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Bowser's Done it again - by 1-ups

There were quite a lot errors in this hack, I really suggest you to read the Hack Submission Guidelines and watch this video before submitting a hack again.

Overall, the difficulty was was way too hard (so hard it wouldn't even fit in a last world) compared to a World-1 hack. It was pretty annoying sometimes and I suggest you to make it a lot of easier.

This level was really weird, it had only a P-switch and a goal point. What's the point of that? Also, question block + ground = cutoff. Use proper corner tiles.

Bad rope palette and rope + cloud = small cutoff.

Try to avoid blind jumps like this.

- bad ghost house palette
- this is a good example where the hack gets insanely hard. I had to try this jump at least 10 times.

Also, weird Boo colors.

After clearing the ghost house, no layer 2 events appeared.

- gray cement blocks + water =cutoff.
- Mario can fall through the ground here.

I couldn't find the exit of this level anywhere! Please don't include unfinished levels.