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World 3 Boss: (Unnamed Tanuki) - MetalJo/cstutor89(ASM) , Alessio/Teyla (GFX)
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 - World 3 - World 3 Boss: (Unnamed Tanuki) - MetalJo/cstutor89(ASM) , Alessio/Teyla (GFX)
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Right now, Ixtab, I've been working on Tanuki but I've run into a roadblock with it freezing when a level starts up with this sprite. Something is not right. When I get it to actually go then I could pass it off to you Ixtab. It also depends on Ludus and the graphics for Dryad. That boss is taking too much more time than it should and should it have been done a long time ago :|.

Originally posted by Teyla


The first kanji means leaf, and the second is child (common at the end of girl's names)

So yeah.

Bringing up this trivial matter to get it over and done with, since it seems like everybody agreed.
A quick up with the boss, I have fixed a couple of numerous things with the boss:

- Hammer Bro changed to Boomerang Bro.
- Game does not get stuck in limbo when kicked by a shell.
- Moved the falling projectiles so that they have to fall a further distance.
- Code has been refined a bit and shortened.
- It takes 3 hits to die instead of 2.
- Made the projectiles stop moving when Mario dies.
- Attacks are semi-random at this point.

As far as what I need to fix in order to finish the boss:

- Tanuki flashes for a few moments when it reappears and is invulernable to attacks or hurting Mario at that time.
- Slower falling Thwomp/Statue poses.
- Graphics (I just have Alessio's full GFX page but I'm waiting for MetalJo to give the GFX file used for the YT Video).
- Faster Cycle speed when moving.
- More time to be vulernable.

As soon as MetalJo gives the graphics files this boss will be nearing the end and I can give out a test IPS.
Okay, I have a new update for Tanuki, an actual IPS to playthrough and get some feedback. As far as what has been changed, there's been a lot since the last update.

- Graphics are inserted.
- Hammer Bro is changed to Boomerang Bro.
- Boomerang Bro reappears as Tanuki when kicked by a shell.
- Tanuki walks faster when bouncing off walls.
- Level ends when Tanuki loses all HP.
- HP moves up from 3 to 2.
- Leaf entry positions from where they are thrown is moved a tad bit.
- More time is given to hit Tanuki
- Tanuki reappears faded before being able to hit Mario.
- Less time to be stunned when hit by shockwave.
- All shells that hit Tanuki when it is not idle or faded, die.
- Falling projectiles have to travel a longer distance.
- Attacks are semi-random.

As far as things that need to be fixed (that I know of right now):

- Projectiles die when hit by a shell (simple fix).
- Hit-box for Tanuki is a little bit larger than it should.
- Graphics for the Throwing Pose are N/A (need someone to do that).

Link to New Tanuki Version 1: Link
This certainly is a lot more smooth to play! Kudos to you!

In any case, my only gripes are:
- As you said, throwing pose
- The a much clearer representation that the Tanuki, during statue mode, is being broken when spin jumped on. I recall seeing it actually has broken tanuki graphics. Maybe having those breaking blocks extended sprites will help show it?
- The hurt by shell pause doesn't seem to convey much that it's only stunned, and you have to jump on it too.
- The rather...long pause when before the Boomerang Bro throws Boomerangs - once you know it happens, you can easily stomp on it since it takes a while before it starts throwing. (Am I the only one who had little problems with the Hammer Bro? :/)
- The rather harmless Tanuki Statue drop. It's easy to dodge, and nothing happens if you don't know what to do. Either put a shockwave when it drops, or when it does drop, shake the level and have those falling rocks thing happen to keep Mario busy.
- Because the Koopa (Elite Goomba) does NOT react when you spin jump, you can easily dodge beat the Koopa by just spin jumping on it, since it won't jump. Unlike the Elite Goomba, though, it doesn't bounce Mario off. I think this is a the main problem right now
- The missing Thwomp move. I actually think that was a cool move, but just need a tone down.
- Finally, this seems to always happen, but a little in to the boss, it keeps turning into a Koopa, which isn't good, since it makes the boss much easier to deal with (especially with the spin jump thing)

All in all, this is definitely a polish product, and is much more fluid and easier to deal with. My gripe is the fact that I think it's too easy to deal with with a lot of its moves, e.g spin jumping on the Koopa, long pause for Bro to throw Boomerangs, harmless statue drop. There's also the missing (and weird) frames, but eh.

EDIT: This is weird. After your first hit, the Tanuki does other stuff. But after that, it's koopa one after the other like a mentioned. But, it if some way or another you're bad at video games enough to miss two opportunites, it will do the same attacks over, and over again.

Also, after a while, it does turn thwomp mode. But heck, you'll only get to see thwomp mode if you play for a LONG while (I tried this two times, both get the same, similar, results.) There's something weird going on with the move randomizer. It usually favors the leaf throw and the koopa mode, and it's rare to see the other moves, most especially the thwomp move.

EDIT2: The leaves are killable by shell.

EDIT3: Same with shockwaves:

EDIT4: BAH. Noticed another thing: when you get the shell and stay inside the Tanuki's invisible self, and she suddenly teleports to the right, the shell will "die".

EDIT????: Rocks too:

Except, if you throw the shell at the falling rock when before it meet the ground, the rock disappears in a puff of smoke. Meanwhile, if the the rock fall directly on the shell while it moves, then it will it get killed like in the picture.
Time for a new update! :)

Things that have been fixed from v2 since v1:
- Throwing Pose/Stunned Pose is added in.
- Statue looks better now (more cracked).
- Tanuki Statue now shakes the ground/rocks fall.
- Moves are a little bit more spread out and varied (with a pattern).
- HP drops from 3 to 2. Boss got a little longer with 3.
- Shells do not kill throwable objects and falling rocks.

Updated Version 2 => Here

Update: Now that I think about it, I do need someone to draw shockwave/falling rocks for this battle.
I would recommend speeding up the stunned pose, reusing the rock gfx from Manic Mine, is their room for 1 more movement frame? can the sonic jump be replaced with another diagonal jumping frame? can wall jumps be faster, so she looks more like she is jumping rather then gliding.
Ideas for attacks, throwing leafs while attached to the wall, teleporting in a puff of smoke from far leftside, to far rightside, upper left wall to upper right wall throwing leafs from every direction & ends with a statue attack.

Yeah, its looking good so far

For the stunned pose, the top half isn't animating, the arms are suppose to wobble also.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Can someone fix the graphics file for me? I copied all of the graphics from the picture that I got from Lightvayne but to me the face and arms don't really move that much at all. I'm not very good at graphics at all/drawing.

@DrMatt13 This boss has already so many attacks (8) that it's probably more beneficial to not add any more. I can make Tanuki move faster up the wall, that part is not a problem.
A few more fixes for Tanuki tonight.

- Wall jumping and moving is sped up a bit.
- Graphics for Tanuki have been added (rock and shockwave).

The only thing that is missing is the frames for Tanuki being dizzy. They do look a little strange right now. If anyone can fix that up (I'm not good with graphics) that would be great.

- Version 3 => Tanuki
This is good to go.

Except for these:

Mario goes through these frames.

And these still exist
I have fixed up everything that Sarcophagus has listed in the last post. The only thing that is not fixed is the frames for Tanuki when she is dizzy (I can't fix that one because I'm not good enough with graphics).

But here is the last (hopefully) version of Tanuki. I'll be moving on to fixing the last remainings of Doc Croc and then Dryad (that one is going to take a lot more time to derive a solution).

Tanuki Version 4 => Link

I found the problems in the Tanooki version:

When i kick the shell while the Tanooki is walking,the shell is down.

I can't beat the Tanooki while she's climbing in the wall.

When i throw a shell to the boomerang bro,the tanooki appears.

That's all...
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
I found the problems in the Tanooki version:

When i kick the shell while the Tanooki is walking,the shell is down.

It's supposed to do that - kill the shell.

Originally posted by Roberto zampari

I can't beat the Tanooki while she's climbing in the wall.

As I've said, it's supposed to kill the shell other than its steady/panting form.

Originally posted by Roberto zampari

When i throw a shell to the boomerang bro,the tanooki appears.

That's all...

It's supposed to do that.
I found a little glitch:

If Tanuki Girl slams her head against the wall, you can bounce on top of her despite actually bouncing on her feet.

Yes I know that sounds weird but try it out: Try to jump beneath her: You will noticed that you will "jump" on something
I missed that the last post was actually user feedback, not an update.

What is the status of this boss now?

No excuses.

Oops, my bad. Why this thread hasn't been closed if it already completed?

This is complete.

No excuses?


The "glitch" he talks about isn't much of a glitch.
Then why hasn't it been closed...?


I was leaving it open in-case anyone had any last minute input on it.
Layout by LDA during C3.
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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 - World 3 - World 3 Boss: (Unnamed Tanuki) - MetalJo/cstutor89(ASM) , Alessio/Teyla (GFX)

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