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How can I have lots of different colored land on main OW?
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You how some people have one island that's green, another thats brown, another that's yellowish brown,etc all the main OW?
each are on different palettes.

Each number represents a different row of colors known as "palettes". Each 8x8 tile for the overworld will correspond to a different color depending which palette you choose. Before you can use palettes 0-3, go to extra options under the "Overworld" tab on the OW screen in lunar magic.

It will look like this:

Click on that and it will bring you to a bunch of options.
All you need to change is this:

Make sure the check is on, like shown.
thanks i figured it out
you just said you figured it out but theres a way i like to go about it:
i open YY-CHR or the 8x8 editor and duplicate at least 3 of the same tiles like vanilla land or maybe overworld scenery and set each duplicate to use a different palette. and there you go.

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Can someone post a picture, please? I'm having the same problem :(

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I'm going to assume you are new judging on the post count but please check the date on the last posting, you opened a year old thread.

But to answer the question it depending on whether you want multiple colors across submaps or all on the main overworld. If on submaps just use custom palettes, if on the main OW like supernova stated use yy-chr, there are plenty of tutorials around here.

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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Help - How can I have lots of different colored land on main OW?