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first game and console

when you were a kid what was your first game? mine was gameboy color and the game was buzz lightyear for gbc I hate it so much
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My First game was Mario Kart 64. I Played it with my Father and my brother when I was 4. With that it all began...

My first game and console ever was Super Mario World and the SNES. I expect this to be a very common response.

EDIT: Okay, so I was wrong. Am I the only person whose first game was Super Mario World?!

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Super Mario 64 and the N64, the Super Nintendo was my second console.
first game was pitfall for atari but i was really young it was really my brothers. i guess the first game i remember that was mine was mario bros and duck hunt or contra for nes
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Super Mario World, i believe, but it was on an emulator. My first console was the Playstation.
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I received an "FC Twin" (an NES/SNES two-in-one, basically) for Christmas in 2006, along with a copy of Super Mario Bros. Being seven years old at the time, that was a very intriguing experience, sporting wonderful "realistic" graphics and music. I actually stuck with that system for the next 3 years without even considering the purchase of something more "modern". I have some fond memories about that game.

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I have to time travel all the way back to 2000 at my brother-in-law's house.

The first game was Gran Turismo 2, and its console was the PlayStation.
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Super Mario 64 on, you guessed it, Nintendo 64. Maybe I'll go more in-depth later on (I actually wrote a whole essay about it as a memoir we had to write in Language Arts around last week), but that's all that's important for right now. By the way every time I hear the credit music come on I am filled with nostalgia and tear up a bit. That game contains so many memories for me.
Super Mario World on the SNES was the first game I ever played, like Deeke. So much nostalgia associated with the Yoshi's Island levels.
I remember having an NES along with this Super 190-in-1 cartridge. It's pretty old. They say my mom used play it sometimes back before i was born. I also used to have a japanese version of SMB3 nes.
hmm, back all the way to 1997-8, when i was only 3-4, i have strong memories of the SNES that i continue to play even today, the most memorable game that i know would be X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse. Through all these years, i can still easily say that's one of my most favorite games ever, as well as one of the best consoles ever!
The first console I've ever owned is Super Famicom (SNES). My uncle originally had the console, but he decided to give it to me for some reason. I was 5 when I got it. My uncle also offered me quite a few SNES games (cartridges). He gave me Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 2, Street fighters, Space Invaders, e.t.c..

My SNES is now completely wrecked and glitches when I accidentally kick the hardware lol
Originally posted by Masashi27
My SNES is now completely wrecked and glitches when I accidentally kick the hardware lol

How dare you disrespect that amazing piece of machinery!? D: *runs*

In all seriousness, my first console+game that I remember was NES + SMB if you count the consoles that my family played. My own consoles though, my first was probably SNES with DKC1 I got for Christmas 1994.
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My first console was a SNES, along with SMW and SMAS as my first games, both Japanese.
SMB with some other NES games for my NES (that's doesn't now work).
My first game was Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64. (obviously.)

I still play it every now and then on an emulator. :>
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