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The Classic Creative Reassembly [team hack]


@Ningamer: Maybe looking at the goddamn original post would have been a smarter move?

Originally posted by SilverSwallow
Aqua Spirits (underwater, haunted, caves)

1.10E: [Creative Level 2] secret exit
2. 10F: Snifit (completed)
3. 9: [Classic Level 4] (secret exit)
Working on it...

And yes I know it's flat but I'm trying to remix layer 2 while trying to keep it classic...
I like of That City exgfx. This give more Creative things to the hack#smw{:TUP:}
Your Layout Are Taking Vacations
Still working on it?

I'm hoping to claim level 10E (Creative Level 2 in the Aqua Spirits World), and at least 1 Map16 page for foreground, one for background, and 1 or 2 ExGFX files.

I don't have much of a level idea yet, though I may have one as I build it or wait for a reply. I may need some custom blocks and/or custom sprites, so just a heads up.
I'm working on my level....slowly....
Okay levelengine you can take:

FG Page 26
BG Page 52
ExGFX 140
ExGFX 141

Also as I told Shog before some technical issues on my side prevent me from adding more sprites, since I can’t get sprite tool to work with this rom anymore. So I hope your idea can revolve around using the custom sprites we currently have inserted.

Remember these are also inserted:

C0 Bullet bill generator that only shoots to the left
C1 Bullet bill generator that only shoots to the right.

Hard to tell much from that one screenshot but I like that your using layer 2 and keeping it in the classic look.

@mario hacks
Thank you, assuming you’re talking about the purple city BG that was drawn by me. That reminds me I need to fix up that level, and maybe redraw the ugly cars that replace mega moles.
Do you have a current up-to-date revision of the list of custom sprites/blocks in TCCR?
Here are all of the sprites inserted into TCCR:

1 level_teleport.cfg
2 ball-n-chain-pendulum.cfg
3 thwomp_left.cfg
4 thwomp_right.cfg
5 electricity.cfg
6 sidestepper.cfg
7 fighter_fly.cfg
11 albatoss.cfg
12 AutoRun.cfg
13 smb3platform.cfg
14 birdo_smb2.cfg
15 carryable_egg.cfg
16 birdo_fire.cfg
17 beezo_rideable.cfg
18 phanto.cfg
19 snift_rideable_blue.cfg
1A lakitu_smb3.cfg
85 donut_lift.cfg
C0 bullet_bill_left.cfg
C1 bullet_bill_right.cfg
D2 generic.cfg
Can I have the CCR UserBar?
Click for the video.

So far, this is what I have for the Aqua Spirits world. What should be altered if necessary?

I have a really good idea for second half, but I won't be making it now.

Had to do some digging but finally found my old post with the userbar code it’s here:


Oh neat I really like those graphics, especially the jelectro its animation looks very nice. I do feel they gray thwomps, ball in chain, and grinders clash a bit with everything else. Perhaps you could give them a blue look to help blend in better.
The munchers feel a little out of place too, it would probably be best to just replace them with big and small jelectros.

The design is pretty nice overall, but that first Yoshi coin looks a way too hard to get. I’d make the space bigger and remove the grab block, as it is now big Mario can barely fit in the tight space.

Though it’s tough to tell by watching I think the level might be a bit too difficult for world 4 though I’d have to test it first to really know. The main difficulty seems to be keeping up with the fast auto scrolling.

I look forward to seeing the other half.
Got it.

I don't know how long I'll be keeping this testing patch up due to file size and File Bin limitations.

I also used EXGFX slot 142 to alter a graphic so the Phantos would look right, and I also had used sublevels 13B, 13C, 13D and 13E.

Great, I downloaded it and I'll test it as soon as I can.
Sorry for the delay I finally played your level.

I thought it was awesome but a bit too difficult overall and still way too difficult for world 4. Would you mind if we moved it to World 8?

I also love the graphics, the sunken ship section in particular looks amazing.
Here are some problems I found:

1. There is a lot of slowdown here and a bit too many enemies. I suggest removing the flying piranha plants.

2. Maybe it’s me but I found it really hard to get past this area without taking damage, maybe try adding more space to maneuver? I always find myself getting trapped.

3. It’d probably best to remove this diagonal fire ball, I found they can catch you off guard too easy if you are falling behind the screen scrolling and need to go down fast.

4. These fireballs seem out of place and add unnecessary difficulty to an already tricky situation. I’d remove these guys.

5. Like the diagonal fire ball I feel this ball and chain can be tough to react to at times when falling down this area. I suggest moving it or just getting rid of it altogether.

6. This area isn’t kind to big Mario. Raise the ceiling 1 tile higher so he doesn’t have to duck jump his way out.

Also it is way too hard to reach the pipe that leads to the secret section (blue area). I had to absorb hits in order to make it to the pipe in time before the p-switch wore off. Considering how hard the secret section is I’d just allow the player to carry the p-switch to the pipe and then use it rather than require them to race to the pipe.

7. Its fine that you require the player to keep the key till the end, but I’d at least tell the player about that requirement in a text box so they don’t waste their time getting to the end without the key. I assumed the key was for the secret exit so ignored it the first time.

8. I found this spot tough to pass regardless if the water was high or low. I suggest removing one of these enemies.

9. I feel most of these blue koopas are unnecessary, specifically the ones that walk on a 2 tile wide pipe. It looks odd and just adds more frustration to an already tough area. The phanto already provides more than enough challenge in this section.
Here is a quick preview of a level I’m working on:

It features a mix of Gradius and Silver Surfer graphics with some palette changes.
This looks great, I also imagine Mario stands out against these colors.

I wonder what gimmick you will abuse
Thanks Shog, I plan to use a lot of shooter sprites in the level to recreate the feeling that you are in a space shooter game.

I should have some fun experimenting with the diagonal bill generator.
It's been a while since I had time to work on my "cookie and cream" sublevel (part of the final level). Now that my VLDC entry is done I plan to get back to work on the section.

For those who forgot here is what I have so far:

A SMW jack-o-lantern themed section. Debating whether or not to make it underwater or not.

I'm going to try to create jack-o-lantern graphics to replace default thwomp sprite graphics so I can use thwomps as an enemy.
For my level, which I'm going to start, I need to ask some questions. What sub-levels are still available? How should Mario enter? Is the final level just a castle or can there be other things (high tech stuff)?

Please answer these, they will help making my section easier.

What you currently have claimed is a room in the final level; it’s not a full level. So you are only allowed to use sublevel 32. Also note that you should keep it relatively short since it’s just a small part of the final level.

Sure you can make the section look high tech if you want. The style you claimed is “creative” which basically means anything goes. If you want to use custom blocks or sprites make sure to only use those which are already inserted into the base rom.

Here is a list of all the custom sprites we have inserted.