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World 6 Boss: Hartfowl - HuFlungDu[ASM] & Ladida[GFX]


I'm gonna go Roger mode from American Dad for a sec:

Like, oh my god people, oh my god. Like, oh my god, you just gave me an idea, like, oh my god.

How about the boss itself is IN the ride? He jumps from cart to cart, and Mario has to find a way to catch up for him.

(Wow, how more can this boss be Ralph the Raven on drugs?)
Originally posted by Kipernal
*Going one by one around the wheel, the carts will, in some manner, cause Mario to fall if he is standing on it (maybe they tip upside-down or something?). He must jump to another cart (or just jump to the same cart with good timing) to avoid falling

Easy way would be to, since you can't see the bottom of the wheel (in my mind), have some of the carts just not show up. That way the one you are standing on won't just disappear, and it can be made more difficult by making it spin faster and getting rid of more than one cart. In that case, the level could turn in to a kind of endurance game, where the boss somehow hurts himself, maybe he turns the wheel on too high and it explodes or something. Haven't seen too many of those around.
Originally posted by GSG
Like, oh my god people, oh my god. Like, oh my god, you just gave me an idea, like, oh my god.

. . . that was terrible. #w{:s}
(Just kidding, please don't take offense to that.)

You know what else I haven't seen too much of? Derailed Ferris Wheels rolling like a gigantic wheel. Don't know how that could play into the game play, but its pretty dam neat if you ask me.

What if other sprites joined in on the fun and rode around the Ferris Wheel along with Mario? Koopas and Bob-ombs could ride in the other carts and could be used as projectiles to damage the boss (or as Kipernal said you could just jump on them) and the bobombs could blow up existing carts leaving only two or three in the end spinning.
Hmm. . . not sure what to say so I'll just stop talking. . .

The idea of a broken Ferris Wheel sounds like another run away from something boss...

unless you meant Mario is ON the broken Ferris Wheel...which kinda make no difference IMO.


Ideas I like:

Randomly appearing Baron von Zeppelins leaving enemies
Bowser's Minions riding the wheel
Blowing up, tipping down, turning over, whatever carts so Mario could fall
Duck riding the wheel

[joking]You know what would be grand? The Koopalings riding the carts![/joking]

[halfserious]Or maybe the SMWCP1 bosses riding the carts?[/halfserious]


Also, from what I know, you can't use FG stuff during Mode 7. Is this true?
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
Also, from what I know, you can't use FG stuff during Mode 7. Is this true?

You only get one set of background tiles (the FG is considered a BG to the snes) so you can only have the rotating/scaling thing. However, you can us IRQ to put ground or whatever beneath a certain point, or you can just use sprite tiles to give the illusion of a foreground.
The difference between a functioning Ferris wheel and a broken one is that, if it rolls around, you could have enemies kind of trying to flee from it on the ground, that could be incorporated into the fight, like a Koopa/Goomba/whatever rescuing itself from the impending Ferris-death by jumping onto the wheel itself.

Just an idea.
Your layout has been removed.
Why not have the ringleader sitting on the top of the Ferris wheel at first? Mario has to climb up the side of it to reach the boss. When Mario jumps on the boss, he is sent back to the bottom. After 2 or so hits, the boss gets angry and starts up the Ferris wheel, however, the Ferris wheel breaks free and starts rolling towards Mario. It squishes the initial Boss and begins a sort of "phase 2". You could totally add in a goomba on the top of the ride so that it would be the "technical" boss. The Ferris wheel could break through tents and podiums (like that snowball in world 7) And Mario would have to get to a high enough place (via roller coaster?) to jump on top of the Ferris wheel. From their we could have the boss from before hurling stuff at Mario as they both try to stay on top of the ride.
Its a trap!
So...are we going with the Mode 7 Ferris Wheel Boss controlled by the Barker Duck?

It seems to be the popular idea here. HuFlungDu mentioned earlier about getting the mode7 gfx working for it, but we still need attack ideas, gfx, and someone to code the actual boss unless HuFlungDu is doing that too.
Layout by LDA during C3.
An idea- Maybe the part of the park you fight (new boss idea) the ride control guy is really old. Mario is in the back car, and when the front car (the one the ride control guy is in) goes onto certain pieces of track, the track crumbles. Mario will have to jump to other trains while dodging the cars the ride control guy shoots at you. In the Ferris wheel section, Mario has to defeat the boss before all the cars crumble, making Mario fall to the ground, which behaves like lava.

Why are you looking down here?

Highlighting this again so everyone knows we still need gfx and someone to code this if we plan on doing this Ferris wheel idea. Not sure if HuFlungDu is still gonna work on this or not
Layout by LDA during C3.
I actually just PM'ed him out of curiosity right before you posted that. It sounded like he had something going for a bit there, but whether or not that's true is entirely beyond me at this point.
So why don't we discuss more about this for the mean time?

And, is a Mode 7 boss feasible?
Originally posted by randodude
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
And, is a Mode 7 boss feasible?

Yep, VIP5 managed to acheive it, i.e Julius for example.

I mean, does it take a lot of space?
We had a mode 7 boss in SMWCP too when the ROM was already pretty full, so I guess it'll fit.
I have no idea how much bigger a mode 7 boss is, actually (I'm guessing its tilemap is the biggest part?).
Your layout has been removed.
Ahem. Anyone up for this?
So is HuFlungDu doing this boss and is this going to be a Mode 7/Ferris Wheel kind of boss or something else? I could pick up this boss (assuming no one else wants to work on this one) or World 9's Boss but I've never exactly worked with Mode 7.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

If you know nothing about Mode 7, then it's best not to try messing with it. Assuming that HFD doesn't reclaim the boss, you could always go with making it utilize the roller coaster and turning the fight into a survival ordeal.

A return the the coaster seems reasonable if the mode 7 Ferris wheel idea falls through, but instead of making it simple survival or the like (which is perhaps a little too passive an activity for a boss battle), why not make it so that Mario has to defeat the boss within a certain period of time (i.e. before he reaches the end of the track and escapes)? This would be especially appropriate in the context of the proposed pre-boss cutscene, which features Mario chasing after the boss after the latter has kidnapping Luigi...


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

That seems plausible, but how would it be pulled off? I should've been sleep two hours ago, so I'm lost.