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135: Monotone Monochrome - Pikerchu13
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Oh okay, got it. I was wondering why in the last version you had them go to certain places and then now they don't but that works. Though I think you may need to shorten the white block a bit. If it's not near-perfect, it'll be very tough to get them. I'd just wait for someone else to comment if they have the same issue.
Um, it's been a week again, do you have an update on this level?
So Sorry :(. From what I've seen though - you're so close to being done that you should just finish. Anyways what I've seen the level is pretty good. Just a few things mostly in 97.

As far as Level 135:

Screen E: Mario trips on the top of this hill.

As far as Level 96:

Maybe just one or two more enemies since it's a slow scrolling segment.

As far as Level 97:

Screen 3: When you come out of the pipe for the 2nd SMWC coin, I feel like the screen doesn't have enough time to scroll back to Black. Making the jumps to the white platforms on Screen 4 irritating or risky of being smashed by the scroll. Maybe switch this pipe's position with that of the broken pipe right next to it will help.

Screen 7: Mario trips on that hill.

How much more do you have left for this level? It looks nearly done...
*First time playing*

The first segment is very visually appealing, i like it, but i feel that mario starts to much to the left that it gives you no time to react when the screen starts scrolling. Also i think there should be a better transition from the colored gfx to the blank ones. It seems to sudden.

Second part i enjoyed the best. Had no problems with that part but after the midpoint is where i have some gripes. I think that the medium speed auto scroll is to fast for this type of gimmick because you can't see what ahead plus you have to wait for the light to dark transition so it puts you in a situation where the player has to memorize how the lay out is and play it over and over and over...not fun. You could slow the speed down but i think the making the animation faster is better. Also some gaps are to small to fit into as big mario.

Overall this level is awesome. Keep it up.

The last segments are turning out really great, but I honestly think you're limiting yourself a lot by using autoscrolling (which seems to have already been stated). I think it's suitable in the first part, but you're definitely hindering yourself by reusing the autoscroll past the midpoint.

Just my thoughts.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
The last segments are turning out really great, but I honestly think you're limiting yourself a lot by using autoscrolling (which seems to have already been stated). I think it's suitable in the first part, but you're definitely hindering yourself by reusing the autoscroll past the midpoint.

Just my thoughts.

I personally find that the autoscrolling make the black and white switching change from being a pointless nuisance, to something that really stresses you to pay attention to what's going on. I removed the autoscroll in the first segment though, and I slowed down the second autoscroll, I just think it'll make the last segment too easy, so I'm making some changes regarding that.

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What I've seen on this level, it's nearly finished. There's just a few tweaks and this one will be ready to be inserted.

I actually liked the midtempo scrolling but this slow one works too. I enjoyed playing through it, though I'm wondering about the choice of priority here, is it really necessary other than the spots in 11-17? Anyways here's the few short things that I've found.

Level 135:
- Maybe there's some colorless candy floor tiles that can be made in Screens 0-2 to make those patches fit a little bit better.
- Screen 5: One of those Koopas never appeared for me. I'd remove one of them.
- Screen B: Fire Bro's fireballs are a bit hard to see.
- Screen E: Mario trips on the hill at the top. Just extend it one square to the right and fill in the 100 Tile.

Level 96:
- The Boomerange Bros are sick here (that's a good thing).
- Other than layer priority here, I don't have any issues.

Level 97:
- Screen 2: A little bit of cut off on the Black Brick.
- Screen 8: I never see the Mushroom here. Mario trips on the top of the hill.
- Screen B: Screen doesn't stop scolling.

How much more do you have left in this level, it doesn't seem like that much longer to finish.
Uh... Do you have any news about this level?

It's been a week, and it looks almost finished. And, personally, it's one of my favorite World 9 levels...
Layout by DSC
Well, I've fixed everything cstutor told me to, so um:

Link, I declare.

I've just been waiting this past week for some more criticism to arise. If none appear until Wednesday, I guess I'll send S.N.N. the completed level.
For the most part I like it. The gimmick of the black/white platforms really work well for this level. The only thing that I saw was the trip up in Section E of 135 (hill right before getting the mushroom). Other than that, I think this level is ready for insertion.
I like the level quite a bit overall, but can you please do something to enhance the difficulty of the autoscrolling room after the midway (and the short two-screen section right before it)? The vanishing/appearing gimmick on its own isn't really intimidating enough and doesn't provide enough of a challenge, but if you add in a few strategically-placed sprites, you might be able to make those parts more interesting.

Once that's done, I can insert it into the base ROM for you.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

I agree, the difficulty just isn't there, but not for just the second half, but pretty much everything beyond the first auto-scroll (Consider using Spara-buzzies). The level plays out more like it belongs in World 6, not 9. Your palette is also strange- while you are going for a mono look, many sprites and the SMWCoins have either no or poor shading.

So .. fixed this up yet/do you have a new IPS to show?

Why I have to constantly make this reminder post is really beyond me At least you usually have something to show afterwards, so I guess I can't complain too much.
I can't say I have something this time. I apologize. This week's been the busiest week I've had. Had to record a video in the woods for Japanese class and edit it. Had to spend a day doing my World History homework. Had to study for a Math Competition that I had today (Ranked 30th place). Tomorrow I have to get together with a friend to build a catapult that can launch an egg 25 ft without breaking it. I have to do a ton of English Homework I've held off on doing, and I have to study everything about DNA and RNA for biology. Quite frankly this level's been the last thing on my mind, but now that that's all good and done, minus the catapult, I'll continue showing progress on Monday. Got to work on difficulty now, I guess...

Erm, what graphics do Spara-Buzzies use?
Check level 130 for the Sparabuzzy graphics (Myrkka Mainline). The files should be in there.

And that's fine, thanks for the follow-up. Try and get something up soon if you can.
Just a note:

Bit 2 is the circling Sparabuzzy

Bit 3 is Vertical and Horizontal depending on X position. (heh...exposition)
I couldn't beat it without finally giving in to tools after infinite frustration, but that's probably because I suck at this game.

Anyway, have some teeny tiny nitpick errors:

That grass piece looks like it's floating in mid-air.

You forgot the corner pieces in those slopes next to the pipes it seems.

Can't say much else about the level except the above holy damn shits hard.

Your layout has been removed.
I finished testing your level and um I didn't like it as much as the last one. I think MrDeePay and SNN saying it was too easy was true because it is the last few levels of the game but at the same time I also feel like you've completely went in the complete opposite direction and too far with the difficulty.

96 is the strongest section for me. 96 has a simplicity in it that there's enough enemies to get in the way but not too much that it looks like spam. The only problem I had with 96 is the shading for the leaves is a bit weird on the Piranha Plants as there is no detail. As for 135 I sometimes don't get the second saw with the doubly stacked saws for Section 9 and there's a patch of shade missing in Section 11 behind the left Koopa.

97 has issues with difficulty as said before but I just feel like all of the Sparabuzzies are just spammed on in this level. It would be nice to have some variety of enemies like Piranha Plants and Hammer Bros that you've used in 96 in combination with the Sparabuzzies. The Sparabuzzies are tough to pull off in a cramped area like this with Layer Priority because they go behind the FG (specifically the ones that are circular in motion). The Sparabuzzy/Circular Fish is making its way around many levels now GN/Tatanga/GSG + others that I don't know about. Timing also gets weird with the lights flickering on as the screen moves faster than the lights even allow and with all of the extra stuff to worry about now, it's too much. Coming out of the 1st Bonus Room makes the Sparabuzzies glitch a bit before they start moving and the 2nd one has a nice surprise for Mario as he can hit one very easily coming out of the pipe with no warning whatsoever.

Overall the first two-thirds are fine for the most part, the last third (97) needs work.
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