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The Classic Creative Reassembly [team hack]



Alright I and two other users (Aquamentus and Snifit) have been working on this team hack for a while. The basic concept is to combine the 3 main “flavors” of Mario levels into one hack. These flavors being:

A level in the “Classic” category is meant to be made in the same style of the original Super Mario World. It should feel like it was made by Nintendo.

A level in the “Creative” category is a chocolate level, where you can use pretty much any resources available to create very unique levels.

A level in the “Reassembled” category is basically a vanilla level. They only use original resources, but those resources can be used in any way to create levels with an original look.

We have 54 levels planned.

Now to display some screenshots to show our progress:

Want to Join in?

We’ve now decided to make an attempt at turning TCCR into a full collab hack where anyone willing can participate in level design. Below are simple guidelines for each level type:


Should have a original SMW feel to it meaning:

• No ExGFX
• No use of Map 16
• no custom sprites
• no custom blocks
• no custom music

Custom Palettes are allowed but should only be a slight alteration from original palettes. Difficulty should be on par with levels from Super Mario World. If you want to design a level in this category you’re urged to play through some original “Super Mario World” levels to get the feel of those classic levels. To clarify you can use default map 16 pages 1 & 2, you just can’t add anything new in Map 16.


Vanilla with benefits. Basically think of the Vanilla Level Design Contests 2009, 2010. You can only use resources from the original game, but can use them however you like. For instance you can mix tiles sets and use sprites as nonfunctional tiles and vice versa.

• Can use ExGFX (can only contain original graphics)
• can use map 16
• no custom sprites
• no custom blocks
• custom music allowed

Also note we’re allowing you to change transparency into one solid color and vice versa.


Basically chocolate levels. Can use any resources here, note these can’t be vanilla! These should be as far from vanilla as possible.

• Should use ExGFX
• can use map 16
• can use custom sprites
• can custom blocks
• custom music allowed (recommended)

Cookies and Cream: (The bonus world)

A mix of vanilla and chocolate. You could go the path of vanilla BG and chocolate FG. Or could have a BG vanilla with chocolate, custom sprites with vanilla look, chocolate look with vanilla sprites etc. Should have an even amount or custom and original resources.

• Should use ExGFX
• can use map 16
• can use custom sprites
• can custom blocks
• custom music allowed (recommended)

Level List (Now only shows claimable levels or levels in progress)

Yellow indicates what is currently claimed. [Levels in Brackets] indicate that level can be claimed.

Deserted Retreat (Desert, Island, Ruins)

1. 10B: yoshiatom(creative)
2. 18: SilverSwallow (completed) (secret exit)
3. 109: Erik557 (completed) (secret exit)
4. 5: LHB(classic) (secret exit)

Crushed Heights(Snow, lava, mountains, sky)

1. 1B: : Shog (completed)(secret exit)
2. 10D: Erik557 (completed)
3. 20:Nin(Rasm)

Aqua Spirits (underwater, haunted, caves)

1.10E: levelengine(creative) secret exit
2. 10F: Snifit (completed)
3. 9: [Classic Level 1] (secret exit)

Colossal Tower (interior levels, castles)

1. 110: Erik557
2. 111: Fornaxus (completed) secret exit (w8)

Restricted Isle (All reassembled)

1. 101: SilverSwallow (completed)(secret exit)
2. 103: Oh Hell No (completed) secret exit
3. 104: yoshiatom (secret) exit

Flooded Dimensions (All creative)

1. 112: SilverSwallow
2. 113: [Creative Level 5 (secret exit)]
3. 10C: [Creative Level 6 ] (secret exit) (to W9)

Cookies and Cream (Mix of chocolate and vanilla resources)

1. 117: AlanJacobs secret exit
2. 118: Erik557 secret exit
3. 11A: Aquamentus(completed)


1. 11C: Final Level (Claim a sublevel below)

30: Classic Room claimed by KY2010
31: Reassembled Room claimed by negativestar54
32: Creative Room claimed by superbot12
33: Cookies and Cream Room claimed by SilverSwallow
34: [Mix of All types]
35: [Final Boss/Section]


Level Claiming

If you want to make a level scan the level list for your desired flavor (classic, creative or reassembled) and theme (world 1: grass, world 4: water, etc) then claim it.

To claim a level, simply post here. When you see the level you want on the list change to display your name you’ll know it has been approved. Note you can only claim one level at a time. You can only claim another level after your previous level has been tested and approved.

Things to note before starting a level:

• We’re using Lunar Magic version 1.90
• Each level should have exactly 5 Yoshi coins they are to look like they did in the original SMW so be careful if you edit palette 6 in lunar magic!
• Ideal length for a level is 15 to 30 screens (decimal). Later levels should typically be longer than earlier ones. There should always be a halfway point, and it should be near the middle of the level.
• Design your level in the latest base rom when possible.

Resource Claiming

Claiming resources (sub level, block slot, sprite slot, map 16 pages, and exgfx files) will be done a bit differently also note music will be inserted later but you can choose songs you want to use at any time.

When you want some resources post here, PM me, or PM a co-leader. We’ll respond with what slots you are to use. When you request sprites or blocks you must send us the appropriate files and then we’ll update the base rom to include the items you want.

The process of making a TCCR level will go something like this.
1. Claim level from Level List (Must be approved)
2. Come up with a level idea/theme/gimmick
3. Claim resources if needed
4. Make level (urged to ask for feedback during this step)
5. Submit level ips for testing
6. If approved you will then submit a zip file containing level & resources used

(Note: You can ask for more resources later if you need them)

Feedback & Level Dropping

You will of course be welcome to show off your level and ask for feedback. If you want to cancel a claimed level you should let us know via PM or by posting here as soon as possible so we can free the level to be claimed by others. You should occasionally post updates on your level until it’s done to lets us know your still working on it. When you want a level tested for approval send me an ips file containing the level.

Submission Rules (Once your level is tested and approved)

You should submit a zip file containing the following:

1) The level and sub levels, in MWL format. Each MWL should be named after the lunar magic level number used.
2) Any ExGFX files used
3) Any Map16 pages used (in .map16 format),
4) Any custom music (note these won’t be added to the very end)

Sprite & Block lists move to Aquamentus's first post.

Final Notes

Level Ideas for picking

We want TCCR to have a great level variety and two levels shouldn’t be too similar. We’ll be posting level and gimmick ideas that you can feel free to use in your level.

Requesting Graphics:
The three of us are willing to draw graphics for anyone designing a level for TCCR. Just simply post the request in this topic. Just make sure your request is reasonable. It will take time however, so please be patient.

Other Contributors

We also of course welcome more than just level designers, if you’d like to port music, code blocks or sprites, assist with the over world (not started yet) you are free to do so. Just let us know beforehand.

Latest Base Rom IPS
Alright I’m going to use this post to display current ideas we have for various levels and also for listing any graphics people might request. Keep in mind you are totally free to come up with your own ideas or tweak these as necessary.

---- Idea Box------

Castle Remains {Flavor: Cookie and Cream Location: World 9}

A level that shows what has happened to the SMW Bowser castle after years of decay. This is NOT meant to be a lazy level edit but a idea of how a castle will look after being attacked and damaged. There should of course still be resemblance to the original level but new graphics should be added (for the “destruction” look). There could be crumbled blocks that shatter by a single touch, two of the original rooms could be jammed together, and you might have Mario explore the roof to find the remains of Bowser’s smiley face machine. Lots of possibilities.

Library {Flavor: Creative Location: World 4}

A haunted library level basically. A gimmick could include returning a library book to a certain shelf in order to continue. Use of the random exit block could randomize where you need to bring the book. Enemies could be boos with book graphics. The second section (after returning the book to the shelf) could be a flooded book depository, using layer 3 tides or regular water.

We'll give some descriptions on our own levels shortly.

Right now we stand at about 55% (30 of 54 levels) completion as far as levels go. Past 1/2 way done!
Edit: to help organize things a bit I'll go ahead and use this post to show our current sprite and blocks lists:

Current Sprite List

1 level_teleport.cfg
2 ball-n-chain-pendulum.cfg
3 thwomp_left.cfg
4 thwomp_right.cfg
11 albatoss.cfg
12 AutoRun.cfg
13 smb3platform.cfg
14 birdo_smb2.cfg
15 carryable_egg.cfg
16 birdo_fire.cfg
17 beezo_rideable.cfg
18 phanto.cfg
19 snift_rideable_blue.cfg
1A lakitu_smb3.cfg
85 donut_lift.cfg

Here is the current block list if you want to use any of these already inserted blocks contact me and I’ll give you the details on what graphics slot they use if they aren’t transparent.

Current Block List

202 bounce
203 vertbounce
207 Killblock
20B Time increase (by 10 seconds)
401 downpass (transparent)
402 mario only (transparent)
420 teleport (transparent)
534 donutblk
62B breakable block
674 teleport with key
6C8 meltintoNextMap16

Okay I’ll go ahead and discuss my (mostly) completed level:

“Trilogy Mountain”

Like my EVW level “Trilogy Castle” it uses original NES graphics from all three Super Mario Brothers games on the NES.

The first section of the level will be Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, or Super Mario Bros 3 depending on your choice. This time instead of switching between the games at any time you’ll choose which version you want to play and be stuck with it till the end.

Here is and example of what might change when you choose SMB2 or SMB3 version of the level:


You can melt certain ice blocks in SMB3 but not in SMB2.

The second section throws all the SMB games into one section as seen in this previously shown screen:

So you can go instantly from a SMB3 style level to a SMB1 or SMB2.
Alright here are some details on my level (to be in World 8).

"3 Lane Insanity"

It uses a combination of the down pass block and auto run to create a challenging level where you move forward automatically (like you’re a car with no breaks) and can only switch between 3 lanes on a Highway to avoid wrecked cars and other obstacles.

You jump to “merge left” and press down to "merge right". Later blinking arrows foreshadow which position oncoming cars are headed so you know which lane is safe to get into.

I haven’t added it yet, but
I’m thinking of adding a highways sign that displays the name of the next level with a “next exit” below it, to let you know the level is about to conclude.

The level was done, but I'm thinking of changing up a few things since it is a little too hard right now, even for World 8.
Can i claim

3. 10D: [Creative Level 5]??
Originally posted by tr9536on
Can i claim

3. 10D: [Creative Level 5]??

Sure I'll make a note of that right now.

edit: Added Lotica's claim as well.
I'll take D in Cheddar Park, please.
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I'm going to go ahead and take:

Classic Level 1

So we can have some work done for world 2.
I may as well take 10B. Mind if I compose my own custom music track for it?
SMWC's official dentist since 2011.

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Originally posted by marioVSshadow
I may as well take 10B. Mind if I compose my own custom music track for it?

Of course you can compose your own custom track we actually encourage it for the creative levels.

I'll note you're taking 10B (Creative level 3).

Progress on my recently claimed level (no name yet):

Basically going with high and low tides to go for a island theme since the original SMW didn't have and desert levels.

Probably will add a a short section after this with dolphins.
Great! So the theme of my level was going to be desert ruins set mostly outdoors.

The level name I was going to go with for now was 'The Crushed Colossus'.

I'd coincidently been working on something for desert/ruins earlier today so I figured that the song could work.

Here's an MP3 of the song. Not in SMW form of course XD

(Note: If it's 404ing, try again in a while)

I'll be porting this for AM4 insertion. I'll be using a custom sample bank for it which will likely use one or two samples (potentially 3 if I find a better snare).

Also could I get a couple of Map16 pages for my FG and BG?

EDIT: Also could I get the following sprites inserted? I'm not 100% sure what tool you're using to insert them so... Yeah...

Pendulum Ball n Chain - Alcaro
Level Teleport - Dahnamics
Horizontal Thwomp - Romi

I'll start proper work one I know they're all in!
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As I currently have many things going on right now, I probably won't be able to design a level, but I'd be more than happy to port any songs you may need. =D
Just let me know if/when you need something.
soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / youtube / vgm album
I will pick up level E [Classic Level 10] =D

Base update 12-9-2011

Sprites Added:
1 level_teleport.cfg
2 ball-n-chain-pendulum.cfg
3 thwomp_left.cfg
4 thwomp_right.cfg

Horizontal Thwomp wouldn't work properly so I just went with the left and right thwomps.


That sounds like a hard song to port, but if your up to it I 'd love to hear it in SMW.

Alright I'll give you:

Map 16 Fg page 9
Map 16 Bg page 45


That's very nice of you to offer, if anyone needs anything ported we'll be sure to let you know.


I got you down for that level now, have fun.

So where is the love for reassembled levels?
I made a library tileset (note: it's inserted in latest base rom update free to use, though I may add more to it later):

Snifit that looks pretty cool! Loving the BG, great job =D

Nice palette mixture =) Also a suggestion for them name... maybe Choco Cliffs, or Chocolate Cliffs? Something like that haha.

Originally posted by camoslash
Nice palette mixture =) Also a suggestion for them name... maybe Choco Cliffs, or Chocolate Cliffs? Something like that haha.

Maybe, though that wouldn't go with the palette in my opinion.
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I want to pick up

3. 7: [Classic Level 4 ]

(That's Level 7, right? )

My plan:
Making a tropical underwater cave with different colored sea grass for a "beauty" effect. Enemies used includes of course the water enemies :)
Layer 2 will be important, too. I'm thinkin about a dried under the sea cave with water puddles.

(On a side note, I want a sublevel...although I'm wonderin how exactly does this work? Sorry if I missed that)