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Scary dreams
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What's the most scary dream you ever had? I had 1, and it was a little ridiculous. I was on SMWcental and I was in the bar and grill. I posted something about cats and the topic was about cats. I put "I love cats so much. I have one big fatass one and she's pretty old. She's my longest lasting cat." SNN came and banned me about something with memes or something like that. I don't what memes I used, but I was banned. That's pretty scary, to be banned from you most favorite site and not know why.
To be banned by S.N.N. is an honour, neigh, a privileged. This was a bad dream, you say?
Wat. That's not scary, that's unfair/ilogical. Anyways, I think I had one where I couldn't be seen by anyone. I said "hi" to people but no one seemed to listen to me. I felt scared, I thought I was dead or something.
I used to dream that I was traveling on a sort of blue vortex on a insanely high speed for no apparent reason, and when I got to the end, the dream ended and I waked up.

It has been like forever since I dreamed something like this, though.
I had a dream once where there was a machine which created these big globe things. You'd hold down a button to change the size of the globe that was being made, and when you released the button, the machine would spit out the globe. I started using the machine and held down the button to create a globe, but the button got stuck and an enormous globe the size of the Earth got spat out of the machine.

Oh, and I also had a dream where I was driving my mother's car and I crashed into another car, but just before the collision, I was jolted out of my sleep.

I've had other scary dreams, but I'll post those later.Free counters!
If Jason Voorhees drops into one of my dreams again, I will not be too chuffed. Being attacked by a guy with a giant knife in an enclosed space is never a good time. What really gets me is how I dream about a fictional character from a film I haven't even watched. I kind of got used to it though, and my thought process from seeing him in my nightmares transformed over time from "Ahhhhhh! No! That's my spleen!" to "Oh Crom, can we please just get this over with? And try not to make too much of a mess, it's a new fictional carpet."
nah, my dreams was out of control O.O

I walked in a floating elevator and went supposed 1,045 stories high.
I went to was supposed to be Heaven above a giant ocean sunset. I saw a tower shaped like usual. It has a glowing path on it and I walked up it. As I did, THIS Song was playing. I kept running on it until the end which was when the music ended. I saw a large glowing door and walked in it. I saw a bunch of video game characters all in one world. I kept going until there was a light from the door shines on me. I was back in the elevator. Now it got scary. The elevator that was floating suddenly fell, with ME in it.
1,0oo stories high wondering what will happen. I fell and fell, until I saw a desert from above...a millisecond before I crashed, I WOKE UP IN REAL LIFE. My heart was racing and I was sweating. It was fun dream, but not so pleasant...I did like the song though...

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Considering I can only recall nightmares from when I sleep, I'll name a couple memorable ones.

When I was 4, or so, I had this freaking crazy nightmare. I was in a white room, with black outlines. I was alone, but then people came, except they looked like paint splashes. I tried running but I couldn't move. One brought me to its face, and I woke up.

In Elementary School I had this ridiculous nightmare where I was driving an SUV across the galaxy and got stuck on Mercury. I died of toxic air poisoning and melted. On a related note, there was also this nightmare where I was flying around the universe on a chair. However, I fell off the chair trying to do a loop-dee-loop, and kept falling for all of eternity. No one tried to help me, and they just looked down at me with disappointment.

Another Elementary one, I woke up in the middle of the night, tired. For whatever reason, I turned on my Gamecube to play Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. However, the titlescreen was totally different. It was white, had the game logo, and said press start. For whatever reason, the famicom logo was at the bottom right and made out of gems. Then, this skinny guy came into my room, and I mean skinny, like bare bones practically. He threw me on to the bed and put his face near mine. He opened his mouth to reveal his 3 rows of teeth, like a shark, and sucked all the skin, muscle, and fat out of my face, without even touching me, leaving my face as a skull, and I died. When I woke up, I was frozen with fear, and the man crawled into my room, jumping around the walls, until he attacked me again. I woke up again, to find out it was only a dream.

5th grade, I was stuck inside an abandoned house. It was all beat up and old, like something out of those call of duty games where you kill zombies. There was also a lot of fog, so much fog. The architecture was Mexican in style. Out through the door burst the Grim Reaper. He killed me, and I couldn't move or yell for help for some reason. My dreams are very original.

Middle School, I had this dream where I was chained down to my room, and everything was flooded. I couldn't move, and I drowned. People kept trying to talk to me, but I couldn't respond, I couldn't even yell for help, as if I didn't even have vocal chords.
I once had a dream that my Mom got arrested for murder. It was kinda scary at the time, though I laugh at it now, mostly because, to my recollection, I told the officer to "Go fuck himself", but yeah it was still weird.

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I had a dream where there was a UFO and it sucked up the moon like it was flat.

It was a lucid dream too so it was extra scary.
Dreams are really just garbage data. For an example, load a SMW level from address 10952 and see what you get.

Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel
Originally posted by Werewolf
To be banned by S.N.N. is an honour, neigh, a privileged. This was a bad dream, you say?

Reading this... Brrrr scary.

u r lay out is remove
One from my childhood. "Return the slab... or suffer my curse."

3 muffins and a Yoshi Egg to whoever gets that reference #w{=D}
Originally posted by Vinnyboiler
One from my childhood. "Return the slab... or suffer my curse."

3 muffins and a Yoshi Egg to whoever gets that reference #w{=D}

Dude! Me and my friend have been talking about that episode for days now!

"The man in gauze, the man in gauze. KING RRRRRRAAAAAMMMMSSEEEEEEESSSS!"
I have never had a bad dream that I have remembered.

Originally posted by Mariomon
I have never had a bad dream that I have remembered.

Then don't post. <_<
My worst dream was when I was about to become a victim of the infamous 'tentacle assaults'. I woke up just in time wrapped up strangely in my bed sheets. #w{=|}

100 posts...and then four years went by.
I once had a dream about vampire muppets when I was little. Seriously, that freaked me out.

Also, anything that involves corruption (such as zombies, vampires, werewolves) freaks me out, so those dreams are pretty bad too. I'm glad I don't have those types too often.
Originally posted by Vinnyboiler
One from my childhood. "Return the slab... or suffer my curse."

3 muffins and a Yoshi Egg to whoever gets that reference #w{=D}

Man that haunted me for years as a young child.

Anyway a scary dream I've had. I jumped off a building and kept falling...falling...falling. Forever. It was crazy. The worst part? It is one of those recurring dreams. I've had this dream come back to me, every now and again, for years now. I strongly hate that "butterflies" feeling you get when you go down a hill very fast like more than anything and of course while in that dream thats the only thing I feel and it drives me crazy.
mine was real horror

i heard rainbowdash say

derpy derpy derpy boy must die

"i said oatmeal are you crazy"

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