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Super Jason World - icemanj

Just a simple vanilla hack I have worked on in my spare time over the past year or so. Overworld is also unchanged, I had some problems with it at the beginning and just decided to concentrate on levels. Every level from the original game has been changed. Hope you enjoy.


I see you have been registered for just under 3 hours when you submitted this so I'll assume this is your first hack. Don't submit the first one you make. Play some hacks from here to learn how to get a hack accepted and read the Hack submission guidelines. Also watch this video.


Minor flaws:

It's recommended you change these messages to something else or remove the message boxes all together.

I see you changed this one... Perhaps in your hack description you should warn the players of some minor swearing.

Moderate flaws:

Cutoff. Lots and lots of cutoff. There are a lot more instances of this than just these screenshots.

Don't stack the blocks like this. It looks really bad and is pretty much pointless since the player can't get all of them.

Extreme slowdown due to sprite spam.

Extreme flaws:

Extremely blatant cutoff. This was intentional, and looks really bad to be honest. Don't do this. I don't die after getting the goal, I just walk in place as an invisible wall is keeping me alive. Just extend the foreground to the edge of the screen.

Yeah these are all just minor edits of original SMW levels.

#2 - # Minor edits of existing SMW levels will not be accepted.
Use Ctrl+Del to remove old SMW levels. (104, C5, C7, and 3 are exempt from this.)

A lot of levels in this hack are actually just edits from the original game. You must create your own levels from scratch. Playing a hack that just has tweaked levels isn't fun. If I had taken pics throughout the game this removal log would be massive. My verdict? Just keep this game for yourself and perhaps make a fresh new hack as a lot of these minor edits would all have to be deleted anyways. The palette choices aren't the greatest either, again, play some hacks in the hacks section for examples. Also you really should create your own overworld and submaps. Quality of hacks can go up just from that stand point.
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