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World 6 Boss: Hartfowl - HuFlungDu[ASM] & Ladida[GFX]


I have some sugesstions for that boss:

1)Add a throw block between the circus creatures for beat that boss.
2)The boss throw a lightning in Mario.
3)Add a HDMA effect.
1. No. That's the worst and most overused gimmick to damage a boss. You hurt him by hitting him from below.

2. How does this fit with the theme?

3. What HDMA effect?
Yeah, I do like the idea of having to hit the guy from below the platform like the Reznor boss. And the gimmick itself could be enough for a boss fight. Though Barker Duck does need an attack to dignify himself, which is already confirmed that we'll get one.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.

Looking good so far HFD. Great job.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Overall I like the idea and I like what is going on. The graphics are a little bit ridged but can easily be fixed later.

What kind of attacks do you have in mind other than jumping enemies? I would think attacks that are carnival based would work like bouncing balls, fireworks, etc.
Won't the fundamental gimmick of this boss make it very difficult to both be created and be fought ? I believe it would've also been the case with Roy's Norveg.

In my opinion, it will be quite hard to continually hop from platform to platform, which is quite repetitive and focus-consuming, while dodging additional attacks. And creating attacks patterns that can be managed along with the jumping will be complicated too.

As a workaround, I suggest that the ferris wheel should slow down and/or stop just before and after an attack, depending on how difficult it is to avoid and how long it lasts.
Originally posted by Lemonade
As a workaround, I suggest that the ferris wheel should slow down and/or stop just before and after an attack, depending on how difficult it is to avoid and how long it lasts.

I'd support this if this is integrated correctly. If this is done wrong, then there's a possibility that this would make the fight more difficult. If the ferris wheel suddenly changes its speed before an attack, the player may not expect the change and can instead miss the platforms entirely. It'd be the same case if the ferris wheel speeds up.
Perhaps the ferris wheel could slow down before stopping entirely, giving the player enough time to react.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Would it be possible to use the sprite layer as a back/foreground, at least before the Ferris wheel takes Mario up to the duck?
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That's the plan, it's also going to be used for the platform the duck stands on.

Edit: wait, sorry. The plan is to use IRQ for the ground before hand, sprite is just for the platform.
IRQ? What is that? Is that the reason some of the graphics stay on even after I turn off all the layers in ZSNES?
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I don't know enough about zsnes to answer your second question. IRQ is kind of like HDMA, except it can also be fired at any x location during the screen write. I'm going to use IRQ to change some registers below a certain point on the screen, changing from mode 7 to mode 1 (what smw uses by default) so the top can be the wheel, while the bottom is just regular ground. You see this all the time in the original smw bosses.

Edit: that's actually rather a poor definition. The important part is that IRQ uses a vector and jumps to arbitrary code, rather than just editing registers.

I don't suppose you have anything new to show us HFD?
Layout by LDA during C3.
Unfortunately no. I've been busy with work. I started with the NMI stuff for the ground, but have nothing to show as of yet (The sprite is currently in an unworking state, game crashes when you enter the level).
So Hidenbird is named after the Hidenburg disaster, the most infamous blimp disaster

Why not name his twin brother after the Hartford Circus Fire, the most infamous Circus disaster?

I don't know, something with Hartford.

Quackford ?

He's a master of quack - really, the whole place looks like it's made to rip people off (although he's not a doctor nor a scientist).
This name isn't really serious, but neither would be someone who fights on a ferris wheel.

Its been about a month since your last mention on anything about this HFD. I would do have a deadline of trying to complete this project before C3 this year.
If you don't think you can get it finished with in the next week or 2, I can get some one else to work on it.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I've been working on this the last couple of days, working on the IRQ for the effect after you jump on the wheel, and I'm making real progress on that. I don't know what else needs to be done besides adding health and graphics, though there's been basically no graphic work. There is no chance it will be done in a week or two if there are no graphics.

If you want someone else to do it, I've suggested that in the past, I'm just working on it until someone else does better.

I'll see if I can round up someone for graphics and get back you you.

What exactly do you need?
Layout by LDA during C3.
  • Standing frame, possibly tapping is foot
  • Taunt/Pose for when the battle begins
  • Frames for flipping an oversized switch. It would be cool if he could be pushing on it and his feet slipping
  • Frames for said switch. Should only need 2, straight up and down and a direction, otherwise it can be mirrored
  • Calling the cannon. Maybe putting his hand up to his bill and playing some sound effect
  • Hurt frames. One frame that can be flipped for going up, a frame for when he hits the ceiling, a frame on his way back down, a frame of him on the ground, and some frames as he stands up

There needs to be a new wheel. This one is ugly.

There need to be new carts. These ones are ugly.

Some kind of hanging podium for him to be standing on ad for the switch to be part of.

I think that's it. At least it's a start.