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The Classic Creative Reassembly [team hack]


Originally posted by SilverSwallow

I assume by this you mean find graphics used in the original SMW and put them in an ExGFX file to help with decoration (Since of course reassembled levels have to be vanilla!). If so I can do that; it’s actually what I was planning on doing (to help) anyway.

If you can, keep an eye on this thread since I might post some vanilla swamp ideas and screen shots for you to look at.

Short post on Ipod in a lobby in LA :D.

Yea, i'll try to map16 a lot with all sort of tiles when Im home, maybe I can use my drawn ExGFX with a different palet. The exgfx is just redrawn vanilla GFX and can
Easily be used here.

Ill try to keep an eye here, thank you for your help
@Snifit: If you could, try to make Mario's palette a bit darker? Not sure if you would have to change his palette in the whole hack, or if it is possible to just do so in one level.

Anyway, I will start on my Castle level next week, because then I will have a week's break from work =)

Originally posted by Oh Hell No

Ill try to keep an eye here, thank you for your help

No problem and this is what I came up with:

You can of course swim in the swamp but can't see yourself when you take a dip. Though not shown here all basic grassland tiles can be used in the tileset.

Right now the swamp water is blending in a little bit with the trees but should be and easy fix. The palette will probably need to be changed up a little bit.

If you like how this is looking you're free to use it.

Yeah I agree it would look better if I could fade Mario’s palette some so he would fit better with the surrounding area.

Unfortunately I can’t change that palette without changing it for every other level in the hack (at least to my knowledge).
Started working on a new tile set, can you guess the theme?

Thwomps are stored below your feet.

Want to look outside? Glance out a thwomp window.

Careful the “happy” thwomp still likes to squash intruders!

Massive thwomp, good thing he weighs too much to move.
Those thwomp graphics are looking pretty interesting; however it’s a little hard to tell those are actually windows at the top there.

Maybe try resizing them to be the size of those big thwomps shown at the bottom? Then it would be clearer they are windows since it’d be easier to identify the BG behind them.
I Realy got to start re working on the level sometime. I have a date of august now though for a deadline for the basic level.
First of all, sorry for the delay in the progress of my level. Second, here are some screenshots:

It's your standard vertical level with a whole buncha Chucks and Hammer Bros.

Plus, a work-in-progress version of the level.
I like this hack. It's going for a very different angle in terms of flow and gameplay.

Not sure if you guys implemented this focus yet: See if you guys can arranged all the that the progression of the plot/story/world plain weird and artistic.

To be specific:
-Level structure should be randomize. Not necessarily 1 Classic/1 Creative/1 Reassembled, but mix it up. 2 Classic, 1 Reassemble, a classic, and then a creative. Get your levels organized, tear up about 50+ pieces of paper (1 piece for each level), write a level on each sheet of paper, throw it in a box, and whatever ones you pick, are the levels that go in order.

To provide some logical means to do so, keep the OW "sort of normal looking". Or, have a classic OW, a creative OW, and a rearranged OW, and for the remaining OWs...go postal. Experiment.

I can see this as a "warped Mario universe gone to madness" type hack. It can be a really awesome showcase of the more surrealist, abstract nature of SMW hacking.

Of course, purely for consideration. Otherwise, I give this work so far a:


Keep up the good work.

I went ahead and played your WIP and sent you a review via PM.


Thanks, it’s always nice to hear people complement our work.

We don’t have the structure on level progression set in stone as of yet but the basic idea is to have each of the first 5 worlds look something like this (structure-wise):

Notice in the image that you have three ways to get to the next world and none of those paths will have you play two of the same level types in a row. That’s the idea we’re going for: choice and variety.

The final 4 worlds will be similar but will only have one type of level (classic, creative, reassembled or cookie and cream).
That's actually a cooler version of "Weird and random". The best part...the USER gets to choose their own mix depending on how they play the hack.

that's actually thinking one step ahead. +10


Keep it up.
Another update on my underwater (reassembled) level:

Those urchins on the lines act like grinders.

This is the final part of the level and it scrolls automatically giving the player quite a challenge.
Update on the thwomp tile set:

Bigger windows, BG changed from blue to gray and completely changed the main FG.

I’m still not really satisfied with the look of the current FG so I’ll probably be altering it again.
Drew an abstract style BG that could be suitable for one of the final levels in this hack.

Here it is shown with 3 different palettes:

Which one looks the best?
Woa, finally good wifi in America ;D. Ill be back at the 10th of august, just so you'd know.

@snifit Nice bg there, you could use all 3 palettes in 1 level for example, they all look great.

@silverswallow, wow, i really like your swamp idea, I can make that BG myself, but could you send me the resources you used there?? (palette fe)

This hack is getting Really good, cant wait until its finished!
Originally posted by Snifit

Which one looks the best?

They all look nice really but this is my preference:

red > gray > blue

Originally posted by Oh Hell No

could you send me the resources you used there??

I'll go ahead and pack all the stuff I used together and send them to you once you get back. I'll also include a level file in case you have trouble recreating it.
I like the red palette the best as well. As for the BG it self it looks really neat, any ideas on what kinda FG you're going to use with it?
Huh, I actually prefer the blue and grey over the red. The red, to me, doesn't have a good graindent.

- BlackMageMario
Posting from Bryce Canyon (Utah, US), so beautiful out here., funny they've got free wifi here ;D

@Silverswallow Thanks again, after 2.5 weeks im starting to get more and more excited to work at hacking again d:-P

@Blackmagemario Actually, I agree with you, especially they grey one looks really good. But still, nice BG for a final level.
Here's another update on my thwomp tileset:

I'm finally satisfied with how the main FG looks.
I still think I need to add a few more decorations and then the tile set should be finished.