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Tip: By pressing Shift while placing event tiles, they will be made "silent" and will not appear until a map transition happens. Always use silent event tiles to draw paths in other maps (i.e. a Vanilla Dome event while the player is on the main map), or glitchy tiles may appear.
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[DEMO] Super Mario World - Quest of Doom
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Heeeeyyy :D :D :D

///****** ATTENTION!!! ******\\\



I only finished the first World á la 6 Levels, but the Gameplaytime is at least 15 mins :)
I didn't insert Music yet (I'll ask something later), so please don't critize it too hard :D

The Storyline is, that Mario wants to Make a Cake for Yoshi, cause he's pregnant and will become some babys, so he travels from castle to Castle to collect Eggs, Sugar etc. :D

I just made Pictures from the first 2 levels, cause the other one should be surprising with it's secrets and the player shouldn't know how to continue his way at some points ;)
It's a Album with the Pictures ;)

Please reply and don't mind about the Mistakes i made in some of the texts, I'll fix them all later ;)

/*** KNOWN BUGS ***\

-> In some Levels the Noteblocks will be buggy while Mario is jumpging on them
-> Some Sprites aren't there, but every Levels is playable :)


Thank You!

[Version 0.1.1]
1) HuFlungDu's AddMusic is in the tools section
2) Upload it to 'My Files.'
As for the hack itself:
The difficulty was inconsistent and there were lots of glitched graphics. The third level was kinda short and it abused the bottom row of LM. I was using snes9x, so the bottom row is only barely visible in game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in ZSNES you can't see it at all. Some jumps were a bit repetitive, especially the beginning of level 2, where it consisted of little more than spin jumping on glitched Thwomps.
I see you changed the P-Switch graphics, so you should at least know something about how to change graphics. If you don't know how to use YY-CHR, it's not that difficult to use if you want to mix tile-sets.

It's possible to go inside the slope because the slope is directly connected to the wall.
Also, I was able to completely swim over the water level.
To me, this seemed like a non-Kaizo hack with the occasional Kaizo and artificially difficult segments thrown in. Or the other way around. I dunno.

Legacy custom music

SMM2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SMW hacking

1.) and 2.) Thanks :D

And also Tahnks for the Feedback :)

But I'm a bit confused...
It's not allowed to 'abuse' the bottom row?
i know, it's hard to find, but I'm thinking about a Tutorial Level at the beginning with a Textbox, wich wil explain, that you have to look arround a bit for those 'hidden' blocks.
Maybe I'll insert a new Block, wich will Mark, that there is anything in the Bottom Line or anyhing like this, cause that line allows me to Hide secret exits etc ;D
What do you think, can I use that Line, is that fair, if i insert a New 'ATTENTION'-Block. or should i just copy everything y+1? :D

And the Thing with the Glitches...
I didn't tice any glithes, without the Ones at the Noteblocks...

The Whomps aren't Glitched, every Block is okay...
Can you make some Screnshots for me, so i can look at it? It's a litte bit weired...
And the Bug the Screenshot shows is known, but i forgot it all he Times to fix (Bugs with the Overworld map, some wrong events, this stuff). I'll fix it now ;D

And you were able to swim over the whole water level, that's awesome xD
And a little bit funny :D
I'll fix that, too :)

Thank you for your feedback and please upload some of the Glitches, I'm very confused about this!
I wasn't talking about glitches that affect gameplay (except for the slope one).

I was talking about glitched graphics, such as those shown here. Or do you like the way they look?

Legacy custom music

SMM2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SMW hacking
/////****** FIXED! ******\\\\\
Did you make sure it was a clean ROM? When I played it, the text was yellow, indicating a non-clean ROM, but it was still playable.

Legacy custom music

SMM2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SMW hacking
Oooohhhh... Damn it xDD

I used snes9x for that Game and it created a savestat, i didn't delete that file :D

Now it should work fine ;)

Thank you for your Help ;)

I played the hack, and to be honest, its not too bad for a first hack. It's got some nice ideas, though a few problems here and there (such as occasional cutoff, the glitched background in level 2 after getting shot out of the pipe, and the masses of a single type of block), so there's always room for improvement!

As for the subject of whether or not its a Kaizo hack or not, I'd consider it one, but its mostly up to the player's decision on what it is. ASMT, the Talkhaus collaboration hack, is accepted as a normal hack, however many people find it hard enough to be considered a Kaizo hack (partly, that's due to the fact that is a collaboration, but it happens with non-collabs too, such as World of Illusion). So if you find it hard enough to be a Kaizo hack, it might as well just be one. ;D

As some more recommendations if you want them, here is a list of things that would be good to follow to make the best Kaizo (or even a normal) hack you can! There are, of course, some other things that might be good to follow (just look at SMWC's tip thing), but those are for the most part minor issues.

Professional frame-by-frame time wizard. YouTube - Twitter - SMW Glitch List - SMW Randomizer
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