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When the power goes out..

Power outages are rare here, and if they do happen, they're quite short (about 10 to 50 minutes).

During a power outage, I get on my laptop (if it has enough battery power left of course). Otherwise I just mess around on m phone, or just relax on my couch.
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Power outages are extremely rare for me. I have a better chance to get a shiny via the masuda method in pokemon D/P.

But when the power outage actually does happen, i'll play my portable games. But if their battery ran out, then i'll just try to get my laptop to work. But if ITS battery runs out, i'll just read.
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I'm usually sleeping or at school when these things happen. And when it did happen because of hurricane screw your mango tree, I just did whatever.
My dad tries to fix it. In the mean time I listen to music on my phone.
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If there is some sort of power outage I would usually just talk with my family, assuming I was at home. If they weren't around, I would probably break out my DS (which I hardly use at present) or read. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

Power outages don't happen all that often where I live. I mean sure, we get one almost every year during the winter what with being in the snow belt and all that. But even when the power is out, it's not really for that long. Maybe a good hour to two, nothing really that big.
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I read a book. I might also be able to get online wireless-ly. If so, i read that awesome book. It's called 'One Shell, Two Shell, Red Shell, Blue Shell'. It's pretty ok.
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I have a UPS, so any power failures result in me having 10 minutes to save everything I have and back it all up.
The last power outage was in my town somewhere in the beginning of this year. It was much longer than normal power-outage, I remember it happened somewhere in the evening, and the power came back in the night. My math teacher also didn't give us our tests my class wrote because she hadn't power and she couldn't do it that day... O_o

The funnient and strangest thing ever actually happened when I had an internet outage 2 months ago. There was a fire on a bridge in a city near my town, some 30 km, and this event has given our town an internet outage. It has cut the internt for my town for 2th-3th August. (yeah, this was the SMWCP2 deadline, I had to release a 100% completed version of my level past the deadline... :P)
I like to keep my phone, 3DS, and PSP fully charged for whatever reason, so I usually have something to keep me occupied when the power goes out. Thankfully, music is a big time waster for me so I can just lay down and listen to music for hours without a problem.
Pancakes on the barbecue. 'Nuff said.
Power outages are rare but LONG for me (2-3 hours), I usually play minecraft on my laptop (I would play TF2 but my laptop lags when it's not plugged in >.>)
I'm usually bored as hell. It never happens though.

Also, if your power was out, how did you type that post?
Originally posted by Error 52
Also, if your power was out, how did you type that post?

I either use my Droid or my iPhone, and that is usually how people do it to answer your question.

Edit: If it's a laptop they go wireless, like I tend to do as well.
I love power outs, the dark has always been a great place for me. I read a book by candle light since whenever the power goes out where I live it's almost always night time.
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