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SMW - Mystery of the Ruins - Team Hack - MODS PLEASE CLOSE
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This is my new collab hack in SMWC, SMW - MotR.


Story: Nothing yet. It has to have a mystery of the ruins.

The main theme of the hack is ruins. Not all levels have ruins in them, remember that.

Overworld main map:

And FINALLY, here's the submaps:

The hack will have the following:

Custom ExGFX
Custom Sprites (I now know how to insert custom sprites.)
Custom Blocks
Remade GFX (NOT SMW-Redrawn!)
Custom ASM
Custom Music
And more!

This is a chocolate hack, remember!
Here is the list of all worlds:

World 1: Grass/Swamp
World 2: Sea/Islands/Beach
World 3: Forest/Haunt
World 4: Desert
World 5: Sky/Floating Islands
World 6: Factory
World 7: Ice
World 8: Bowser Land (DUH!)
World 9: Abstract/Dream


World 1: ---
World 2: ---
World 3 Miniboss:
World 3 Boss:
World 4: Cactacomb
World 5: ---
World 6: ---
World 7: *LakiBlizzard
World 8 Miniboss: ---
World 8 Boss: ---
Final Boss: ---
TRUE Final Boss: ---


* Means claimed
** Means completed

Screenshots of the first level (Note that this is outdated, but if i want to keep this thread open, i have to show it off.)

Background not final.

Here is the level list: (Remember, when a level is named, it will have the theme of the level replaced with the level name.)

LEVELS COMPLETED: 04/91 (Erased some levels.)

World 1: (4 levels)
001: "Grimy Grasslands" [1 exit]
002: "Sunshine Seaside"[1 exit]
003: Grass/Swamp [2 exits]
004: "Subterranean Stroll" [1 Exit]
005: Swamp [1 exit]
006: Grass/Swamp [1 Exit]
007: Swamp [1 exit]
008: Yellow Switch Palace [1 Exit]
009: Grass/Swamp Castle

World 2: (9 levels)

00A: Cave [1 exit]
00B: Beach [1 exit]
00C: Water [1 exit]
00D: Water [2 exits]
00E: Sunken Ship [1 exit]
00F: Beach [1 exit]
010: Water [1 exit]
011: Island [1 exit]
013: Water/Islands Castle [2 exits]

World 3: (13 levels)

014: Forest [1 exit]
015: Forest Ruins[2 exits]
016: Forest [1 exit]
017: Forest Cave [1 exit]
018: Forest Lake [1 exit]
019: Blue Switch Palace [1 exit]
01A: Forest/Haunt Fortress [2 exits]
01B: Forest/Haunt [1 exit]
01C: Ghost House [1 Exit]
01D: Forest/Haunt [1 Exit]
01E: Forest [1 exit]
01F: Forest/Haunt [1 exit]
020: Forest/Haunt Castle [1 exit]

World 4: (12 levels)

021: Desert Ruins [1 Exit]
022: Desert [2 Exits]
023: Hot Desert [1 Exit]
024: Desert Fortress[1 Exit]
101: Oasis [1 Exit]
102: Desert Ghost House [1 Exit]
103: Desert Cave [1 Exit]
105: Sea [1 exit]
106: Desert Ruins [1 Exit]
107: Desert [1 Exit]
108: Hot Desert [1 Exit]
109: Desert Castle (Pyramid) [1 Exit]

World 5: (11 levels)

10A: Sky Ruins [1 Exit]
10B: Sky Ruins [2 Exits]
10C: Sky [1 Exit]
10D: Airship [1 Exit]
10E: Floating Islands [2 Exits]
10F: Sky Ghost House [1 Exit]
110: Sky [1 Exit]
111: Sky Pool [2 Exits]
112: Green Switch Palace [1 Exit]
113: Sky Pit [1 Exit]
114: Sky Castle [2 Exits]

World 6: (10 levels)

115: Grass/Industry [1 Exit]
116: Factory [2 Exits]
117: Factory [1 Exit]
118: Industry [1 Exit]
119: Red Switch Palace [1 Exit]
11A: Factory [1 Exit]
11B: Factory Cavern [2 Exits]
11C: Factory Ghost House [1 Exit]
11D: Factory [1 Exit]
11E: Factory Castle [1 Exit]

World 7: (8 levels)

11F: Mountain [1 Exit]
120: Ice Cave [1 Exit]
121: Ice Ruins [1 Exit]
122: Ice Forest [2 Exits]
123: Ice Lake [1 Exit]
124: Ice Ghost House [1 Exit]
125: Ice [1 Exit]
126: Ice Castle [1 Exit]

World 8: (11 levels)

127: Burnt Forest [1 Exit]
128: "Halloween Hollow" [1 Exit]
129: Fire/Ice Cave [1 Exit]
12A: Bowser's Ghost House [2 Exits]
12B: Fortress [1 Exit]
12C: Volcano [1 exit]
12D: Bowser Land Sky [1 Exit]
12E: Volcano [1 Exit]
12F: Bowser Land [1 Exit]
130: Bowser Land Castle [1 Exit]
131: Final Level [1 Exit]

World 9: (8 levels)

133: Abstract/Dream [1 Exit]
134: Abstract/Dream [1 Exit]
135: Abstract/Dream [1 Exit]
136: Abstract/Dream [1 Exit]
137: Abstract/Dream [1 Exit]
138: Abstract/Dream [1 Exit]
139: Abstract/Dream [1 Exit]
13A: Abstract/Dream [1 Exit]


Purple means that this level can never be claimed, due to this being a teamwork level. Only the good level designers can claim sublevels for this level. The signups for these levels begin when all the other levels are completed.
Blue means claimed, but the owner will do the level later.
Green means completed and inserted.
Yellow means complete and it under Pending Testing/Insertion.
Orange means claimed, but not yet complete (Can be reserved.)
Red means unclaimed and can be claimed.

Notes: No flaming/Trolling/Spamming in this thread. Only post if you are giving feedback, joining/claiming something, or showing progress. If your name doesn't start with a "Wood" or a "tr9", then you're welcome to join this collab! This team hack will also be lead in JDCgames (JDC's website.)

LEVEL TESTERS: (PM them to get your level tested)

Derpy Backlside

BaseROM (Use the latest baseROM!):


Want to claim a level for this collab? Read below first:

The things you must have and must not have:

1: Include 4 collectable items (4 blue coins (NOT 1 coin, 4 coins where a collectable item is, it is a placeholder.)) in your level!

Nothing to say about this thing, it's pretty self explanitory.

2: Do NOT place yoshi coins in your level!

Sorry to be harsh, but we are not using yoshi coins in this hack. Kinda like in SMWCP2 that they used blue coins for a placeholder for SMWC coins for that collab, but we're not going to use SMWC coins, because that would be stealing.

3: Do not make stupidly long levels!

Yeah, this is also self-explanitory. It's nice you want to join and show your skills and all that, but don't overdo it. If it takes you 6 or more minutes to beat your level, it's too long. This is an exception if you are designing a switch palace, fortress, ghost house, or castle, as the maximum amount of time for those kinds of levels is 8 or more.

4: Show progress of your level(s) sometimes!

When you claim a level, you should show off some progress often! If you haven't showed progress for a long time, i will ask if you are still working on it, and i will respectfully ask you to show some progress. If you aren't working on it anymore, i will give it to someone else. Weekly updates will be on every sunday.

5: You may now use music from other games!

I said we used to use custom composed music, but now i'm allowing music from other games. BUT, you need my Ok, so i suggest you get multiple music tracks, and i'll say the one like best, then you go for it. You can still compose a track for it, or find a CUSTOM one, it's your choice.

6: When naming your level, it MUST have alliteration or rhyming in it!

Yeah, i like levels when they are named like that. So we will. Disscuss with other people and plan out what to name your level.

That's all the info for claiming the levels for now...

IRC Channel:

Click to join!

MarioStarLuigi will do the claim list. Here's the claim list so far:

SMW - Mystery of the Ruins - Claim list

That is all for now.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...

I think your palettes look nice. The screenshot reminds me of SMB3 1-1 a little bit. The flower looks nice and fits the style.


[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Thanks, Andy_k_250. Now, i didn't finish posting the first post, so i'm going to finish it now.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Even though they might be simple, I have to say that I rather like those tree graphics. Did you draw them yourself?

I'm not too sure if I like your usage of that gray lava, though. Wouldn't it be just as effective, as well as more fitting, to just have bottomless pits there instead?

My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Yes, YCZ, i drew those myself. Glad you like them. :)

Also, i think mud/lava will be good for my level. I did not enable sprite buoyency, as it will glitch up if i did.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
I may join in on this if you actually pull through with it. Though I haven't hacked in forever, so no promises yet.

Alright, now that i finished the first post, we can start. So...let's get started!

Derpy Backslide: If you want to help, speak up.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
This looks nice so far. I might follow this. Btw, glad to see your back.

Steam: controversialbread
Thanks, Mr.Man. I would like you to see our stuff we do! Also, thanks for saying "Glad to see you're back.". :D
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Good to see you back Falconpunch. wish you the best with your new collab. i support you always.
Good luck with the new hack man.

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Do i know you, Marioplayer? You don't look familiar...

Anyways, let's get back to the collab. Who wants to join?

@Sockbat: Thanks. Also, when i was about to post, you got me. #w{=3}
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
I know you was on my forum for a while, but I really didn't expect you to return so soon. Oh well.

Anyway, if you don't know, I'm designing level 00B - "Bounty Beach" -for this collab hack. The theme for this level will be beach/island themed.

Here are some screenshots, taken directly from my forum:

Thanks for posting some of your level in this thread, JDC. :)

So, what do you guys think?
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Well this time around, i will not be joining this hack.

however, i will check in time to time and give feedback, since that is helpful, if minor sometimes.

to start off, JDC, that level looks great so far!

EDIT: and i hope this time around, you will have kept your promise, and return a better leader. Good luck!:D

Well, you don't have to join, shadowfire if you don't want to. Check this thread often!

So...i'm currently working on 016 (Forest themed.), expect some progress soon.

Any more comments?
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
This looks pretty sweet =D I realy like the OW, good work. Could I have a level? If so 013 please =)

Sure, Camoslash. Anything for you.

Also, i will do briefing (Info kinda like SMWCP2, but has no music suggestions. Which reminds me, i forgot to put in this rule:

.5 You may NOT use music from other games!

Yeah, it may be a hard rule to follow, but you can't. You can use customly composed tracks (With a CUSTOM - on it.), or if you're a composer, then compose one.

Oh, here's the breifing of your level, camoslash.

Level: 013
World: 2
Exits: 2
Theme: Water/Islands Castle

Briefing: This is the Water/Islands Castle in this hack. It should have water enemies, water (Duh), maybe tides, and more.

There are 2 exits in this castle, so put in 2 paths for the player to choose to go in. Do NOT put in a secret exit, world 4 is not a secret world. Remember, place the collectable items (4 blue coins) in 1 path, NOT on seperate paths.

Note that if you do not want to do the boss for this world, lead the boss doors to empty rooms, and let a boss designer take it off your hands (Unless we find a boss in the sprites section, but that will most likely not happen (Probably...).).
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Can I join? If so, can I claim 04?

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / battle of the bits / buy our album / buy/stream my EP
Hey; though I've seen you on the other forum glad you've returned to SMWC with a new great looking hack. (Did I mention your overworld is amazing)

My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
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