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World 2 Boss: Fiora - Magi[GFX], cstutor89[ASM]
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This leaves me 2 more frames, one for an alternate attack, and the being hurt one, that comparing to the old Dryad sprites. Just need to know if there are some extra frames you want, cstutor.

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Why exactly is she happy like that?

For no particular reason.

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After looking at the graphics today, I kind of expected more at this point with so much time given out. They look fine but there's still a lot of work to be done that has not been done and the problem is most of these graphics almost look the same as the last graphics shown 3 months ago in October. Not that it was bad but I still don't see any fluid twirling, action poses, leaves (8x8), brambles (missing?, but can get from the old graphics I think), and bouncing berries.
Originally posted by Ludus
For no particular reason.

Then make her have an angry expression, I mean, she's a boss, she shouldn't have a docile face.

Why not? I don't see a reason why an boss should not have a happy face.
If more disagrees though.

Cstutor: I can provide 8x8 leaves, and the bouncing berries should use the old graphics as i like how they are looking. The brambles will be taken from the ones used in the temple before the boss to avoid clashing. That said, i plan on making 3 more animation sequences, one where she puts a hand in up, so she can cast the winds that pull mario. and one hurting frame. And a last one for another attack spell. Not sure what though. This should give the boss enough variation.

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Because the derpy expression is completely out of place. Especially how the Dryad is supposed to be an "angered, seductive, and sexy/mature vain woman" who thinks plant life is trying to oust her beauty.

She looks juvenile and, rather, dumb with that face.
Eh, I rather like it myself. Mario enemies frequently have a bit of silly touch to them, so why not?
I had this idea of making it more of a demented, twisted smile - reflecting her personality a bit more, as it doesn't seem like she is completely... right in her head from what I've read from the cutscene script. That might be too dark, though. (maybe use it when she has one HP left... or maybe not)

Anyway, I'd vote for keeping the smile as is. It doesn't look that out of place in a Mario universe, does it?

aran - Graces of Heaven
Originally posted by Incognito
It doesn't look that out of place in a Mario universe, does it?

Yes, it does. If a Mario boss has a smile, it also has "angry eybrows" to give it an even more menacing appearance than the common ):<, or even a crazy one, like this guy.

...Other than that, she looks kind of Adventure Time-ish :v.

Give her lips.

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I quite like the expression on the current dryad :3

However, I think her boobs are spaced a bit too far apart <.<
Originally posted by Sind
I quite like the expression on the current dryad :3

However, I think her boobs are spaced a bit too far apart <.<

Evidently you've never seen the spacing of breasts when a woman is not wearing a bra.

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by CrystalJadeStrike
Originally posted by Sind
I quite like the expression on the current dryad :3

However, I think her boobs are spaced a bit too far apart <.<

Evidently you've never seen the spacing of breasts when a woman is not wearing a bra.

But she IS wearing one. Or at least something similar.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Honestly, if it is not 100% correct, it's fine -- changes can be made later. However, I do not like the fact that I have no idea what the graphics file is going to look like. Mainly because, to code it I need tile information and based on the last GFX file all of the tiles were all over the place. Dryad, I think, can have a new version within a day or two of when I receive the GFX if I really work on it, but not without an idea of how the GFX file will be structured.
Sorry for vanishing without a word. anyways, i'll be providing a .bin by tomorrow hopefully. I still need to make one last frame and i'm done.
In any case, sorry for taking that long, i've been really uninspired at pixel art for a long time, but i want to have this boss done for good by now.
Also, since people said that the boobs were too far away from each other:

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I've given up waiting. Ladida has given me the graphics and did a really good job in a short amount of time.

Now it is my turn to provide an IPS for Dryad. Here's some changes that were made from Version 1 to Version 2.

- Twirling action with the walking movement.
- Poses made when indirect attacks begin.
- Removed the attack of hitting the wall with Dryad spinning super fast that causes the ground to shake and apples to fall.
- Apples come in two varieties red and green.
- Falling Munchers are the same.
- Rising Bramble does come out one at a time until Dryad is down to the last HP then it moves up to 2.
- Dryad releases leaves when down ot the last HP.
- Dryad has a new attack, destroys all apples on screen.

I started noticing a lot of slowdown with the apples (spawning too much) and brambles, especially when falling munchers did not even appear. I had to figure out something that could remove clutter and make the boss not too hard since it is a World 2 Boss.

Here is what is needed to be done left.

- One frame pose with Dryad crossing her hands like an 'X'.
- Sound effect of removing apples needs to be changed.
- Hitbox is a little strange right now.
- Rising Bramble (sometimes) doesn't hurt Mario.

Here is a new version for Dryad => Version 2

Here is a video for Dryad Version 2 => DRYAD
Frankly...I...still don't like the boss. :/

- graphics. Deffo. Thanks Ladi <3
- Well, the Vine Pillar is cool?

- it plays out and looks like a mess.
- Repetitive fight, it's not boring...but not-boring in a bad way

The two main problems is repetitiveness and how it plays out and looks like a mess.

The screen gets really convoluted with the vine pillars, the petals, the twirling derp-faced, evil girl; the apples, the munchers, the constant shakes - it gets gives off a messy look, and it isn't pleasing and fun. I think this is because the attacks are sort-of made to pile up on each to be even harmful to the player. I think reworking the attacks to be less reliant on being a collage and more on being an individual attack will improve this boss greatly.

Apple-Attack: These are footballs right? I think this attack with the Petals are a nice combo - the Petals is a sort of offensive-defense to a potential stomp on the head, but also doesn't make the one screen room looks convoluted. They get really annoying with the one screen battle arena. I'll elaborate on this more later on.

Muncher attack: I don't really think this is a great (and unique) attack - very generic. I can't think of what to do with it right now. But it definitely is my least favorite attack.

Petals: God - this attacks is spammed with everything else towards the end. IMO, an partnership/combo with at just one other attack works well, and doesn't make the screen look messy. This being a constant attack (and not like the Tanuki's leaf or Frank's fire/ice) or any other controlled "projectile" attack and appears without a frame showing it's being thrown somehow feels it a bit forced. Having it an exclusive attack (similar to how the Lava Lotus spits its fire) rather than an arbitrary "Bullet Bill/Eerie Generator" difficulty attack will make fix this.

Vine Pillar: I like this attack. I assume it's just a graphics-mask of the fire pillar? I like how it works currently.

The boss is extremely repetitive, and it doesn't keep a interest throughout the fight, and is more like an "I want to get this over and done with". I think a variation in attacks and rather than pile this and that and the constant floating and cutting herself on the thorny vines by spinning will help.

Lightning Flames to Vine: I know that the Fire Pillar just uses the Sumo Bro's fire lightning. How about have an attack where the Dryad "drops" a seed (lightning) and the thorny vine graphics are used for the flames? The flatness of the arena wouldn't cause any glitchiness.

Muncher: The falling munchers is just uhh. Yoko, Frank, Boss Jelectro, and Madame Mau already does falling stuff attacks. Maybe doing something like this, except with munchers, will be better. (I'll elaborate more on this later)

The constant going to the right to spin her body against THORNS gets tiresome. I personally think just spinning around anywhere will be much better and looks less repetitive.

Now, I want to talk about the small room size.

Currently, we only have one boss that uses a Battle Arena larger than one screen: Madame Mau. Truntec, Yoko, Boss Jelectro, Hartfowl, Hidenbird, Frank, and Doc Croc all have a battle arena of just one screen.

So I propose this: why not expand the Dryad's arena to at least a wide two screens? Here spinning around, the spastic apples, the petals - they'll work perfectly with a much more roomy battle arena. The Vine Attack and the Muncher attack I suggested will be perfect for a bigger arena.

That's why I suggest having the Dryad spin around anywhere it stops at (Like Ludwig does in his SMW fight - he jumps anywhere).

So yeah...

Awesome boss!

My opinion:

What's wrong:
-I think her normal attacks look odd when performed against the wall
-I think the roomshake attack looks odd, being that shes moving at the same speed and moving to the same places when NOT doing this attack. (What is supposed to be causing the shaking? Her hitting the wall, right?)

What I would do:
-Have her follow the same movement routine. However, every x number of seconds (like Bowser does in SMW) have her stop to perform her attack from whatever location she is at

-For the Roomshake attack, have her stop at whatever location she is at, then quickly slide to one wall or the other (Given that this is caused by her hitting the wall)
My main issue with this boss is it is way too luck based and the fact it is very difficult for a world two boss.

-The Graphics of Dryad.
-How Predictable the Vine Plant is.

-There is no way of knowing where the Apples are going to appear, making a lot of cheap hits.
-So many things to worry about, which would make the boss annoying.
-The fact that all the sprites are still there when Dryad dies.

-You know how the apples in the Tree Boss from Kirby flash before they drop? I think that would be a good idea for this boss, just to make things not so cheap.
-Her Death Pose should have her hair all messy with some of close being ripped.
-When her Death Pose shows up, make all the enemies disappear in a puff of smoke that way there is no cheep hits.
-There should be a Background in the room so it doesn't look too boring (layer 3 perhaps?).
-She shouldn't spin on the right sides where she can get poked by the spikes...
-I noticed there is a roof on the top of the screen. That is kind of cheap so I'd ether remove it or have it show.
-The boss itself and all of her attacks doesn't have any outlines on her which is kind of odd since everything else in the room has outlines (unless the graphics is being remade).

Keep up the good work Cstutor.

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