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116: Tropopause Trail - 2dareduck


Owner: 2dareduck

World: 7
Exits: 1
Theme: Sky
Music Options: 1, 2, 3, or compose your own.

Briefing: This is the first level in world 6, and as such it should introduce sky enemies, cloud aspects, etc. You are welcome to get creative with it.
We'll have Mario grounded for the first part where he'll encounter some flying enemies such as the flying koopa(supakoopa i think it's called) and maybe a lakitu . As he progresses he'll be going up higher to the troposphere until he's on top of the WORLD!!....which is were i'll introduce the main gimmick of the parabeetle.

Graphics: i'll take a look at the gfx section and if i don't find any i like i might just have to draw me up some(most likely)
Awesome. The idea of starting at ground level, then going up into the clouds is actually how I envisioned the start of the sky world. I am curious to see how this one turns out.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Ok check out my graphics for part one

Clouds are layer one while the grassland is layer 2. I've already got the level design in mind for part one. I plan on using para-bomb and para goomba.
Do you have any updates on this? I noticed you had an IPS posted that you were going to fix up. If you have a new one to show soon, I'll give that one a playthrough and offer some feedback of my own.
I want to have both part ready for testing. I've been working on part two so i'll have the full level ready for testing by Wednesday.
I have a name idea for this level. I think it will be Sky High Rise.
I'm sorry, but I'm not good at SMW hacking, so I gave up on it. That means I'm leaving SMWCentral. Bye!
Originally posted by Woody
I have a name idea for this level. I think it will be Sky High Rise.

All other levels have names that are alliterations or rhymes. This one being an exception would surprise most players, and I don't think SNN would like that.
<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
"Sky High" kinda rhymes, but the Rise doesn't fit.
Maybe you could have an alliteration with H after "High" so you would have both a rhyme and an alliteration in one name.
Your layout has been removed.
Sky High Heap might sound better. Cumulus means 'Heap' or 'Pile' in latin.
I'm sorry, but I'm not good at SMW hacking, so I gave up on it. That means I'm leaving SMWCentral. Bye!
Click for 116!!

As for the name i was thinking Tropopause Trail, but i'm no word smith.
Sky High reminds me of that Disney movie which is no good.
What about Daring Deltas for a level name?

Edit: As not to double post, What about Bright Height Flight (Not sure if the character limit is 19 or 18), or simply Bright Heights?
Your layout has been removed.
Hmmm i'm either going for;
Tropopause trail
Bright Heights

As for the level, i wanted to fix some spots and make it a tab bit easier, only is the second and third areas.
Also i'ma whip up a bg for the third area.
I'll break down my feedback into the three areas and offer some advice for each.

First area:
I actually found this the most boring part of the level. Compared to the other two parts, it seemed really generic overall. There were a lot of random enemies that felt sort of slapped together, which as a whole led to a rather "eh" area.

Second area:
This part, on the other hand, was great, although maybe a bit too easy. Consider altering a few of the setups to allow for some more devious dodging. For instance, there is a classic Hammer Bros. partway up that is ultimately no threat since you can just swerve around him. Relocate him and some other sprites so that they actually get in the way of the cloud. Those circling blue Koopas seem to work nicely here, as do the pipe Lakitus, so try using more of them instead of easily avoidable stuff like Bullet Bills.

Oh, and there is a pipe dwelling Lakitu right next to the midway that throws his Spiny into the roof. It looks really weird, and can be fixed by simply raising that roof by a tile.

Third area:
I liked this area a lot and I think it may be fine as-is. Just a quick note though that the bottoms of the cloud platforms do not have layer priority enabled. It looks a little weird since the top + middle do.

My suggestion? Scrap the first area entirely and actually start the level on the Lakitu cloud. Try extending that area + the last area by a few screens each, adding in a few more interesting ways to dodge enemies. At that point, you can shift the midway to the end of the vertical room/start of the last room. I think it would greatly help your level, at least.
Well i originally planned to make part one short but i got carried away. I'll start in the vertical area like you said.
Also i made a background.

But i'm afraid of heights!

lakitu you'll never catch fish up here.

Edit: also i chosen to go with Tropopause trail.
I really love that BG, but you forgot the islands from Italy and France :P
Your layout has been removed.
Reminds me the level from SMWYeah!!
@Bloop: Oh yeah, since Mario obviously lives in Earth, and thus, this hack should also take place on it. [/sarcasm] '-_-

I have to agree it seems strange to have a recognizable Europe there. Mario's world is clearly not ours, so it only seems logical that the continents should likewise have a different arrangement. And really, isn't they idea of strange new landmasses instead of that same old setup we've seen countless times on maps and globes more compelling, anyway?


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Honestly, that BG doesn't really fit. The level is supposed to take place in the sky, not in space. Furthermore, the BG alone makes the level look like it should belong in World 9, not at the beginning of 6.

Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Reminds me the level from SMWYeah!!

Would it hurt to give some actual feedback around here other than constantly saying "Wow this reminds me of X" and nothing more?