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135: Monotone Monochrome - Pikerchu13


Owner: Pikerchu13

World: Bonus
Exits: 1
Theme: Abstract/Dream
Music Options: 1, 2, 3, or compose your own.

Briefing: Be as creative as you wish with this one, but try to make your area almost surreal/abstract/dream-like. The possibilities, quite literally, are endless here. Clever ExAnimation, neat graphical swaps, and more can go a long way to make these levels memorable and fun. These levels should be quite challenging as well, but fair.

Note that this does not mean you can dump a Kaizo level here and call it a day.
I sort of already reserved this level about 3 weeks ago. I was planning on doing some monochrome abstract destroyed place thing similar to Destroyed Sammer's Kingdom from Super Paper Mario.
Ah, this level is once again being moved on...

Pikerchu's right, and he has a cooler idea too...
Your layout has been removed.
Alright. It's yours then if you want it Pikerchu13.

Just keep in mind that you won't have several months to work on it like your first level. You might have until the end of the year at the latest. Other than that, have fun and good luck.
Originally posted by Bloop
Ah, this level is once again being moved on...

Irony, since it was your level to begin with...

anyways; good luck pikerchu, i like the idea

The introductory screen, assuming my level comes after Foop's level. Just showing off the general style the level is going to have.
Looks interesting. I like that you're going for a more abstract style rather than the themes we have for the dream world so far (that is, more "normal-but-not-really" stuff). Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
Personally I'd like to see a smoother transition in the dirt on the first platform there, but otherwise it looks fine.
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That actually looks pretty smooth to me, I don't think it needs to be smoothened out even more, you just can't see it properly here due to the nature of screenshots not being as big as the actual game when you play it (who seriously owns a TV exactly as big as the SNES screen, did that even ever exist?).
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Maybe making the entire first platform in Foop's set could work?
If that's too abrupt, place one of those candy pins on the next platform and make the first one a few tiles shorter.
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Originally posted by leod
you just can't see it properly

I can see it properly.

Like I said, it's just my opinion- the transition in the dirt looks abrupt to me. Pikerchu13 can feel free to ignore me if he disagrees, but, for example, it would be nice to see the lower outline of the icing thin out more gradually, and maybe see a couple of outlines of the stuff in the dirt (cake mix?) before it all disappears completely. I imagine it would just take a couple of tiles.
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@Axem Jinx,
The whole point is not that the cake is being broken. It's that everything is becoming nothingness in this part.

I need ideas for decorations. I have way too much space in the GFX file and this is way too empty I feel.
Add some weird shapes and such into the foreground then. Try some faded spirals, or even some lighter grey lines to give off an overly surreal effect.

(I'm ultimately thinking of Blancland from An Untitled Story, if you're familiar with that.)
how about a few types of broken pipes? like i can think of a pipe that's been sliced diagonally making it look like a piece of bamboo or one whose top has been ripped off, leaving a jagged set of spikes on it.
Originally posted by eclipse
how about a few types of broken pipes? like i can think of a pipe that's been sliced diagonally making it look like a piece of bamboo or one whose top has been ripped off, leaving a jagged set of spikes on it.

I actually quite support that idea, it would make for an interesting slope in areas (diagonaly cut).

I might actually like to see some faded/bleached munchers appearing in her as hurt blocks, but it's probably just me. What you have so far looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing this level when it's in the finished product
Your layout has been removed.

Sorry this isn't much to show, just some graphical things. Been ridiculously busy with stuff to do. Robotics competition(3rd place out of 48), was at my Grandma's house all weekend because that was the same weekend my parents planned to go to Universal Studios, not knowing that my competition was then, and I left my USB at home. Not only that but my World History AP (Or WHAP for short) teacher is forcing us to do so much studying for this unit test we're taking, and all this homework, so updates will be slow until Winter Break, where I'll be free to work on this level alot more than I am now.
tbh, those pipes don't really fit with the current style of the world being wiped away. plus they look a tad too 2 dimensional, or flat may be the better word. The clouds in the BG could use more of a swirl at the end of them.
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
I'm not all too keen on the pipes either; I might suggest going with some weird-looking plants or rock formations instead. As for the background, I think it actually detracts from the æsthetic rather than adding too it. What you had before with just the fallen-over tree trunks and a white void looked delightfully eerie, but this just looks like a standard Mario-scape simplified. The swirly things aren't bad in principle, but might work better in the foreground, inside of the dirt, as S.N.N. suggested--that's the part that needs a bit more distinction here rather than the background. I think it actually might be worth considering just leaving the background blank, or perhaps doing a gradient made from a steadily decreasing number of black pixels. Alternatively or in supplementation, you could try adding a small number of puffy, yet completely black clouds, though I wonder if that too might be taking things a bit too far.
That stage reminds me three things:

-Super Mario Land
-Super Paper Mario

I'll agree the pipes don't fit with the style you are going for. Maybe even now having them shaded in will help.

RZ: Please stop making "this reminds me of..." posts. Its getting a bit annoying and adds no input to the conversation whatsoever.
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