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Tutorial List (updated Jan 15 2014)

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Here is a list of tutorials that are found in this subforum, listing them by categories. The main purpose is so anyone requesting a new tutorial can check to see if it has been done already, since some people look over things. Me or some mod will probably update this for newer tutorials. Some placements of tutorials can be debatable, but I just placed them as I see fit. Do also note that some tutorials may be depreciated by newer version of Lunar Magic or anything else, so do pay attention when reading the tutorials. Feel free to inform me if I have missed any that are not for old Addmusic, I may have purposely left out a few due to them being not as good as others or incomplete.

1. Lunar Magic
2. ASM
3. Music
4. Graphics
5. Miscellaneous

1. Lunar Magic

An In-Depth Guide to ExAnimation
ExAnimation for Dummies (LM 1.8x)
Lunar Magic 1.7x+ ExAnimation Tutorial
ExAnimation (Lunar Magic 1.7) Tutorial - PREVIEW!
Palette Exanimation (with pictures)
ExAnimation Tutorial

General Skills
Lunar Magic Youtube Tutorial (Video)
The next steps of Lunar Magic
Basics of Lunar Magic

Creating Fake HDMA
Slight Hack Adjustments For Style Points
How To Make Reasonable Map16
How to Make Good Custom Palettes

Level Design
The Art of Vanilla
The philosophy of level design
APPALLED: AxemJinx's Profoundly Pragmatic Advice for Lovely LEvel Design
AxemJinx on Level Design (SMW Edition)
Level design guide
New SMW Hacker Advice - Muncher Alternatives
What NOT to Make (Levels) (Video)

Map16 Remapping Tutorial
Using the new Map16 Editor (Lunar Magic 1.9+)

How to Design a Good Overworld
How to edit Hard-Coded Paths on the Overworld (Video)
Overworld mini-tutorial - Path tricks (Video)
OW Perspective Errors - Goodbye!
What NOT to Make (Overworld) (Video)
Overworld Editing
How to stop your OW Events from glitching
How to make a good looking overworld

Custom Sprite List LM
[Vanilla] How to combine sprite tileset using exanimation (and use Classic Pirhanna plant)
Fixing the Classic Piranha Plant Without Xkas in 10 Easy Steps
Sprite Map16 + Custom Sprite Lists
Sprite tileset list

Story & Text
How to Make a Cutscene
Layer 2 Text / Object HowTo
Making a translation

Technical Issues
Punk Sarcophagus' List of Common Mistakes (Forever a WIP)
Crashed hack rom recovering
Fixing your hack to work on the SNES
The dummies guide to fixing slopes.
Locking / Unlocking / RLM HowTo
LM Quicklist - Complete

Title Screen
What not to do in your title screen. (Video)
Title screen tut.

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2. ASM

Block Making Tutorial
Custom Block Tutorial!
Blocktool Super deluxe VIDEO Tutorial

General ASM
ASM video tutorials
imamelia's ASM tutorial (WIP)
ASM tips
The Wonderful World of Macros!
Basic ASM Tutorial
Snes9x Debugger VIDEO tutorial
ASM for Beginners: Basic, Basic Codes in 20 minutes
ASM Workshop Summary
The basics of ASM

Kipernal's Guide for Beginners to HDMA
Comprehensive HDMA guide

Layer 3
How to Insert Layer 3 Backgrounds
Stripe image format - Tutorial.

Mode 7
Mode 7 Stuff
Mode 7 Findings/Info Tutorial

ObjecTool 0.4 (making custom objects)
ObjecTool Tutorial

Patches (Creation)
How to Make Patches
How to Hijack
Making Hex Edits in a Patch
Routine Hacking/Creating Patches
Making a patch (xkas)

Patches (Insertion)
Telinc1's tutorial on how to apply Xkas patches
Inserting Patches
How to set Freespace
Xkas Tutorial

Sprites (General)
How to use Romi's SpriteTool / How to insert custom sprites
Extended Sprite Coding
Spriting with Kickchon's Sprite Engine
Dynamic sprites and you!
Super Mario World Boss and Ultimate N00b Boss Tutorial
Cluster Spriting Tutorial
Sprite Programming
Sprite Tool

Sprites (Specific)
Taptap tutorial.
How to make Goombas Squished in One Jump
Better classic piranha plant insertion tutorial
The Classic Piranha Plant Tutorial
NPC Tutorial
VWF Cutscene Tool

How to the replace the Turn Blocks with Bricks Blocks
8BPP Nintendo presents tutorial
How To HEX Edit
Smallhacker's Double Line Patch Tutorial
Screen Scrolling Pipes
Disassemble 65c816 ASM
Window/Mask Registers Tutorial/Info
uberASM for dummies

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3. Music

Addmusic (General)
How to use AddmusicM
How to use Addmusic 4.05
Inserting Custom Music Using HuFlungDu's (Romi's) Addmusic v4.05
AddMusicM: Getting Started

Addmusic (Specific)
Using custom SFX in AddmusicM
Fixing The ADSR Bug+Using GAIN in AddMusic 4.05
Noise Channel in AddMusic405
How to insert smw_hiath.txt (The one with Mario voice samples)

Porting (General)
MVS's Ultimate Music Tutorial
Music Porting VIDEO Tutorial
The Ultimate Music Tutorial: v1.0

Porting (Specific)
Pitch Bends Made Easy!
amm_bin Tutorial
ADSR Command

How to Insert Looped .WAV Samples
Sample Tool Tutorial

SPC Format
SPC700 log
Converting with NintSPC
SNES SPC700 Player Tutorial
How to make an editable midi from an spc
SPC hacking guide
SPC Player Comparison & Usage
SPC/NSF Porting

Insert ID666 tags via hex editor
Ripping SPCs and Editing ID666 Tags

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4. Graphics

ExGFX (Creation)
Drawing/Pixeling 101
How to Make Your Own ExGFX
Basic Pixeling in YY-CHR
How to make good ExGFX

ExGFX (Insertion)
How to use ExGFX
How to Insert Custom Foreground ExGFX (Custom FG Graphics)
Inserting External Graphics
Bistai949's ExGFX Tutorial
How to set up a background
Making ExGFX and Map16 pages
Inserting ExGFX

ExGFX (Ripping)
Pixelizing Huge Images
How to Make Detailed Backgrounds out of Pictures
How To Rip FG/BG ExGFX
Edit's BG Ripper Tutorial
Ripping ExGFX from spritesheets

The ExGFX Revolution Tutorials (RET) - (5/5) completed - Inserting a layer 3 BG
Here's how to fix the file ordering of GFX and ExGFX files
How to make a SMB3 style goal.
Layer 3 Rain\Snow Tutorial
Getting Rid of Cutoff

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5. Miscellaneous

The NEW Comprehensive Guide to Hacking SMW
Video and Other Tutorials [5/10]

First Steps
An Elaborate Tutorial on How to Patch .BPS files (And a Commentary on Double Standards)
How to play hacks
How to open and read "Help Files"
How to ask for help correctly + FAQ

Operating Systems
Setting up SMW hacking programs in Ubuntu
Hacks on Mac-How to, and more!
Run Lunar Magic on Mac or Linux [Better]
Lunar Magic For mac [tut version 1.01]

Tips & Tricks
A Few Things That Have Helped Me
Know your files
Getting People to Play Your Hack
Miscellaneous Helpful Hints

Video Recording
High Quality Video Recording
Snes9x Recording (with screenshots)
ZSNES movie recording

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This one looks promising. Stickying in hopes it'll become useful in a few days.
<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Oh hell yeah, this is awesome. I was able to find what I was looking for without any complications, thanks!

That's very useful. I don't need now to look over the whole Tutorials forum to find a tutorial.
You need to remove the link to "making SMW a multiplayer game." It was trash'd.
I used to use this site a lot back in like, 2011. Hopefully you don't remember me.
I dug up this thread of mine about ExAnimation. It's clear and well illustrated, and I believe it would be very helpful for those who are new to ExAnimation. How about it?
Somebody should really update the list, and the thread title.
Originally posted by Kaisaan Squiddiqui
Somebody should really update the list and the thread title.

Now that there are a lot of new tutorials, and some being outdated/old, the list should really be updated.
Link Thread Closed