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24hosmw: Results
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Let me start off by saying that I was very impressed by the turnout. I was also impressed by the overall level quality .. though it seems like only a handful of people actually designed according to the hints given in the bolded challenge. The goal was to create what you thought would be another door in Bowser's Castle. Some of you wound up designing full-scale levels, which .. well, defeats the purpose. The highest ranking levels of this contest are areas which could literally be interchanged with any of the old eight doors and still work. Don't fret though. If you took the 9th door thing literally and made more of a "final" area of Bowser's Castle, I still offered the same kind of judgment for those levels as well, for the most part.

As I'm sure you have realized by well, loading your level with ASM and graphics would have been a mistake in this contest, since you would have wasted too much time. Rather, the key to success here was to clearly focus on level design. There are a few users in the top 10-20 who implemented some unique ASM into their level, but the ASM actually complimented the design and wasn't overly ridiculous.

Enough talk. Here are the results.

1st: MajorasMask9: 57/60

2nd: yoshicookiezeus: 56.5/60

3rd: wa: 56/60

4th: Ixtab: 55.5/60

5th: GN: 55/60

6th: Koops: 54.5/60

7th: Atma/p4plus2: 54/60

8th: Tatrion: 53.5/60

9th: Zeldara109: 53/60

10th: AxemJinx: 52.5/60

11th: Bloop: 52/60

12th: vinnyboiler: 51.5/60

13th: Sonikku: 51/60

14th: GeminiRage: 50.5/60

15th: Best Video Gamer: 50.25/60

16th: imamelia: 50/60

17th: Aqualakitu: 49.75/60

18th; Raibys: 49.5/60

19th: Storm Kyleis: 49.25/60

20th: Chanagaburu: 49/60

21st: aj6666: 48.75/60

22nd: Lui37: 48.5/60

23rd: UmlautBanana: 48.25/60

24th: leod: 48/60

25th: Mrgoomba909: 47.75/60

26th: TheOtherGuy25: 47.5/60

27th: enjoirider: 47.25/60

28th: Roy: 47/60

29th: Jimmy52905: 46.75/60
29th: TomPhanto: 46.75/60

31st: Patgangster: 46.5/60

32nd: ZMann: 46.25/60

33rd: Iceguy: 46/60
33rd: TLMB: 46/60
33rd: yogui: 46/60

36th: Kevinskie555: 45.75/60

37th: Leo137: 45.5/60
37th: magicmidget: 45.5/60

39th: TRS: 45.25/60

40th: Morsel: 45/60

41st: K3nny: 44.75/60

42nd: ShadowFire: 44.5/60

43rd: Snifit: 44.25/60
43rd: TheGuyWhoIsSitting: 44.25/60
43rd: 2dareduck: 44.25/60

46th: Agent Q: 44/60
46th: Ersanio: 44/60
46th: The Burning Goldfish: 44/60

49th: Weeabuu: 43.75/60
49th: Yonowaaru: 43.75/60
49th: RedToonLink: 43.75/60

52nd: Jolpengammler: 43.5/60

53rd: TanookiMan: 43.25/60

54th: Wormer21: 43/60
54th: DarkBones: 43/60
54th: Underway: 43/60

57th: Ludus: 42.75/60

58th: PowerStrike: 42.5/60

59th: OGS93: 42.25/60

60th: ferrety111: 42/60
60th: Lunatic Wolf: 42/60

62nd: dottedboy: 41.75/60

63rd: Shadowlucario64: 41.5/60

64th: eXcavator: 41.25/60

65th: CrispyYoshi: 41/60
65th: RaindropDry: 41/60

67th: Zero-X: 40.75/60

68th: Mario's Hat: 40.5/60

69th: 1-ups: 40.25/60

70th: JDC: 40/60

71st: THY: 39.75/60

72nd: RednGreen: 39.5/60

73rd: Magiluigi: 39/60

74th: Pikerchu13: 38/60

75th: MarioFan22: 37.5/60

76th: notgoodwithusernames: 36.5/60

77th: LuigiPikachu: 36/60

78th: Thehoundsquad: 35.5/60

79th: DDM295: 35/60

80th: everest700: 34/60

81st: mariocool1999: 33.5/60

82nd: FellipeUzumaki: 33/60

83rd: Sockbat Replica: 32/60

84th: Baby Eater: 31/60

85th: netcvb: 22/60

86th: Lespna1: 7/60

Feedback can be found here:

-> CLICK <-
(note: in the event that the rankings in this text and my main post do not match, the ranking in the main post are correct.)

I guess that's all for now. Keep in mind that this was a very difficult contest to judge, especially since it's one of the first where you're aiming to match the original SMW. If you have any issues with your ranking, you are more than welcome to fire me a PM.

That's all!
20th place?! Wow, that's a lot better than I expected. 49/60 is about 81%, so... I got a B for my level. I am perfectly okay with that, and happy that I got so high.

Congrats MajorasMask9!

EDIT: Once I put in my graphics and saw everyone else was going vanilla, I knew I should've changed it back.

Just back here to browse a bit.
>first contest

>i'm okay with this dot jaypeg


Can I have a "Not Last Place" trophy? Honestly, I did a lot better than I thought I did. But damn, that's a really big difference between last and second-last... Lespna1's level must have really been something.

And why are there only 86 scores when there were 89 entries? EDIT: Never mind, it's because of ties.

Also, I just read the txt. I knew I shouldn't have put in that last part, but the level felt too short. I know the original doors were short too... I'm pretty disappointed in myself for that. I guess there's always the next contest (24hosmw or otherwise).

Awesome indeed.

5th place, highest I've ever got in a contest. There should be more contests like this. (:

Edit: "I wish you had done a little more to prevent players from swimming under the level though"
SMW didn't do that. I should get another half a point for being extra authentic.

aran - Graces of Heaven
Wow 54th! I was expecting to place in the 70s (or even 89th...). Well, at least my goal was only to not place last, so I'd say I did well...for my standards...

(although I'm starting to think that the really short level I designed first may have placed better...but oh well...also, I could have sworn one of the eight bowser doors was actually pretty long, at least for a bowser door, I can't remember which it was though, I think it was 6 but I'm not sure...oh, and congrats to you MajorasMask9!)

Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
WOOT I'm 11th! Even with a 2/3 screen level :P

Your layout has been removed.
I should have probably played Bowser's Castle before trying to make a door for it...nah!
So will there be any prizes for the top (three) level(s)? I know you said there would probably be prizes, but you didn't mention anything since.


Congratulations to the winners!
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Yeah, I kind of expected it to get a position like this .. my level was more of a castle-type level on its own rather than a 9th door and I don't know what I was thinking really. And yeah, I suppose half of us were senseless enough to add a lot of crap to our levels, heh.

Congrats to the winners, I tried out your levels and they were great. Also, I really hope we have a contest like this sometime again in the near future, it was fun participating in it.
42nd place! im better than more than half of the levels!#w{=3}

...its my first contest. 93 entrys with people who were way better than me. 42nd is far better than i thought i would get

And Congrats MajorasMask9#w{=)}

Looks like everybody did fairly well... part from the guy who used SMCP1 as a base... Anywho I hope to see more contests like these in the future, but with different objectives.
I was originally going to use this post to rant about how disappointed I was in myself and my bad run with the contests this year, but I didn't. (My hurts...)

For a level that was too long, was made in four hours in the dead of night, and had a Big Boo Boss at the end, I am a little impressed that I actually managed to score in the top half.

Honestly, though, I thought for sure YCZ was going to win, but 2nd is still very nice. Congrats to him, and to MM9 and wa!
Layout by Mirann <3
>CTRL + F "MarioFan22"

17th, not too bad considering I haven't hacked in ages.

I'm ok with this.jpg
Even though I placed low in this contest, to be honest, I'm not all that disappointed. Although my level had the length about right, it suffered from the fact that: A- It was way too hard, compared to the difficulty of the original rooms (which were way too easy.) and B- It was too nonlinear and unfocused. When we do this again, I will concentrate more on the theme rather than trying (and failing) to make a 5-screen masterpiece.

Also, there is the fact that I've only actually played two of the rooms in the original level... Yeah, that was kind of dumb.

On another note, I've played MM9's level, and I can see why it won. It fit the design of the original rooms perfectly. Also, I'm impressed with how even the overall design of this contest was, considering that I ranked 63rd and I scored only 15.75 points under the 1st place entry. I'll probably get around to playing a bunch of the others sometime.
Yay! I'm within the fifties! Well, I kind of completely understand the commentary. My mindset was kind of that of making a Knytt Stories level, which makes it a lot less weird to make claustrophobic levels. I should've probably used fireballs instead and made it a little longer, but eh, it's pretty good as for something I've made after quite some time.

I like these mini 24 hr contests. It looks like a very unique and interesting concept. Too bad I had two 10 hr days in a row otherwise I would have participated. Oh well. Next time hopefully!

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Wow, 16th out of 86?! I'm pleasantly surprised that I placed that high. Congratulations to MajorasMask9, yoshicookiezeus, and wa! Now I need to actually play some of the other entries....
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