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The Classic Creative Reassembly [team hack]


I was using 1.91, but I downloaded the older versions of Lunar Magic and opened version 1.90.

EDIT: I changed the idea for the level theme! I just don't know if a fire/ice (you change between the two areas by going through pipes)area would seem out of place or not.

EDIT 2: If a fire/ice area is out of place (by the way, you start in the ice area), I'll just go with the icy sky level I had originally planned.

Why are you looking down here?
Camoslash I just played your level and it’s pretty nice. It’s certainly very fitting for world 6 considering its difficulty. I did find quite a few issues however.

I feel the level starts off a little too hectic. I’d prefer you remove the sumo bro (and replace him with a different enemy), or move him forward a screen or two.

Your asking a little too much from the player here; you have to find and kickable object and back track just for a mushroom. I recommend putting a regular question block with a mushroom closer to the start of the stage (screen 1 or 2) and put a 1up in this block (shown in pic).

Why are there turn blocks blocking this pipe that doesn’t even go anywhere? I’m guessing you were planning a sublevel but omitted the idea later. So either add a sublevel or remove these blocks.

My biggest issue with the level is how many munchers appear all over the place in odd positions. Munchers placed like this just add unnecessary difficulty and I feel they are out of place considering the type of level you’re trying to make (a classic level).

I strongly suggest removing most of them, and put the rest in holes as shown here:

That’s how they've appeared in past Mario games and it feels much more appropriate.

Not a huge issue but I did notice some sprite memory errors when two volcano lotus plants were placed close together. Maybe try placing them further apart?

I only found one health power up in the whole level. I recommend at least on more after the halfway point. See if the player dies at the midpoint they have to run through the rest of the level without taking a single hit. That’s just a bit unfair.


Yes make sure you’re using lunar magic version 1.90 or there could be compatibility issues later when we try to insert the level. Either of those ideas are completely find with me. Not much is really “out of place” in world 7 since the world doesn’t have a theme like most others.
I'm pretty interested in this. Could I take Classic Levels 3 and 5? [Levels 7? and 9].
Yeah I was kinda questioning if I should do that with the munchers, because they were only in one level in the original SMW. So alright, I will make it look more classical instead of scattering them like a mad man haha. Also I will add some power-ups, and move those plants further apart.

I made a BG and FG pallette which, in my opinion, is absolutely beautiful, but I don't know how to take screen shots outside of ZSNES. So, I don't have a screenshot.

Why are you looking down here?
To take a screen shot on a Windows computer, press (CTRL+PRTSC), then open an image editor, can be something simple like paint. the screen shot should be saved on the clipboard, which means you should be able to paste it into Paint. Save it and upload it. If you want, crop the picture to only show what you want. there you go, done ;)

PRTSC means Print Screen, right? I can't find the screenshot.

Why are you looking down here?
You can only claim one level at a time. After you’ve finished one then you can claim another if you’re really interested in making two levels.

So choose either Classic Level 3 or Classic level 5 for now.


What exactly do you mean by “outside of Zsnes”? If you took a screenshot in Zsnes by pressing f1 > save screenshot then all you have to do is upload it into your file bin. Then get the image link(URL) and then post it using this tag:

< img src="URLhere" > (delete space after first bracket and space before second bracket)

Hope that helped.
Oh, okay, my bad. :P I'll go with Classic Level 5 for now. I'm thinking about a vertical underground level a la Vanilla Secret 1, except that you're going down instead of up, with multiple paths.
Originally posted by Aquamentus

What exactly do you mean by “outside of Zsnes”? If you took a screenshot in Zsnes by pressing f1 > save screenshot then all you have to do is upload it into your file bin. Then get the image link(URL) and then post it using this tag:

< img src="URLhere" > (delete space after first bracket and space before second bracket)

Hope that helped.

I think what he wants is to take a picture of it in Lunar Magic, not in the emulator. But oh well, just trying to please y'all lol.

That's exactly what I meant, thanks for clearing that up, camoslash. Also, when you told me how to take a screenshot, you said to press CTRL and PRTSC. I had no idea what PRTSC meant, so I assumed it meant Print Screen, but when I tried it, I couldn't find the picture in Paint's "Open" menu. By the way, I'm using Windows XP Home Edition.

Why are you looking down here?

Sounds good, just make sure not to make too many alternate paths as most original Super Mario World levels were pretty straight forward.

@ negativestar54

After you hit printscreen it doesn’t actually go anywhere yet you have to open up Microsoft Paint and tap the “select icon” which should look like this in XP (circled in red):

Now just right click and paste anywhere on the canvas to make your print screen image appear. Now just crop it to get rid of anything you don’t want in the image and then save & upload it so we can see your hard work!
Okay, I'll keep that in mind. Could I get a sublevel at this time?
Go ahead and take Sublevel 154 Serplux.

Update on my Cookie and Cream level I started a while back:

Be careful where you jump or else...

I made some big changes to the overall look of this level.

Some of the lava has become hard and is safe to touch.

Decided to keep my fire fences and fire box from the old version of this level.

Yes, I know the ground is cut off, I just haven't placed the sides and the rest of the dirt yet.

yczedit: table stretch begone (also why would you post such a huge image just to show off the palette when a normal ingame screenshot would have sufficed perfectly well)

Why are you looking down here?
Howdy howdy, a newer version of my level ;)

@negativestar54: Woah... a little too light there buddy, I would tone down the blues a bit.


It looks like you’re going for a unique ice palette there, however the colors don’t blend well together. Look below to see what I mean:

Yours on the left mine on the right. Notice how the colors blend better together?

I came up with these three palettes you can use if you wish:

Just ask and I’ll give you the pal file.


Cool I'll try it out in just a bit.
Edit: Just finished playing it and you did an excellent job.

It looks like you fixed all the issues SilverSwallow pointed out and now it feels like a complete “classic” level.
I went ahead and inserted the level; it’ll be in the next base rom update.
Oh and did your level have a name yet? I can't recall if it did.

Feel free to claim another level if you want.
I'd like the third palette please. Could you send me a picture of the palettes in the Palette Editor?

Why are you looking down here?
I would like the name... Projectile Park =) Sounds good right? If not, make up one, I do not mind. Seems like my days are short here, I would like to claim another level, but I gotta turn this netbook in =/ I cannot believe this thing has held out through the hard times I have put it through haha. Anyway, great time helping you guys out, it was fun =) Maybe when I get my new laptop, I will return. Depends, college and all.


Here you go:

Click for Ice Palette 3

Here are the colors I changed (highlighted in the palette editor):

The top 6 are for the BG and the bottom 3 are for the FG.


Projectile Park sounds fine to me. Glad you were able to help with our hack.