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The Classic Creative Reassembly [team hack]


End of the year work has kept me pretty distracted but I do have a small update on my cookie and cream level:

Gives you a better idea of how it's going to look. I'll most likely add more to the BG sometime later.

I'm also going to sprinkle both chocolate and vanilla objects into the FG to mix things up a bit. I also like the idea of mixing custom and original sprites throughout the level as well.
While I was working on additional graphics for the Grassland Bonus game I got an idea for a Cookie and Cream level. I ended up coming up with this:

The idea was to have a mix of old and new graphics in the BG. The new being ocean graphics drawn by myself based on graphics I’ve seen in other 16 bit games.
Alright I thought I’d check in with these users who have claimed a level:

Shog claimed

Aqua Spirits level
3. 7: (Classic)
and sublevel 140
camoslash claimed

Cheddar Park level
3. E: (Classic)
Luigi370 claimed

Crushed Heights level
5. 20: (RASM)

We just want to make sure you three are still interested in designing the level you claimed. Its okay if you haven’t started, we just need to confirm that you still want the level or if we should unreserved it. Thanks.
Yes, well let's say I kinda finished the level:

Big Pic

However, to be honest the level is really boring... I kinda have designed the whole base of the level and need to beef it up a lot! On the other hand, the graphics/palettes are okay, right?

And before I forget it, I need a secondary exit for the level (what about #7? My level is #7 that should work and be memorable)
I think the palette is great and very suitable for a classic level. The level is looking pretty good but I did think this looked a bit odd:

I suggest changing it to how I show it on the right.

I also noticed you used some odd corner tiles, below are the ideal corner tiles to use:

Yeah and we’ll go ahead and make it so that whatever levels you claim you’ll also own the secondary exit for it as well. So #7 and #140 are yours to use.
Update on "Tree Trip Bonus"

Bushes/Trees hide pits.
Originally posted by Snifit
Update on "Tree Trip Bonus"

Bushes/Trees hide pits.

Do you have a warning about that in the beginning of the level? If not you should add one to avoid people having cheap deaths. Although I do say that level looks pretty aweseome just based on that pic, good work there =) Also I am at the mid-way point of my level, I will take some pics and show it off later, right now I am just trying to get it done haha.

EDIT TIME! =D *shot*

Alright so here is some pics all the way up to the midway point for my Classic Level, which is part of the world Cheddar Park.

Damn Koopa came at me while I was trying to take a screen shot >_< So how does the design look? How is the palette, not too fancy? Does it look like an original SMW Level? Please do not hold back, I want to know everyone's thoughts about this =)

Well judging from the screenshots the level is looking a bit too simple and easy for world 6. You are doing a great job at making it look and feel like a classic level however. The palette is very fitting considering it’s a classic level, but don’t be afraid to alter it a little more if you want (to give your level a more unique look).

So really the main thing I’d suggest is cranking up the difficulty because right now (though I can’t really tell for sure without playing it) it looks more like a level for world 1 or 2.
I'm gonna have to give up my level. School sucks. >.<
I used to use this site a lot back in like, 2011. Hopefully you don't remember me.
May I claim 18: [Reassembled Level 3]secret exit? I'll do it with custom music.
EDIT:For the reassembly-levels, the music must use Vanilla(SMW) Samples?
Ah yes it really does, I’ll note your level claim has been dropped. If you find time in the future don’t be afraid to rejoin us.

I’ll note you’re taking Reassembled Level 3, and as for the music it doesn’t really matter to us as long as the song fits the level (use whatever you like).
Could I claim F: [Classic Level 11 ] ?
And what should be the theme of it? It isn't written on the world name (Cheddar Park), and the difficulty I should go for.
@Mario's Hat

Classic Level 11 is now yours.

Cheddar Park is the “free-for all world” (Restricted Isle and Flooded Dimensions are as well) and doesn’t have a theme it’s basically a variety world meant to have levels of any kind.

That being said so far we have a grassland level in the mountains (Pumpkin Plateau), a grassland level in a forest (being made by camoslash), and a yellow cave with lifts (being made by SilverSwallow). So some good generic themes to go for could be: bridge level, icy cave level, fortress level, line guided platform level, or vertical mushroom level.

Cheddar Park is the 6th world in the game so it should be between Chocolate Island and Special world difficulty (no harder than levels like “Outrageous”).
May I please have 19/reassembled level 4? Also, on which difficulty should I go? Yoshi's Island, Donut Plains or the early Vanilla Dome levels?
Just to let you know, I slowly but surely am working on my level. I need to claim sublevel E9 by the way.
Click here to enter the world of mediocre!
Level Idea

My level (reassembled level 4/19) will begin with a small desert part, which leads to the gate of a ruin. The ruin will be showed from outside as a big bunch of castle stone block with the appertaining palette, some what sand-colored.

The ruin itself will contain graphically a mix of the plain ledges, underground tiles and again, castle stone blocks. Some rooms may be a kind of labyrinth/maze, but I'm unsure about that. The level should mostly contain goombas and koopas, but also spikes and munchers (?) will be in it, but fair placed, considering this is a world 2 level.

I also will try to make some rooms rather being dark, but any others will be light, with lamps, as I plan to include candle lights being ExAnimated and being placed with layer 1, and the lamps with layer 2. How i'm going to pull out lamps is still unsure (maybe from the original castle background?)

After that, a door should lead again to the desert, where a small cluster enemies waits on you, and beyond does lie the exit. Overall, I think this is going to turn out as a rather large level, but I am going to try to align the length of my level with the others.

What do you think about this ideas? I haven't been working on level yet, but I have been brainstorming a bit to don't be just making a level totally based on spontaneous ideas.

@SilverSwallow/Aquamentus/Snifit: Could I please have 1 map16 page and 3 sublevels? Thanks.

Screenshots coming soon.

Sure, just noted you’ve taken that level.

We’re generally making RASM levels a bit harder than Classic levels so I’d say shoot for a Vanilla Dome to Forest of Illusion difficulty.

Your ideas sound really neat, although we do have marioVSshadow doing a ruins level as well his is going to use custom graphics and is said to be mostly outdoors while yours sounds to be mainly in doors using only original graphics. So it’ll still keep some variety in the world.

As for the light idea remember lanterns exist in the BG of the ghost house tile set, you could use them or the candles from the castle bg.

Here is how I've assembled candles before in the FG for one of my levels(on the right):

Alright I’ll give you:

Map 16 Page B
and sublevels 153, 154, and 155

Sublevel E9 is now yours.
Is a really small levalasm code - like HDMA in the background or so - possible for RASM-levels? If not so, I mind adding that as a rule.(Or are we not going to use levelasm at all?)
As stated in the intro post, Reassembled (RASM) levels can’t use any resource that wasn’t in the original game so no custom sprites, level asm, blocks or any custom resources with the exception of custom music.

Remember you can use fake HDMA if you want gradients; it’s pretty easy to do.

Custom resources can only be used in the “Creative” and “Cookie and Cream” levels.

The point of RASM levels are to show what you can do with original resources (which is a lot).
Just asking, is Yoshi going to be used until my level? It's a important part of my level becauses is contains pokeys frequently.