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World 3 Boss: (Unnamed Tanuki) - MetalJo/cstutor89(ASM) , Alessio/Teyla (GFX)
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 3 - World 3 Boss: (Unnamed Tanuki) - MetalJo/cstutor89(ASM) , Alessio/Teyla (GFX)
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The problem that this boss, for my likes, is:

I mean, where are other updates?

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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
Some details:

1)Alessio:Are you drawing the battlefield of that boss?
My suggestion:The battlefield must be a throne room or a top of the temple!!

2)MetalJo:Why explosions in the boss battlefield?

3)And the name of Tanuki?Just Youko?
Well, as for point 1, i don't know: I don't think, though, that i'll design it.

My deviantART
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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
I mean this:

I am sorry for the long period without updates D:
I think I will have an update tomorrow or on sunday ;D

osu! | Super Mario World Nyaa :3

Formerly known as MetalJo
Here is a new video. :3

osu! | Super Mario World Nyaa :3

Formerly known as MetalJo
The boss still walks up the wall backwards.

How about an IPS so that we can test the boss?
Agreed. This hardly seems different at all from the last video. It's about time you posted an IPS so we can test it ourselves - no more videos please.

Okay, so here is an ips. I hope I have fixed all the bugs so far.
Please report bugs that you find ;D

osu! | Super Mario World Nyaa :3

Formerly known as MetalJo
Well it's nice to finally be able to play it.

Anyways, overall I think the boss is well-done. However there are a few issues I feel need to be brought up.

1.) When you hit the tanuki with the green shell while it's a Hammer Bro, it kills it and ends the level.

2.) At first, it's difficult to predict how the tanuki will attack, and I've had it where it appears on the right side and kills me without any warning.

3.) I found the boss to be a bit too difficult for World 3. Of course I had to fight her without any powerups. But I feel trying to jump on the hammer brother without getting hit can be frustrating.

4.) I'm not sure what people would think about the boss taking only two hits to kill, but then again considering the length it takes to beat her and that this is only World 3, I feel it works out to an extent.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
I agree the boss seems too difficult for World 3. Even adding a powerup to the room, the boss gave me quite a bit of trouble (though admittedly a lot of my failed attempts were due to accidentally killing the hammer brother form with the shell). I'm fine with the number of hits the boss takes (I counted 3 rather than two), considering you're essentially hitting her throughout the battle to end each particular phase.

Still, it seems like a lot of the attacks could be toned down to suit the boss's place in the hack. I particularly found that a lot of the attacks (including the "first round") version seemed to assume that the player knew exactly what's coming next and how to deal with it--a player coming into this fight blind would generally be in for a good deal of frustration.

Some issues I had with the individual phases themselves:

Leaf Throw: The attack itself is fine for a starter, but it would be nice if the boss adopted some sort of specific pose for this, rather than her normal "on guard" frames, as it looks rather weird how the leaves are just sort of generated from nowhere as she apparently simply stand around, rather than her doing something to summon them.

Wall jump/Falling object attack:

- I hate to sound like a broken parrot, but the "casually strolling in Mario's direction" attack still looks really, really weird, and would be better replaced with a dashing frame. Even the same frame used for her jumping from wall to wall would look better here.

- The objects falling from the ceiling could perhaps be a teensy bit have a slightly longer gap between them (or start out with a slightly longer gap, then steadily speed up). As is, it's very easy to be taken off guard by them the first time they come down, and it's likewise very easy to get trapped in the corner by them. Alternatively, they could always fall from fixed positions.

- Furthermore, I'm not sure it's a good idea for the boss to teleport to the far right corner immediately after this attack--during my early playthroughs, I always seemed to be in exactly this spot at exactly this time, meaning she'd teleport directly on to me. And when you consider that she just teleports away a moment later anyway, it'd probably be easier just to have her go directly from hanging on the side of the wall to flying above Mario for the statue attack.

Statue attack: The hitbox of the statue is seemingly larger than the sprite, meaning Mario can be damaged even when the statue appears to fall directly next to him.

Hammer Brother:

- As noted by TomPhanto, jumping on the boss in this form can be quite difficult, unless the player knows it's coming beforehand. This is all the more irksome considering it seems to be the boss's favorite form. One the other hand, once you figure it the hints that this form is coming, it becomes completely trivial to deal with, thanks to her very sloooow walk beforehand, meaning you can easily trounce her the instant she transforms. Again, this seems to be the most excessive example of an attack reliant on trial and error, and knowing what's coming ahead of time.

- Concerning the Koopa shell issue above (which I encountered again and again, thanks to the very short period where the boss is vulnerable to the shell, with this being her next attack), why not make it so hitting the boss with the shell ends this phase in the same way that jumping on the Hammer Brother would?

Koopa Troopa: The interval for hitting the boss with the shell is far too small, especially considering the player won't immediately know they have to do this to stun the boss. Indeed, the fact that the shell passes through her harmlessly when she's walking forward to do the next transformation may make players think she's completely immune to shells (especially considering that it's basically impossible to hit her before she begins walking if the shell lands on the far left side of the room). Maybe make it so that hitting here with a shell in her normal form will stun her all times...?

Thwomp: I don't think this should both stun the player and send out shockwaves, for the simple reason that the player won't be expecting the stun effect, won't try to dodge it, and thus will be unable to avoid the shockwaves. The shockwave alone would be fine, though. Alternatively, you could have the Thwomp stun Mario when it hits the ground the first time, without sending out the shockwave--that way the player will know to jump the second time when it does send out the wave.

Ground smash: Again, same issue, made worse by the fact that the player is probably expecting a repeat of the falling objects attack. Could work in something near its if Mario's stun period is considerably shortened, though, meaning they'd still have time to recover from the stun and avoid the wave with fast enough reflexes.

All in all, it's a well-made and extremely varied boss, but definitely needs to be made a bit easier and less trial-and-error-based. The concept's quite a solid one, though, and I'm sure this will be one of Mario's more memorable antagonists in the hacks once everything's smoothed ver.
Oh! cool
The hammer bro attack is a bit buggy.
When you kill hime with the shell the hammer bro will die and you'll be stuck in the boss room
As Tom Phanto and Rameau's Nephew noted, the boss is a little hard for world 3 (or world 2 since this world is actually an alternate path), but it wasn't too hard itself. I advise you to:

-Make the attacks random. I remember you said the boss would randomly select her attacks, but to me it seemed like if she always followed the same pattern, making her too predictable.

-Make her die with three hits instead of two. As TP and RN noted, this boss takes to little hits to die. A lot of Mario games make their bosses die after three hits.

-Make the rock falling and statue attack a bit slower. I found these two attacks were too hard to dodge if the players aren't familiarized with them, making them a little slower should make them easier to dodge.

-Replace the hammer bro with a boomerang bro. Personally I found that the hammer bro attack was the hardest to dodge, maybe you could make it a little easier if you make a boomerang bro appear instead.

-Make the boss vulnerable while walking, this should give the players more time to hit her as RN noted.

-Make it so the Tanuki reappears if the hammer bro (or boomerang bro) is hit with a shell. See: RN's pont, I think everyone who played the boss noticed this bug.

-Give the koopa wings and/or make it yellow. Since the boss jumps while she's in her koopa form, I thought it would be a good idea to make the koopa yellow, since yellow koopas and green parakoopas re the only ones that jump.
Finally got around to testing this boss too.

As far as I can tell, there are elements that are good but there are also elements that need tweaking.

- Leaf Throw: Some animation that Tanuki is actually throwing something would make a lot more sense. I'm not sure where they actually spawn from either, the entrance point is too low to the ground. And for some reason if you're spin jumping on Tanuki while it is throwing stuff, none of it hurts you.

- Walk cycle I think is way too slow for a Ninja/Tanuki. Tanuki shouldn't be invulnerable while walking.

- Stomping Ground/Thwomp Smash: I don't know about these two attacks, they are just so similar in concept. Smash on the floor, shake the floor that Mario walks on, and produce a shockwave. I think one of these can stay, one of these should go. When Tanuki reappears, there's no way knowing the first time around where she is going to reappear.

- Wall Climb/Falling Stuff: The cycle is kind of awkward, it still looks like Tanuki is climbing with the wall instead of on the wall. The conking on the head into the wall, doesn't that seem like it would hurt? After climbing onto the second wall, you could also do Stomping Ground here instead.

- Hammer Bros: Can be killed by the shell and keeps the battle in limbo without the boss being defeated. Attack pattern might be too hard for W3.

- Koopa: I didn't have problems with this one.

- Statue: Didn't have problems with this one either.

- After Tanuki dies, the game just shows puffs of smoke but no end goal or anything ...?
It's take dowm me?


So MetalJo sent me what he's done for the boss since it doesn't look like he'll have time to finish it. Based on the videos he has put up, it looks like it just needs some finishing touches.

Does anyone want to finish it up? If no one volunteers at this point, I'll throw it in the ROM until someone decides to claim it.

We are still looking for someone to finish up this boss. I have the files in my possession if someone want to take a crack at it.
Layout by LDA during C3.

Originally posted by Lightvayne
We are still looking for someone to finish up this boss. I have the files in my possession if someone want to take a crack at it.
Layout by LDA during C3.
what needs to be done? i have a few weeks to do whatever


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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 3 - World 3 Boss: (Unnamed Tanuki) - MetalJo/cstutor89(ASM) , Alessio/Teyla (GFX)

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