater
well then, I guess this story is good enough for Mr. Synyster

Hmm? I'm confused. Is that story for someone else's hack?
yes it is, I said I'd help with a story if he wanted, he did, so i made it up in like 5-10 mins and he loved it, and thought it was great

and for future reference, would a doctor wizard technically be a cleric?
If you have an idea for a character in your hack to be multiple things it is fine. An exanmple would be King K rool from DKC series. He was a King,Pirate and even a mad scientist.

Go nuts with you ideas and dont try to keep them confined due to "sense". Nothing has to make sense in the Mario world... well except for a few minot things. ;)
True enough good sir, I was just thinking of random ideas, and bounced them between my many personalities, and a Dr. Wizard sounded like the most Awesome, you could make it that kamek koopa guy, but change it so hes a mad scientist, with the powers of a great wizard, and something like that, which would also explain how he created such havoc

and before you ask, yes all the names are based off of the name Mr. Synyster
You can do this...or you can make a wizard and a doctor as a duo.

Can I also help for the stories? I really like story based hacks.
you and me both Rockythetigre, I go around the whole site looking for people in need of stories, but if you really want to help, talk with Mr. Synyster, I made the story for him
Well, white mages are doctors and wizards, so go for it!
Well, I'd say that it's much better and much more original than the old "[1] kidnapped [2]" or "find [insert number] objects to open Bowser's gate" but it's your story, make whatever you want but it would be cool to have a more original plot that in some hacks...
He's got a doctors degree at wizardry. :p

Albus Dumbledore is a professor so why can't this guy be a doctor? :D
There 'is' Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman Robotnik, so it's certainly not unheard of in the slightest.

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Originally posted by Ultimaximus
There 'is' Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman, so it's certainly not unheard of in the slightest.


Except I'm pretty sure neither of them wizards. :P
Good fucking bye.
Doctor Faustus

Dr. - yes
wizard - yes
evil - open to debate
Are you crazy?! An evil wizard cannot be a doctor, nor can a doctor be an evil wizard! THAT MAKES NO SENSE AND MAKES ME FEEL RAGE AND ANGRY AND USE CAPS LOCK!

In all seriousness, I don't see why an evil wizard be a doctor. I've never really seen any characters like that, so it should be interesting to see a character like that.
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