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Auto-Scroll Stop/Start Generator Problem (SOLVED with Ice Cream on Top)

Has anyone every use that generator?

I have a problem with the Auto-Scroll Stop/Start Generator by lolcats439. I inserted it using Sprite Tool using the hexadecimal no. D0 and half successfully used it.

It's supposed to stop you from scrolling on to the next screen if you haven't defeated the enemies in the current screen. It did half of that.

It did stop me from getting to the next screen, infinitely. Even though I've defeated the birdoes dozens of times, it still doesn't allow me to go on the next screen.

And it also messes the graphics up:

Although, if I enter from the bottom of the screen, it isn't messed up. But if I climb up and even a little bit of the screen is hidden, that gets messed up.

I tried using the level ender instead, but it makes the other two birdoes and the eggs disappear, and even if I could use it, I prefer this generator instead. (Although I'm planning to use the Level Ender somewhere in the future.

Help me please!
That's pretty mystifying.

1. Try a different way of entering other than pipes, and make it at the bottom of the screen.

2. If that doesn't work then make mario start a screen before and make him walk to the right to start the boss.

One of those will probably work.
I tried many ways, and here are all the end results:

Made a new screen before the QuaBirdo Battle; Mario on Yoshi comes up in Pipe: The graphics thing in the first post happens; I'm stuck in the first screen completely.

Mario without Yoshi comes up through a Pipe in the new screen: It works (I found out I have to push to the next screen); graphics thing occurs.

Mario with Yoshi arrive doing nothing in the new screen: The graphics get mess up every time I jump or get higher; stuck forever in the screen.

Mario without Yoshi arrives doing nothing in the new screen: The graphics got messed up when I jumped; When I went to the QuaBirdo Battle screen, the graphics don't get messed up anymore every time I get to a higher platform.


So the generator may possibly be incompatible with Yoshi. The GFX get garbled when: Arriving using a Pipe; when jumping or getting to a higher platform in with Yoshi; when jumping or getting on higher platform without any sprites to defeat.

It also isn't automatic when you defeat all enemies on the screen.


Am I supposed to use a certain level mode for this?

And if this generator is broken, is there some kind of replacement that I can use that has a similar function?
I think it's considering Yoshi an enemy, which is why you can't scroll to the next screen with it in memory...
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Originally posted by Wiimeiser
I think it's considering Yoshi an enemy, which is why you can't scroll to the next screen with it in memory...

That makes sense.

Sigh...oh well. I'll have to use something different then. The battle occurs in a level called Yoshi Quarantine, and I can't have the player lose Yoshi after saving him...

Is there a similar sprite/generator that ends the level when all enemies are gone?

Also, is there any "boss" sprites that requires (or at least uses) Yoshi? Because if I'm going to use end the level after defeating Birdos, then I have to be off Yoshi...

Or is it possible for Yoshi to eat the egg without swallowing it and can spit it out to hurt the Birdoes?
I updated the patch to fix that. It was using freeRAM that was used by Lunar Magic for VRAM. I also added an ignore list for sprites (Yoshi, carryable sprites, powerups, platforms, etc) that shouldn't stop the screen from scrolling again.


Edit: updated for bugfix