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I thought you were saying that you knew that version you put up wasn't mono compatible.
Huh, I did. I said I would try to make a Mono-compatible version after the first stable release.
In that case, I'm confused what would cause you to think most people don't care about it working in mono.
What I mean to say is that there will be a small number of users who'll use ASMPad and probably even fewer who are non-Windows users, so it really isn't worth the effort to port the entire tool to Linux or whatever.
Looks like a really interesting program. I might just mess with it and perhaps get interested in ASM and hacking in general once more.

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I wish I really could express appreciation for your effort, but I must say I'm at least more motivated to learn asm now. Pretty much what Superderek said only replacing "once more" with "for once".

I've realized this was outdated.
Heh, thanks guys. I really do hope more people start using it.

New version is up and I finally decided to submit this one to the tools section. A number of bugs have been fixed and some new features have been added. For example, I incorporated my TRASM -> asar/xkas converter. I was about to add an xkas -> Tessera converter, but it seems close to impossible given how many different ways people write the sprite generation routine (which is somewhat different in Tessera).
So uh.. bump.

It's been almost a year since I last worked on this but I've decided to revive it. However, this time I'm going to work on it completely from scratch and only add features people will use.

That being said, what do you really want from an ASM Editor? Here is what I am definitely planning to add:

- Syntax highlighting (optional and configurable)
- Tooltips (descriptions of ROM/RAM Addresses, opcodes, raw values, etc. when the mouse is hovered over them)
- Integrated assembler (most likely asar, but I could make it configurable)
- Tons of code snippets
- Block, sprite and patch templates
- Easy label/define navigation
- A tool to create code snippets for those who don't want to learn ASM. Eventually, this means a block and sprite maker. The sprite maker will probably be a bit limited, but you should be able to make complex enough bosses with it if my plan works out.

What I might add:

- Code folding (the ability to hide and show pieces of code)
- Some sort of tool to help with porting music
- Some other useful feature I'll probably think of later on

So yeah, opinions would be appreciated. For anyone who wants to check out the last version, here. Just note that the new one is going to be made from the ground up and will be much better.
Mono compatibility on all platforms; Mono's pretty good on the APIs, supporting basically all of .NET; just worry about P/Invokes.

layouts suck
Originally posted by CommieYoshi
Mono compatibility on all platforms; Mono's pretty good on the APIs, supporting basically all of .NET; just worry about P/Invokes.

This is not going to happen, at least in the foreseeable future. Back then I spent hours trying to get this tool to work but to no avail. Many of the libraries I used relied heavily on P/Invokes and I only managed to "convert" some of them. And before you ask: Those libraries are kind of important. It's just not worth it to me when I know there will be very few ASMPad users who don't use Windows. I dunno, maybe I will make another effort to make it Mono-compatible but currently that isn't high on my priority list.

Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop
It'd be great if it wasn't SMW specific, e.g. allow other RAM maps, allow you to change templates, etc. It would also be a good idea if you could change/add to the command line arguments when assembling so you can change assemblers or call other tools. And also have something where you can hit 'Run' and it will open a emulator (that you chose), hitting 'Debug' would open a debugger (that you chose), and 'Build' that would just assemble/patch it whatever. And maybe open up ASM files by default? I dunno just some random ideas.

Hmm.. the tool was (and still is) intended to be SMW-specific, but I could maybe some of the features configurable. The rest of those are good ideas though and I will definitely implement them.
Well, this is just a suggestion, but what about making an ASM IDE using Eclipse? I've seen some pretty awesome IDEs built using that as a base, and while I don't know much about its plugin system, it seems like it would have a lot of the useful features you'd want already there.
Eclipse is a bloated mess. Over 100 MB...

I honestly think plugins for common editors (not ides) would work better; Notepad++ and gedit would cover you bases on Windows and Linux

layouts suck
+1 for notepad++
i'm looking forward for this.
Maybe this can make my final boss, and other bosses and other sprites, when the tool are finnished. What's your progress IceGuy?

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