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The Classic Creative Reassembly [team hack]


Is there a new base rom? The current one is from Augest.
Originally posted by SilverSwallow

Originally posted by Darkslayer

Edit : I saw that levels 1 and A are not claimed yet. I would like to take'em?

Sure you can take either one of those.

Originally posted by Darkslayer

After the eventual approval, I'll just need to know how many sublevels I can do and what numbers are available.

Just let me know how many you need any I’ll tell you which ones to use.

Yay! Thanks a lot. I will do my very best #smw{:peace:}
Mmh, since I'm more familiar with water-designed levels than castles, I'll take
Originally posted by SilverSwallow

3. 9: [Classic Level 1] (secret exit)


I think of two or three sublevels at the moment, I'll give more information when I have something.

PS : Here is a first screenshot showing a bit of design and palettes

Is it eye-pleasing? No real gimmick there since original SMW water enemies are not various. Basically it will use the player's swimming skills while dodging threats such as Blurps or Urchins. But I will not use Rip Van Fish because many people (me included) hate these enemies. I may also add usually grounded enemies (Koopas.. Chucks...), if allowed.

I will come with a name idea later on.

Alright take sublevels 40, 41, and 42.

Yes the palette in that screen looks nice.
Of course feel free to use ground enemies underwater if you wish.
Remember this?

Well here is a preview of the first avatar:

Based on Lotica's avatar.
Originally posted by Snifit
Remember this?

Well here is a preview of the first avatar:

Based on Lotica's avatar.

Completely laughed my ass off when I saw that. That's awesome! :)
Click here to enter the world of mediocre!
Here are two more:

Glad you like it, I'm still thinking about how exactly I should use it in the level.
Wow, I never imagined I'd see my avatar in there.

So do you guys still need me to change up Phantomime a bit? I've recently looked at it and played it again.
Gonna snatch up Creative Level 4.

I got inspired by SMWC's C3 webpage background and ended up making it into a BG in SMW.
I now plan on making a casino themed level. Here is a preview:

Hey did you see the feedback I posted a while back? I don't recall if you updated it again or not.
Apologies for dissapearing without showing level progress.. I completely forgot about this project because of my own stuff. I do have a few screens if you want to see.
Also great, casino levels are really rare. Hoping to see more!

Sure, I'm always happy to see screens of your progress.
Just wanted to post here to know how our current progress is :)

Anyways I like the casino themed level you prepared SilverSwallow
Hey Shog

Progress is slow but we're getting there.

Erik557 made an OW for World 1

Also Snifit is making graphics based on people's avatar for a special level.

Here is another peak at my latest level. I created a lot more FG objects:

weow I actually did it
Sorry for the delay...


edit: assimung I can take level A (requesting it), it's just a simple castle level right? Or are there any other themes in that world?
Oops sorry Erik557 I missed your post. I'll test that level as soon as I can, it's looking neat from the screens.

Sure you can take Classic Level A, and yeah it would just be a simple castle or tower level.

Okay here is some feedback:

Nice level Erik557 but I found some problems, mainly with the first section.

1. I’d move these blocks to the right one square so you don’t run into a invisible wall if you try to jump onto them from the left side.

2. There really isn’t enough reaction time on this 2nd trap. After you jump the fire will most likely be coming right at your face. I suggest making the pit smaller so you can see what is on the other side ahead of time. You also might want to move the upper statue 1 square up since as it is now it’s really hard to avoid a hit as big Mario.

3. I don’t really like how you can stand on blocks you can’t see in these 2 spots. Despite the indication via castle rubble I didn’t quite trust it. It would be better just to raise everything up by one.

4. The coins help but it still feels awkward to land on a platform off screen, I’d change this as well.

5. The second section is fine for the most part but it’s a little cramped in this spot with the thwimp. Maybe try raising the thwomp blocks to open the area up a bit more?

And here's an image of the first screens of my castle level:

I don't really like working with fishbones, but hey, it's worth it considering how I really wanted to do a water castle (it's weird how I've hacked for almost 5 years and this is my first..)

Thanks for the update.
Looks like your new level is coming along nicely. I look forward to
seeing the rest of it.
I'm still working on my casino themed level, and deciding on how I want it too look. I added some curtains and a Pikachu engraved wall tile:

Starting to think up enemies for the level. Got one created so far the "Dice Koopa":

Steal from the Koopa so you can roll the dice!
That's very creative and very awesome