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SMWCentral Level Secret Santa (Need extension? Check latest post.)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - SMWCentral Level Secret Santa (Need extension? Check latest post.)
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Originally posted by leod
Everybody who participates gets a badge, this is not a contest.

Not quite:
Originally posted by Lucas
Badges will be given out to everyone who made a decent level (by hack submission standards), or received a good review.

So if someone made a five-screen level that had tons of floating munchers and Kaizo traps when the requester asked for an easy, long level, chances are they're not going to get anything good.

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Originally posted by Wormer21
Omg, I don't even have a half. I must be hurry. O_o

This. Well, I kinda have almost half done. But still I might have to rush this, I get to stay home today so I can use this to complete it hopefully
Originally posted by Vic Rattlehead
Unless you are using a version of LM from the ROM-hacking stone age (why would you do that?), or explicitly disabled the auto restore point feature (why would you do that!?), you can simply recover most, or even all of your work via the file -> restore menu. You're welcome!

How I would kill to have that feature back in 2007.

Anyway I spent the better half of the day trying to access this site to submit my Secret Santa (I kinda over did my download limit and thus was cut off), I managed to send it though with a combo of my 3DS, PSP and my local McDonald's (then I came home to find my internet back on, lucky me #w{:s}). Despite this, I think I did aright considering I only did a vanilla hack.
Due to a large number of people requesting extensions, there will be a second deadline 4:00 AM UTC, January 1st, 2011 (11:00 PM EST, December 31st. If you're all set to submit before the original deadline, please do so. The only difference is that I will post a second batch of levels on New Year's day in addition to the one planned for Christmas morning. Submit these patches to me rather than Chester. Thanks for understanding if your Secret Santa has requested an extension.
Woah. That's so much time. Everyone should do that level without problem. Meh, that's little long waiting for submitting all the patches with levels, but some people need an extension so it's a good way out. :)

And here I was, preparing to rush out the rest of my level after a few scraps... know what, I'll just try to finish it up tonight. It's not like I intended to do anything overly complex for this event anyways. I've got something simple in mind that should fulfill my assignment.


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I completely forgot about this, XD. I built up to the midway point then stopped. Heh
Well, I'm finished with the level from a gameplay standpoint, so today I'm just going to try to make the level look a bit prettier (which I suck at :) ). It's kind of on the short side for what people might expect from SMWC, but I kind of needed to make a short level with everything that's been going on this past week, or I never would have finished on time.

Hope the guy that gets my level appreciates the relatively unique theme and doesn't mind the length!
Oh, wait. I've just sent a PM to Chester with my IPS patch. Is it okay, or I have to send it to Lucas? I'm just confused...

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Can i send a new version of it to Lucas before the new dealine? there are a few things(like the title screen level) id like to edit a bit more.

Originally posted by New Hacker
Oh, wait. I've just sent a PM to Chester with my IPS patch. Is it okay, or I have to send it to Lucas? I'm just confused...

You send the IPS to Lucas when you finish the patch after the first deadline, you're fine.
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Christmas cannot come soon enough. I thought it was today but I lost track.

I can't wait to see all the levels that were done! I wish I could have done a few more things to mine, but it's a matter of technical skill,of which I have none, not time.

Nevertheless, I hope it's satisfactory. I used a few of my favorite gimmicks. It does have some difficulty, but I think it'll be fun.

~Artemis, Viatze, and Kekkyeteryl

Credit for the amazing layout goes to Counterfeit!

Renaming my hack to something to do with Raphael (the Raven). Complete revamp. Demo soon.

Also userbars because Silver and HyperMario are awesome.

Sweet, thanks for the extension. Now I can slack off again till the last minute actually finish my level in quality. : )
THANK YOU! I was panicking that I won't get in time. Sent my entry.
Ah that's great to hear for those who need it. Thankfully I'm about half an hour from being done, so it should be up within the hour, but if not I'll use the extension to extend the level. Although, if I'm honest, after rushing a little today I'll be glad to see the back of it, heh.


Not blue.
Funny how I finished my level right now and of course we get a extension (^.^'')

Anyway, I am going to submit it for the "orginal" deadline
I went ahead and used the day to do a little more QA, and I think I ironed out any non-graphical bugs. Dealing with carry enemies is such a pain though, that I'll just have to hope my Santee won't do that. It's still a little on the short side, and very much on the easy side, but I'd rather that than make something too tough for someone.

It's been cool, and I hope I'll get something in return!

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I submitted my level a little while ago. I think I did a really good job on it (better than most of my more recent levels at least...)

I'm curious to see what my Secret Santa has done with my level. :3

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Haven't forgotten about this. I'm getting close to done with my level, and hopefully I'll be able to get it in before the first deadline.

Thank you for adding a second deadline, though, just in case I have to fall back on that.

E: Bleah, I won't be able to make the first deadline. Sorry. :<
Layout by Mirann <3
Just submitted my level. Hopefully my secret santee will be satisfied with my shitty work.
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