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World 4 Boss: King Jelectro - cstutor89[ASM], Dr. Tapeworm [GFX]
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 4 - World 4 Boss: King Jelectro - cstutor89[ASM], Dr. Tapeworm [GFX]
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Yeah I'm with RN and yeah Giant Shy Guy the Urchins glitched out for me too and got stuck in the wall ... eh okay.

But this battle to me needs work. I did have situations where the boss would touch spikes just slightly to being halfway in the spikes and still not get hurt. That to me doesn't make much sense given the fact that Mario can touch the single point and he dies/gets hurt.

As far as Jelectro looks, I think he's okay, though I have to say the ExAnim colors are a little bit much. Toning down the color a little bit would be nice.

As far as Jelectro as a whole - the coding was okay. He sweeps fast, his blue ball attack (I guess, not sure if that graphically will be the same) is okay. But I do have an issue with him suddenly reappearing on top of Mario right after he went up. That gave me no time to defend or dodge him. Boss would be nice to be on top of Layer 1. I don't know, to me the best way to beat the boss is let Mario stand next to the spikes and let Jelectro accidentally hurt himself in the process then move out of the way.
Originally posted by cstutor89
Boss would be nice to be on top of Layer 1.

This. The sound effect is nice, but I died a few times before realizing its attack pattern.

Seeing what it's gonna do helps.


I think an easier way of luring it into the spikes is have a cove(?) in the wall, for Mario to go into.

Just a little idea.
I'll fix the spotty spike detection. Was MUCH worse before though.

The problem with the layer 1 thing is that since the boss went behind the walls I have several points where he just warped. I can try fixing those, but my code is a mess, and I have no clue how half of it works anymore, so don't hold your breath.

Not sure what your problem with the Urchins is, worked fine for me when I tested the boss one last time.

For now, note that when the boss goes flying offscreen the bottom of the arena is a relatively safe area.
Ok, so here's he deal:

1. I can't fix the boss. I'm sorry, but I haven't done ASM in months and wasn't very good at it in the first place. Doesn't help that the code is a mess. I honestly should have not been attempting a boss, and definatly not should have been offering one to a community project. I'm really sorry, but I can't.

2. Even if I could, I really shouldn't. The code is a mess and probably highly inefficent, and the design of the boss itself is so terrible it isn't even funny. No matter how much I rebalance it, without a complete overhaul, this boss will be borin and frustrating.

So the way I see it, you have three options:

-Someone can take my source and fix it. Not reccomended. It's a disgusting mess.

-Remake the boss. Bad idea too. If someone's gonna code a boss from scratch, they oughta code one that's actually good.

-Make a new boss. Honestly the best choice.

I'm really sorry to have to leave you hanging like this. I won't deny that it's completely my fault, both for volunteering for something I wasn't capable of, and for dissapearing randomly.

I'm sorry. :(


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Or have a new boss made that's in the vein of the current one.

I'd would rather see the way to hurt this boss kept; it's unique in a sense.
I have the older version of this sprite (or at least, the latest one I was sent me NameUser), so I sent it over to cstutor89. I've always liked the idea behind this boss, and if it got the tweaking it needed, I think it would be perfect.

If all else fails, we'll make a new one, but there is no sense in not at least TRYING to fix what is already there.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
so I sent it over to cstutor89

I don't really know, but doesn't cs have a lot on his hands right now? I mean, finishing up the W7 boss, touching up Perilous Paths, helping out at the Oasis level...

I can't speak for him though.

It was stated in IRC by cs that he wanted to take a look at it, but probably wont be until after he finishes the world 7 boss
Layout by LDA during C3.

If anyone wants to take a crack at fixing this up, or if you want to make something fresh, feel free to step up and do so.
Layout by LDA during C3.

cstutor, you still plan on doing this boss, or shall I reopen it back up to someone else?
Layout by LDA during C3.
I do want to finish up 103 before taking on this boss - seeing how close it is to being done and the fact that it is needed to be done before the OW can be started. If someone wants to do the boss before I finish 103, that'll be fine they can do it. If not then I'll do it after 103's finish.
Okay, since 103 is finished, I was able to have some time to work on Jelectro. I had to start over with it because the code was really old like 1-1/2 years old and didn't have very much in it.

I kind of stayed true to the original and what was proposed. Same kind of solution of making Jelectro run into the spiked wall. There's still bugs in it that I know of - crashing into walls in the sweeping, irregular sweepings, too short of an invincibility frame, a fish that doesn't appear, and missing hurt frames. I'll probably have a better version by the end of the weekend.

Here's Version 0.1 => V0.1 Link

Here's a Video (If you want to see it) => Video
I have a few suggestions for it.

1. It might be worth having another attack involving the stingers. You have fireballs coming out of the sides, but I wonder if you could have another attack where something comes out of the bottom of him (perhaps some sort of lightning bolt-esque thing that "stuns" you if you're underneath him, similar to how a jellyfish would work in real life).

2. On the topic of the fireballs, it isn't really obvious where they'll come out of it's your first time playing the boss. All he does is flash and then they suddenly shoot out the sides. Needless to say, it might prove to be a bit unfair on the first go without any indication.

3. I'd drop the amount of hits required to 3, and have the fish come out on the second hit. It just doesn't seem necessary to have it take 4, though that may just be. We'll see what others say.

Other than that, it's really shaping up. Nice work.
The movement patterns now seem significantly more natural and less ergh than they did before, though I wish the boss would stop tracking Mario (or stop tracking him so strongly) while engaged in a horizontal charge (that is to say during the actual performing of the charge itself); as it is, it's still a little too difficult to deliberately guide the boss into the spikes, which makes the player feel as though they're taking less of an actual role in determining whether or not the boss actually incurs damage (which is, of course, the essence of a boss battle).

I agree that just 3 hits would be better (though, as you noted, a larger invincibility period would be helpful to assure the boss doesn't take two easy hits in a row). I also still sort of think that the spikes should be Bubble Man-esque sphereical spiked balls, to make it seem more natural when the boss takes damage from hitting the side of the spike (notice how in the video, on the final hit, the boss merely grazes the non-pointy part of the spike, yet still goes pop like the ermine of legend).

I also agree that the lightingball warning looks too similar to that before charge/sweep (especially since the boss already flashes in its normal state) despite requiring almost the exact opposite approach. Similarly, when heading off to Sweepville the boss sometimes goes off screen for quite some time and takes a considerable while to get back (causing me to wonder at first if it had actually despawned the first time this happened).

But on the whole, it's a massive improvement over the previous incarnation.
I didn't fight the boss yet, but watched the video instead.

It's coming on quite well! I really loved the concept of this boss, so props to you for keeping it!


Though, is this boss really named "Jelectro"? Because if Golem is named Frank, I want this guy to be Jimmy.
There's even graphics for that thunder attack that SNN mentioned in the original graphics file by Ludus.
By the way, did anybody rip those yet, or are they only available in .png format?

Your layout has been removed.
Thanks for all of the feeback. I do have a new version of Jelectro and this one should be better than the last version (I hope). Anyways heres the link:

Version 0.2: Link To Jelectro

Okay here's the new changes to 0.2 that was not in 0.1
- A new attack pattern (similar to the last one).
- A new attack (goes upwards and then comes back and shoots Yellow and Blue Electricity (Yellow hurts and Blue Stuns).
- Life HP changed from 4 to 3.
- Moved the Fish around a bit.
- Colors changed (Normal: Blue/White, Electric: Yellow/Brown)
- Spikes changed to Bubble Man spikes (I think, never played MM before). Spikes should work for the most part.
- Made Jelectro a little bit looser in terms of the Homing attack.
- Fixed the Sweeping pattern so it's more stable.
- Side-Electric attack shoots 2 Balls normally, 4 when down to 1 HP left.
- Larger Invincibility Period after getting hit.
- Colors change for Hurt state and a drawing for the hurt state.

I think that's pretty much all of the changes. If anyone sees anything else to change let me know.

EDIT: I saw the Jelectro GFX that Ludus drew. It has the face and eyes in it but it doesn't have the lightning.
This is a really, really fun boss.

2 things:
Spikes should be more "in your face", or stands out. A bosses weakness is usually highlighted, and currently, maybe to a blind player, that spike wouldn't be clear that it's how you hurt the boss.

Second...the hitbox is weird due to the shape of the boss, though, it's nothing big. Just something that can throw off people at the first try.

I'm pretty sure than after one or two more incarnations, this boss is good to go.
Just played through this boss. It was really difficult to figure out at first, but once I knew what to do, it was fairly simple.

The only real nitpick I have is that after the second hit when the Rip Van fish come out, I notice there's supposed to be two, but sometimes only one will show.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 4 - World 4 Boss: King Jelectro - cstutor89[ASM], Dr. Tapeworm [GFX]

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