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Adventures of Lolo 2 Hack: Lunatic Lolo

Well, I've been pretty addicted to the Adventures of Lolo games for quite some time. So, during my spare time, I eventually decided to make my own hack of Adventures of Lolo 2, partly inspired from the few other hacks of the Lolo games in existance. I have compiled a 20-level (4-floor) demo that I'll post here.

The ZIP contains the IPS, a readme, and "Lolo For Dummies" for those new to Lolo. If you are, I recommend reading that as well as playing/watching videos of the Lolo games, as this hack assumes that the player knows every non-glitch mechanic of this game.

The final version of this hack will have the 50 main levels modified, and maybe the four PRO levels if I learn how to edit those. The PRO levels will be the hardest levels in my hack.


This first level is sort of a test to see if you truly do know your Lolo. I have, however, provided a hint in the readme.
Also note my custom palette. NES palette hacking is very easy if you know how. Let me know if you like it.

It is my belief that every Lolo hacker has to have a level that spells out the hacker's name. Unfortunately, "BVG" doesn't fit very well on an 11X11 board...

Meh, to me this is nothing more than a challenging filler level that is an extension of the mechanic used in the first level. A mechanic I love too much IMO...

Again, one of my less favorite levels. The tricky part is timing the second bridge.

This, however, is one of my favorites. A useful hint here is that when you push the Snakey into the water, it loops around if you miss it. Helpful to know when you have to pass the Medusa the last time.

This level is pretty simple if you have good rhythm in killing the Snakeys.

Yeah, I'll admit that it's rather similar to the fourth level, except for the use of a certain respawn mechanic.

Probably my least favorite level, actually. I haven't learned to make great levels with Almas yet...

I kinda like this level. The solution requires a fair bit of Don Medusa dodging.

Again, one of my faves. This level's divided into a few parts.

The levels of Floor 3 are some of the best levels I designed. This is probably my best "pure puzzle" level.

Another thing every Lolo hack needs to have: a Gol Hell level that consists of dodging Gols.

A mostly puzzle-oriented room, and actually the last of these rooms I designed.

My least favorite Floor 3 room, although it used to be on Floor 2. I moved the level here as I feel it's the hardest room in my hack.

The last level is my favorite of them all: You have to dodge Gol fire while waiting for your egg raft to arrive in the first half.

Not a new level, but I just wanted to show the palette used for the Castle (the last levels in the game).

Download and enjoy!

-Dan Maku

--2014 edit to account for C3 2014 demo release. May or may not revive thread, most likely won't.

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