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New YouTube "update"

What the title says. I just went to youtube and saw that a new site scheme has been forced on me.

Although I will admit I need to mess around with it a bit before I can really make a judgement on it, it seems that right now all it does it make it harder to find my subscriptions' videos by shoving them all in a thin vertical strip in the center of the screen.

Also the picture thumbnails are shrunk horribly.

(also I looked around for a thread like this and couldn't find one, so yeah...)
What are you talking about, man? Youtube is still the same for me.

After some searching, I found the option for the new scheme. It's okay. It's not really much of a bothersome upgrade or anything, but everyone's going to bitch about how different it is now probably.
I guess it's being introduced randomly, or in waves.

I saw the new scheme, and I didn't really like it.

Ever since I've joined YouTube, there's been a lot of changed and I've never been very happy with them. The good thing is I usually get used to these changes, so I probably won't mind if the new scheme is enforced at some point.
I went on, and my reaction was literally this:

I love how they've done away with the useful feature of being able to delete videos in your sub box.
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Screenshot of new interface: (don't mind the top, I was doing some edits to the old design when youtube decided I was not allowed to do that

To be fair, it's awful, but you can change it back (if you know your tricks).
Yeah, question is, for how long, since I doubt that they will keep 2 scemes for long, eventually one of them needs to go.

Edit: Lol daxterspeed 69 =3
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

I don't like it, i liked the OLD YOUTUBE..when everything was simple.
The Fact that they keep changing everything; makes it harder to get used to it.
I'm probably the only one then who likes the new layout?
^You're not. I don't regularly upload to/mess with YT much in general, but it seems to be pretty nice given what I've seen thus far, as well as being far nicer in terms of "eye candy".
as much as i despise it, there's nothing i can do. I'll get used to it eventually.
i just lurk sometimes
I have the option, tested it, and I hate it. I looks bad the way it is and fucks up my color scheme style. Plus boxes are a little too big.
I HATE the new look! Seriously! Why can't they just keep it the same?? Every time they update they only make it worse! The layout from around 2008 was the best IMO

I like the gloss all over this scheme. However, this layout is complicated already than it was before.
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I think my only complaint with the new layout is the fact that it's not as easy to keep track of specific subscriptions on the main page.

I wasn't a fan of the last major update for this reason. This is like the same thing as the last update, but with a single video per row instead of four or five videos per row. The last update was much more functional than this new one in that regard.
I like the new layout but dislike what they've done with the channels. They're turning into Myspace in that regard.

I've sent them feedback and are now going to sit back and watch everyone endlessly bitch about it.
The looks of it make it look more slick, but the layout of it is horrible... I haven't checked if I could change the layout of the main page, but I am going to find a way!

So I figured out a pretty neat way to organize your youtube feeds while the YouTube team sorts out these issue.

Use your favorite RSS reader (mine's Google Reader) and set up feeds using this url
Code[USERNAME HERE]/uploads?
(replace [USERNAME HERE] with the user name of the person you'd like to "subscribe" to).

For now it works a lot better, because you can mark what you've read and ignore what you don't want to see. Plus this actually made me clean my subscriptions.
Meh...It doens't look THAT bad. To be brutally honest, I think the layout design when watching videos look better now than before.
It just that it some things feel a little messy at the moment, especially on the user page. It feels unfinished, now that friendlist, commentbox, stuff etc. are missing and everyone can see your playlists now. Other than that...I must say it looks quite alright. Some old channels looked like puke, anyway.
Excellent. I decide to try out the new channel layout, as it says I can switch back to the old one, but the Edit Channel button is broken. Now I'm stuck with the new layout! Liars...