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(Misc) Vanilla Blocks

ExGFX Name: (Misc) Vanilla Blocks - 4.1 KB - Downloaded 4 times.
Type: Original
Palette: Custom
Author: FireYoshi - Submitted by: FireYoshi
Description: Nice Vanilla blocks that will be usefull in the next vanilla contest.

Insert GFX33.bin and Map16Page and Map16pageG, And your all set to make an awesome Vanilla hack!

Grass circles Round, Vertical and Horizontal

Midair water, Poisen Water, and Quick water

Munchers ready for zero-gravity

Cartoonish Turn block, Throw block, and Used block

None-moving coin blocks

Multi-Coloured switch block

Mid-Air Doors

Mid-Air Bullet Shooters

Slow blocks (Blocktool not needed!)

Kill Block



Diamond-Throw block

Vanilla Clouds

Shiny Cement block

Cement block Ledge

Smily Face Coin and Dragon Coin

Double ending pipe top (Horizontal and Vertical(, Includes exit enabled

Hope you like these! Worked hard on them. Give credit if used!

These are all just simple map 16 edits. With no change to the gfx. Not entirely useful. Sorry.
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