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Super Mario: The Yoshinappers!(Started 28/10/11) New Screenshots! (please close)
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Super Mario: The Yoshinappers!(Started 28/10/11) New Screenshots! (please close)
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This Hack has been going on for a while, so I should probably tell you some changes.
For the graphics, the Moles have been changed to yellow shells that chase you around. The turn block bridges have sad faces. Small red flames appear behind Mario's feet when he's big and running fast. They are bright white when he's Fire Mario.
The Koopas wear coloured underwear, and bands around their arms.

Here he's spin jumping on jumping piranha plants over black plants.

(Yoshi Plains 1)
In this screenshot, he's jumping over a horizontally contracting and expanding turn block bridge, about to cut the midway tape.

This is the title of the hack. Super Mario: The Yoshinappers.
Incase your wondering, Mario is behind the letter 'O'.

However, you need screenshots, or your thread will be removed in 24 hours. since you are a new user(welcome to SMWC), i can understand why you didn't do this.

I suggest you post a screenshot, or 2, so we can judge your levels.:)

I am having an awful amount of difficulty with my overworld. I chose to start fresh and now, I cannot place anything. I read the Overworld's Manual, but I still cannot resolve the terrible problem. If anyone can resolve it, please post.

WELCOME TO SMWC! Try looking into other hacks before starting your own, so you can have some questions answered, as they are probably have been asked before!

(...edited post. Just go with it)
Welcome to the world of Mario hacking, Vividmario!

As tempting as it is, I would try and refrain from jumping straight into hacking itself, instead, browse the forums, get to know the community and progressing trends, therefore, you'll get a much better understanding of the concept of hacking. This will also help you become a better hacker as you'll come across questions and ideas as you browse.

Once again, welcome! :)

Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
I have looked at some hacks, but here: Lunar Magic is Fine, The ROM is Fine, ZSNES is fine, the level editing is fine, but not the overworld. My hack would be terrible since right now the overworld is just the ocean, nothing else. you cannot see land, paths, level graphics. Just the ocean. And Kc, I had read the forums, F.A.Q (and all it's subjects). Plus, one of the tips say to start from scratch while editing the overworld. So, how would you place the tiles onto the overworld? I mean editing the title screen was simple, (I thought it was going to be hard). But OVERWORLD editing in the F.A.Q, it doesn't say how to place tiles when starting from scratch.

What I mean is how to PLACE them on the overworld map. If I were to delete everything on every map, I would just see the ocean. Now, how would you use 8x8 Level Editor to paste tiles? I mean, while I was editing this post, the tip section says "When making your overworld, mix the terrain up! Angled land is much more interesting than square land".
Me: what do you mean mix the terrain up? If I'm going to start from scratch, I have to be able to take tiles from the editor and put them in my overworld!

And just to show what I mean by "just the ocean":

First of all, Welcome to SMWCentral! :)

If you need help with OW editing check this tutorial out.

The area in the 2nd screenshot looks empty, try to add some decoration like bushes, it will look nicer.
Okay, now I'm really annoyed. I watched alot of overworld videos, but they don't start from scratch. So is that tip saying "Don't just modify the orginal SMW overworld, start from scracth", fooling me? Did ANYONE start from scratch? Please reply if you did.

And to calm down my self down I decided to post a picture of Mario about to own a Koopa.

I started my OW from scratch, as do many many other people. It is not that hard once you learn the OW editor. :P
I know how to place tiles, but for some reason it only let's me place this side of the editor, which Is ONLY THE OCEAN. NO PATHS OR LEVEL TILES. But If I can't go there while playing, why would only tiles go on the ocean?

You gotta place the paths onto the OW (Ocean Area).

Just look for a tutorial in the tutorial section, that will help you out. :D
Just a little note:

Your levels are empty. They're boring looking, Try adding coins, bushes, blocks, and the like.

Also, you don't have to explain every single detail of the screenshot. Let the pic speak for itself, you don't have to say "Mario is jumping over the shell which was kicked by the Koopa on the left."

Also, overworld editing tutorial are the same for EVERYTHING. Starting from scratch doesn't affect how OW editing works, so tutorials for the OW still work.
Thank You Giant Shyguy for your opinion on the screenshot. I'm editing it right now. Happy Saints Day to all!
Also, I decided to add a Luigi's House.
Luigi House complete!

Here are some screenshots of the unfinished Yoshi Plains 3:

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I have resetted the overworld, so now I have customized it! I'm very happy now!
Oh, and Yoshi Plains 3 is now complete!

There are actually quite a few glitches in Yoshi Plains 3 that needs fixing. At one point either the message box or the POW switch close to it doesn't appear, and sometimes the Diggin' Chucks' (they are called Architect Chucks in the game) heads do not appear.
And a part of a platform do not appear while playing the level.
The Chuck glitch has now been fixed!

Screen 1: The pipe on the right is cutoff where it meets the corner. Extend the ground up by one tile.

Screens 2 & 3: The bush has slight cutoff where it sits on the edge. Shrink the bush to two tiles wide and move it back away from the edge.

Screen 4: I'm guessing that brown muck is supposed to be water. I would suggest using the animated blue water.

For your problem with certain things not appearing you either have too many sprites on the screen or the wrong sprite memory. Click on and change the value in the drop-down box. 0E usually works.
Damn MarioFan, I was going to say the same thing lol...

@vividmario: Try messing around with the level palettes, maybe have a nice custom palette going on for your levels =D Also remember to check "Enable custom palette for this level", so it doesn't mess up other levels palettes, or change them to something you do not want them to be. And about the sprites getting messed up... try applying the sprite tile limit patch. Also here is a tutorial for adding patches. Of course you could just do what MarioFan recommended too lol.

I agree. Some custom palettes (or ExGFX) would be nice. It's not necesarry though. It'll just make your hack more fancy.

At the first screen, wouldn't it look a bit better if there would be a corner tile where the ground meets the edge like on the right side?
Mariofan22, in Yoshi Plains 3, a message box says that the Yoshis had forgotten to put Chlorine in the water.
Now let's take a look at Yoshi Plains 4:

"Ooh, this looks new.

"Yay, line-guided objects!

"Whats this P-Switch doing here?

"Oh, I see...
This level is a little harder than it looks, and in case you haven't noticed, you only get 275 seconds. It also has line guided Fuzzballs and chainsaws. And in the middle of the level, there is a Yoshi-Coaster, and if your not paying attention you'll probably collide with a chainsaw. And there are some loopy parts and they sometimes get confusing. This level is quite long compared to Yoshi Plains 1 & 2 (since you can beat both of them in less than 100 seconds)

Hey, I'm having another problem with my OW. When I complete a level (Yoshi Plains 3), It won't go right so I can play the next level.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I've fixed that problem that won't unlock the next path, PLUS I've learn't how to use events, and I've completed all the levels in World 1! Yays!
Now, I need your opinion on something. Do you think it is a good idea to put a secret level with a 3-up at the end?

Probally been said already, but you need to fix the title text graphics. There are letters with no BG in the editor :)

Your layout has been removed.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Super Mario: The Yoshinappers!(Started 28/10/11) New Screenshots! (please close)

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