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132: Nexus Norvegicus - Lightvayne/???
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 9 - 132: Nexus Norvegicus - Lightvayne/???
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-Period is fixed, but that message box will be disappearing anyways.
-cutoff?, what cutoff? ^^;
-not sure why only this laser is causing slowdown, I'll look into it
-eh...not sure where that koopa came from because he's not in my version o_O;

-Not sure why they have the default gfx, I must have inserted something wrong. It will be fixed.
-The autoscrolling pause glitch is fixed
-Moved that On/off Block so its not easily hit.
-Changed the setup on those launcher. I knew they were going to be a pain in the ass, but I wanted to see what others thought of it first.

-Working on a fix for it.
-While I could do what you suggested, its causing unnecessary slowdown in other areas, like where Bloop pointed out. I need Ersanio to fix this bug...

I'll post an updated IPS later...
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Originally posted by Lightvayne
-cutoff?, what cutoff? ^^;

The lasers, they look a bit cut-offy to me. Could be personal.

Your layout has been removed.

I was joking and I am fully aware of the cutoff, though i am a bit surprised no one else noticed it. Quite honestly, I'm not really sure what to do with it seeing I would have to edit the "bulb" it comes off of to look more square-ish, and I don't think it would look all the great. I could create an animation for all the ends, but that's a lot of animation frames I would have to add..
Layout by LDA during C3.

If that trampoline got eliminated by a bolt of electricity, It becomes impossible to get up there.

I'm sorry, but I'm not good at SMW hacking, so I gave up on it. That means I'm leaving SMWCentral. Bye!
The autoscroll seems to work fairly well as far as timing goes, but now the lulls between setups are more noticeable. Also, if you wait too long to hit the on/off switch in the second laser grid/bullet bill setup, the lasers will be going against you and you won't be able to continue. I wonder if you should make it possible to start in either direction...?

Also, maybe it's just me, but I don't like how that note block near the beginning is right next to an on/off switch, which is solid. Usually I move to the side before the note block even launches me up, but I can't do that to the left here because the note block dips down first and the on/off switch is in the way.

I'm not sure about the new smwcoin placement. Players will already be well on their way out of fear of being left behind, since there's no reason to dawdle, and by the time they see it, there's just no window of opportunity the first time around, I think.

Oh, and the laser destroyed my powerup! That wasn't very nice *grumble grumble* :b

I think I agree with Rameau's Nephew about widening the gaps between the lasers a tile.

I did notice the "cutoffness" of the lasers, but I wanted to focus on other things first, is all. If nothing else, perhaps you could end the spiraling tendrils early so they don't exacerbate the effect? Then again, I don't even know how big of a problem it is.

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I addressed some of the issues pointed out, and will hopefully has an ips up soon. Trying to see if I can do something different with the laser setup Axem mentioned.
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I changed a few things in the first room, mainly the spring board getting destroyed by the lighting.

Expanded the laser in the second room(first setup) and I changed around the second laser setup the room also, making it more defined on where you should be when you hit the switch.

Cutoff on the lasers is still there, I'm still trying to figure out a solution to this. I may just try to make the bulbs they come off of more square-like, but I'm not too sure how well that would look
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Hey, look, Lui's posting in the SMWCP2 thread!
Ok, I've just played through the level twice, and it's pretty good so far, but it can still improve a bit, I guess, expecially the vertical section.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
Also, maybe it's just me, but I don't like how that note block near the beginning is right next to an on/off switch, which is solid. Usually I move to the side before the note block even launches me up, but I can't do that to the left here because the note block dips down first and the on/off switch is in the way.

Exactly. I know I can still jump up there from the right, but if you can find a way to avoid the note-block to be immediately next to a solid block, it could be better.
(wow the laser tiles are overwritting the number ones (not number 1s)! I'm pretty sure you all know about that, though)

I had to take that SMWC coin during the 2nd run, since it was 100% unexpected during the 1st one. Maybe you can try to put some layer 2 coins on the left that the player can see earlier, but still, I don't think there will be anyone who would wait there and risk, rather than running away. (if I'm making sense)

Maybe I'm too hasty, but he first time I went there, I immediately jumped up there, getting hurt by that red laser, before I could notice its presence.
I suggest to place some coins where Luigi is to avoid that.

Minor fail there: the grinder isn't connected to the block.

There was slowdown there, because I was lazy and I didn't kill those crazy koopas.

No matter how many time I wait before getting up there, I can get that shell before the blue koopa does, even without hurrying too much.

Also, I don't know if you're aware about the fact that sometimes the SFX sound quite glitchy, but I think it's because their instrument gets changed by the laser SFX.
Still pretty good for the most part. There's just a few small things to fix:

On level 132:

- Message block at very beginning says "He installled", probably should insert the word "has" after he.

- For the red/blue lasers, is it possible to maybe make a new tile for the ends and start the wavy lines slightly before the very end to avoid cutoff?

- Yeah I have the same issue with Koopa/Red Shell on Screen F as Lui37. Maybe just put a block there behind Koopa and it'll make him turn around.

On level 142:

- Screen A has that same laser problem. Is it possible that maybe I can take a look at the ASM file and see why it's doing that?

Lightvayne you need to yeah.

cstutor, I'll send you the asm file of the cluster sprite.

I've been silently working on fixing some other bugs I found in the level as well as fixing a few things that were mentioned here. If all goes right I can post an IPS later today.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I think I know what might be causing the problem. The error only comes during the vertical section section so I wonder if the (X,Y) position has something to do with it. Would switching the X's and Y's of the code ObjectInteraction work? I'm not too familiar with cluster sprites as I've only used them once.

Maybe it's just better to have lightning in that section coming down trying to hit Mario than the laser - saves a lot of hassle and stress lol. It is the only laser of the area.

EDIT: I believe this problem came before the scrolling came in place so I think I'm leaning more on the fact that it is a vertical level.

The thing is, it happens during the main horizontal section also where the laser will actually hit the ground 1-2 tiles below what it should.

But yes I agree, it may be best just to replace the laser with something else.
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I took a look at it again and I still am not sure about the coding, sorry. :( I would probably ask Ensario to see if he could fix it, since it is his code.

If not, I'd probably go along with just not using the lasers in the vertical part. That would make it a lot easier to work with. The lightning would probably be a good addition to that part of the level.

Version 8
I believe this fixes everything mentioned so far.
-I still need to work on the code for stopping the screen at the last part of the vertical section
-I changed the laser "bulbs" to be a bit more square-ish hopefully getting rid of the cut-off look.
-Ignore the message boxes for now, like it was said previously, the level will probably be introduced by cut-scene.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Other than those fixes that are needed to be done, I saw one or two things that might need to be changed.

- The bulbs look fine, I don't know if I would choose green for part of the laser. Something more along the lines of gold, silver, or brown would be fine with me but your call.
- I got a little bit of slowdown near the area where Mario has to jump for the note block to take him up to the 2nd SMWC coin. But then again it might be my computer.

All in all, I like it and seems like it's getting very close to being done.

for the second half of the level you could possibly reuse the poison water from Briar Mire recolored green it could be implanted as
toxic waste, seeing as it the final factory i feel it should emit the most pollution.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Except there's already a factory level that uses poison/toxic water.

For the last section, I would like to have it do a bit more with speed than anything. Since the tank battle has you running, I was going to keep the same idea and have Mario, running, ducking or jumping past the lasers to get up to the final door of the boss. I know there was talk about some sort of giant robot thing you'd have to enter, but honestly I haven't heard much of how this section is going to be laid out.
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well their has been no progress on that robot idea and i think regardless if it is going to be implanted or not the final section of this level,i agree with Lightvayne i would like to see a fast paced finale

Discussion a bit ago on IRC

Originally posted by a few people in #smwcp

17:37{19} [SNN] : i don't know what the best route would be for the final level
17:37{23} [SNN] : yours, that is
17:37{29} [SNN] : we can have the tank mini-boss, but what should we do after that?
17:37{45} [Darkvayne] : i was thinking something speed related
17:38{01} [Darkvayne] : have the boss end a bit differently
17:38{18} [SNN] : yeah .. I just don't know if we'll have room for the giant robot idea anymore
17:38{25} [SNN] : and being that 131 is pretty much identical to the ideas we had there
17:38{28} [SNN] : it would seem redundant
17:38{43} [Darkvayne] : have Mario keep on running running and ducking over obsticals
17:38{52} [Darkvayne] : er
17:39{32} [Darkvayne] : sure
17:39{37} [Darkvayne] : but yeah
17:40{13} [Darkvayne] : have him be chased by something
17:40{25} [Darkvayne] : lava...maybe a laser or lightning wall
17:40{36} [SNN] : sounds reasonable
17:40{50} [Darkvayne] : my typing is horrendous today
17:48{33} [Phenolatukas] : You could go the other way around
17:48{47} [Phenolatukas] : Have mario chase Norveg as he tries to escape
17:49{06} [Darkvayne] : ah, yes I like that
17:49{27} [Darkvayne] : have him like i a giant robot or something crushing everything it its path
17:49{32} [Darkvayne] : in a*
17:50{21} [Phenolatukas] : Or you could go eggman style with it
17:50{50} [Phenolatukas] : Small flying vehicle equipped with death rays and such
17:51{07} [Phenolatukas] : Thing is if he crushes everything, mario is going to find it kinda easy to keep up with him
17:51{42} [Phenolatukas] : And norveg would be facing the wrong way to launch weapons
17:53{07} [Darkvayne] : yeah a death ray would work nice

I really like this idea, but we are gonna need someone to code this sprite. The general idea is Norveg will be in a flying machine. Shooting death rays and other projectiles. Mario will not be able to damage him in this form, but will have to keep running through the level dodging attacks and trying to get away until you reach the end where we can make him crash into a wall or something.

Anyone want to add anything to this idea, or got something else in mind?
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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 9 - 132: Nexus Norvegicus - Lightvayne/???

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