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Trailer vs. gameplay video?
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Go for it.
While the cutscenes are no where near completion, you can probably steal the one the Kip posted last in the cutscene thread and somehow add it in.
Layout by LDA during C3.
So because it's, well, almost impossible to finish this for C3, another trailer will be released again. Originally, the plan was to have a teaser, and one trailer. But we may end up releasing a "Trailer 1" and a "Trailer 2" (at least from my point of view; and in any case, I plan to do both~)

An excerpt from my original plan:
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus

The levels, which I hope will be fixed, that will be shown:
1. Girder Grasslands (As I planned at first, running up the wall and getting an SMWCP coin)
2. Floral Fears
3. Blazing Brush (Going up the burning tree)
4. Togepuku Tussle (Just at the part where the Dolphins appear)
5. More Shenmi Frica-Sea (An archaeological find)
6. Beach Bawl Brawl
7. More Stone Sea Sanctuary (Handling the torpedo)
8. Jewel Jubilation (Magic carpet riding)
9. Crumbling Catacombs (I'm tempted to show the collapsing pillars, but I don't want to kill the surprise)
10. More Digsite Dangers (One of the layer 2 sections)
11. Playground Bound (Blasting away with the Friend Bullet Bills)
12. Sideshow Showdown (I want at least to show one death scene, but I don't know if I should use it with this level)
13. Tropopause Trail (Lakitu Climbing)
14. Artillery Auberge (Giant lasers of doom)
15. Stratus Skyworks
16. Lave Lift Lair
17. Frostflow Freezer (Skating)
18. More Chilly Colors (Specifically, the bonus room)
19. Rusted Retribution
20. More Incineration Station

...I'm going to try putting as few (levels) as possible. The clips will be longer than the 10 second ones I used in the teaser...I'll try to find the most engaging parts as possible to put in the trailer...A map, with an interesting event happening...and a QUICK clip of a boss fight - either Madame Mau or Hidenbird.

In the end, the trailer music will fade out, and the title screen music and sequence will play. leod's amazing sequence will occur; I will somehow take out the press B button, and somehow insert a "coming soon" sort of jig without obscuring the image, and after it's done, I'll fade it out and finish the trailer...

...with a screamer

...with a cheesy "COMING TO AN EMULATOR NEAR YOU!"

and that's about it.

I'll something similar to this, since I'm thinking of using that plan for the almost-the-release trailer.

Or do something else for the other trailer. (Or not have one, but I feel like doing it)

Btw, I'll record all of these myself instead of the original plan of having multiple people record it. I contemplated that it's much easier for me that way.
Yes. Yes I did.

ANYWAYS I'm having a bit of an annoyance: I am having trouble finding the right way of recording stuff. Does anyone have suggestions?

EDIT: Whoever banned Anastasioanna, I made her post to buffer me :V
Above post is null.

In any case. I got an idea.

Three 1:30 trailers, three songs.

I was listening to Jimmy's fantastic SMWCP2 arrangements (WHICH HASN'T BEEN UPDATED IN A WHILE) and found that Smoggy Steppe, Electrospire, and Plateau Pumps sounds perfect to be used in the trailer. (What in the world was I thinking Smoggy Steppe sounded bad to be used in a trailer?)

Plateau Pumps was the original trailer music. But I thought of how neat it would be to incorporate Smoggy Steppe and Electrospire.

And then I though "Dynamic, Mellow, and Epic"

So how about making three relatively short trailers with these themes? Some commercial games have several trailers for them. What's the harm (other than my time) on making three for SMWCP2? And, showing off the music is a great plus!

SMWCP2 Trailer 1 - Mellow
Length: ~1:30
Music: Smoggy Steppe Arrangement

Mellow would be the typical, happy-go-lucky, Mario trailer. It's a rather slow and calm theme, so platforming is kept to a normal and gradual pace. The levels featured will be a relatively gimmick-less, and does not require Mario to be jumping and moving around alot, and "noise" will be kept to a minimum. This trailer aims to showcase SMWCP2 as a Mario game.

In no order, the levels:
1. Girder Grasslands
2. Hiker's Hollow
3. Fringe Forest
4. Arboreal Ascent
5. Tropical Turnout
6. Shemni Frica-Sea
7. Jewel Jubilation
8. Playground Bound

1. World 6 Map w/ events (Hopefully)
2. Hopefully HUB
3. A subliminal "TNK"

SMWCP2 Trailer 2 - Dynamic
Length: ~1:30
Music: Plateau Pumps Arrangement

Dynamic is the original plan for the trailer: a dynamic, eye-popping trailer. The trailer is fast-paced, the complete opposite of Mellow. The levels featured would be aesthetically brilliant and bright, with gimmicks getting the spotlight, and dynamic movement is emphasized. This trailer aims to showcase Creativity and Aesthetics.

In no order, the levels:
1. Velocity Valves
2. Manic Mine
3. Coaster Commotion
4. Fantastic Elastic
5. Dynamic Disarray
6. Chilly Colors
7. Volcanic Panic
8. Musical Mechanisms

1. Yoko
2. A subliminal "TNK"

SMWCP2 Trailer 3 - Epic
Length: ~1:30
Music: Electrospire

Epic is...well, Epic. The trailer is a mixture of fast and slow pace. The levels featured would be...treacherous, and panicky. Dark levels will be prominent, and gimmicks and platforming will hopefully be rounded. This trailer will showcase the obstacles the player will face.

In no order, the levels:
1. Stone-Sea Sanctuary
2. Crumbling Catacombs
3. Tourou Temple
4. Digsite Dangers
5. Artillery Auberge
6. Soaring Stronghold
7. Pyro-Cryo Castle
8. Incineration Station

1. Hidenbird
2. A subliminal "TNK"

All in all, 24 levels will be shown. (The SMWCP1 Trailer showed 27)

All three trailers will be released on C3 (hopefully). No trailers will be released after that.

Any thoughts?
It's a pretty sound idea, and I like it, but it's just that the execution seems to me as if it could be done differently.

Why three videos? Can't you just make one with a decent transition/something between the three differently paced parts? Length shouldn't be an issue. Anyone who are remotely interested in the collab are going to watch everything regardless of if it's one video or if it's three.

...typing up a small description of what parts of the levels you think about using for the trailer would have been super cool too. Just so we can try to find the most action-packed parts of the levels together, or something like that.

aran - Graces of Heaven
I considered making one long 4 minute video, but I feel like putting them together will detract from the purpose and theme of each theme. Plus, making good transitions isn't that easy, and the fact that all three songs are so different from each other, that it'll surely sound jarring to have theme weave into each other.

Also, I thought about including what parts I'm recording, but I believe that's too much time to do for it's own good, and plus it's not useful to do so. Since having a list of places to record, isn't a good way of actually finding and recording a good end product. I do have general ideas, but it doesn't mean what I will use in the trailers would be what I first thought.

And I'm not looking for "action-packed" in all three of them.

Just think of the levels themselves.
Ay boo #w{<3} #w{<3} #w{<3}

Ay bae <3 <3 <3 <3


YouTube sucks

An idea of how the trailer would look. YouTube messed up the aspect ratio even though it was outputted correctly. Also clip not final. Only for show.
I don't know if this is going to make any sense, but I feel like Mario's movements aren't rehearsed, and that it feels more like a playthrough than a trailer to me. It's the little things, like double-checking yourself on single-tile platforms, swiveling with the goomba at the beginning, getting the smwcoin in a way that implies you already knew the note blocks were there, and so on. I realize it's not final, but I remember thinking the same thing at the beginning of the last trailer we did, when Mario was jumping off of the bouncing platform during the ascents, which looked awkward to me.

The sidebars are a neat idea, though :b

Youtube (Main) | Youtube (Alt) | Bandcamp | DeviantART
I'll keep that in mind!

Anyhow, by accident, I got this kind of transition effect whilst putting together the trailer. Already posted this on #smwcp, and Light said it'll be neat to have this as transition. So yeah. I'll be aiming for this effect in the Mellow trailer (I already know what to do for Dynamic and Epic.

Clips not final, but probably are.
If you record with zsnes I think I would recommend to use the HQ filter so you got this:

Oh, and I'm working on a secret project.

Your layout has been removed.

sign looks blearg (the hq filters arent too good with everything)

not to mention itll increase cpusage for sarco
1. No, the HQ Filter does not resemble an actual SNES game.
2. ZSNES does not record filters in its built in recorder.
3. I do not have the proper Recording Device to use third party programs.
4. I am using SNES9X on Hi-Res Avi Recording, using HuffyUV codec.
Oh, I think I was going to mention a transition like that as a possibility, but I totally forgot to bring it up ^_^;

What might also be worth trying is slowing down time just a little right before the bounce, and/or having some sort of cross-swap or other visual manipulation instead of a direct cut. I don't know if any of that is feasible, though.

Definitely a nice idea in any case!

Youtube (Main) | Youtube (Alt) | Bandcamp | DeviantART
I have a problem.

I am aiming to make the trailers show a complete hack, and will love to avoid elements in a level that WILL be changed later on. And much of the levels have a lot of "beta" stuff in them. I need to have the levels fixed to at LEAST seem complete, and will be what the final product will look like.

Anyways, Mellow updates.

Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus

In no order, the levels:
1. Girder Grasslands
2. Hiker's Hollow
3. Fringe Forest
4. Arboreal Ascent
5. Tropical Turnout Aerotastic Assault
6. Shemni Frica-Sea
7. Jewel Jubilation
8. Playground Bound

First, I took out Tropical Turnout, because it sucks (aka i didnt have an idea of a good place to record and im a lazy ass and dont want to play through the whole level over and over) and replaced it with a World 6 level, Aerotastic Assault.

I've also planned out a bit on how it will be ordered:

1. Girder Grasslands (Currently ~6s)
2. Hiker's Hollow ("" ~7s)
3. Aerotastic Assault ("" ~5s)
4. Shemni Frica-Sea
5. Fringe Forest
6. Jewel Jubilation
7. Playground Bound
8. World 6 Map
-9- Hopefully HUB
10. Title Screen

Now, because the clips are very short, and the song is at 1 min and 36 s, there may be more than one clip shown for a level. Most likely Girder, Aerotastic, Shemni, and Playground will get this.

Also, I would NEED a World 6 map WITH events. I am not going to do the terribad way that the SMWCP1 trailer presented a map. Aesthetics is not enough. People have already seen what the World 6 Map looks like. Having an interesting event occurring will be a great way of capturing the viewer's attention.

And I'm the guy creating the HUB.

I'll probably not be featured.

Also, somewhere in there, is a subliminal TNK. I ain't gonna point out where though~

Also progress. Unfortunately, as I've mentioned at the top of this post, I couldn't record certain levels. Though I think I can record Shenmi Frica-Sea no...

And I need to mention that Playground Bound has a weird bug. Despite the fact that I am in the main level, in which I changed the music to "No Music", a little closer to the screen with the friendly bullet bill shooter, and suddenly music starts playing again. It doesn't play for the first few screens, but it suddenly does. I'll try some older base.

Your plan sounds pretty good so far. As for the world 6 map, you are going to have to talk to Riolu180 since he is taking care of the OW events
Layout by LDA during C3.
I've got today and tomorrow...

and I still do not have access to a working World 6 Map with events. I need to contact Riolu on that immediately.

Also certain levels are driving me insane, so they do not have proper footage yet.

I'll see what I can do.

I aim to finish this at least by mid-last day

Even with Riolu completing the events, the map still wouldn't be complete (missing the layer 3 clouds). Any way you can do it without the events?
Layout by LDA during C3.
I could fake events.

I could just get a certain part of events and used that. It doesn't need to be complete events, much like how the levels don't need to be complete, they just need to LOOK complete.
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