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An SMW Puzzler-Demo - Apeeps

Levels: 5
Downloads: 30
Description: Just a puzzle

You've just been registered a few minutes when you submitted this and it kind of shows. Granted you have ExGFX, but they aren't used very well. I just played a couple levels of this and can tell every level will have something wrong with it. Get more practice in before submitting hacks. With the brutal truth out of the way, here are just a few removal reasons:

You should change the overworld, not just those weird paths that cut everything off. You should also change the intro message.

Glitch House is a correct name for this level.

Ugly. Palettes are ugly.

I hit it from the bottom and they turn into this.

I died from this block that looks like the rest?!

Hi on/off Rex head.

Don't use the bottom row.

I died when I beat the level. Kaizo traps are a no no.


This hack will not make the cut even if all these things are fixed. The level design is poor, there is tons of cutoff and it just looked extremely rushed. I would just have to say restart and try again after you've played some hacks on this site that have been accepted.

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