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M&C: SU!


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[Old storyline nuked]
[Very old screens nuked]
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Edit 9-14-2012:

Changed "The Coin's Adventure" to "M&C:SU!"
Cookies if you can figure out the title??
Think of M&L RPG
Nobody wrote something yet? Well, I do:

Screenshot 1:
Do you use this as a real part of a level? If, then don't do it. Level 0 is the bonusgame, where Mario goes if he has 100+ stars. If it's the edited bonusgame, it's... kinda strange.

Screenshot 2:
Wow, nice custom graphics there. It's not part of real level, right? Could you please tell me what custom sprites you put in there?

Screenshot 3:
First, about the palette. Background palette is very well made. FG palette is good, too, but I would change that strange looking green.
You should also add some more decorations in that level, but for your first level (?) you made, it's good enough not to have just flat land. Now, for me, it's kinda sensless that you put a green star block at the beginning of a level, I think you know why. Also, there's cutoff at the bullet bill shooter. Last thing: you forgot to place a sprite at the bullet bill shooter. Go to: Sprites / Generators / Bullet Bill Generator. It needs to be placed at the object.

Level 106:
Again: Good palette, no decorations. Don't put a feather and a fire flower without any challenges to get at the beginning of a level. If you just put something away, a mushroom is enough. Next, that 3-Up-Moon is way, and I mean WAY TO EASY TO GET! What's the challenge? Climbing up a vine?
Next, where's the second vine for? Kinda sensless, too. And the fish? Without water?
And finally, I'm confused about that whole bunch of custom sprites at the end. Tell me what they are for.

All in all, good work for a first hack! Keep up!
Bonus room: Looks fine but the turn blocks could be confusing to players (or aren't they a part of the BG?)

Wart's castle: Looks good. The palette is fine. Let me guess, there will be the final boss? (Wart)

Level 105: The BG palette is pretty good. I don't see anything wrong here.

Level 106: The BG looks nice and the FG is also fine. I don't like the gray on some enemies (like Koopas or Goombas). Give them some colours. The design looks very linear and doesn't look too interesting. You're probably a new user so try to learn something about level design and make it more fun. Also, this moons looks rather easy to get. Make them hard to get.
Yeah, the turn blocks are confusing. I used the GFX from here, called vanilla switchpalace or something.
I'm not sure about the final boss, but yeah, he'll be one of the bosses.
Level 105? It's 10C. Thanks!:)
Hmmm... maybe I'll just darken the enemies's colors and see how it looks.
(The Sprites In Level 106 are the SMB3 cloud platforms).
I'll definitley find a better way to design levels.
The vine, well that vine ISN'T a vine. If you check my post in the Pallete showoff thread, you'll see that i have a message box explaining about the vines.
Now that i think about it, maybe i should have a pipe that leads to a enemy, who gives you a springboard when defeated. Then the message box would say Springboard here right below where the 3UP moon is.

I update levels so slowly because i only have so much time on the computer.
Bonus Level: I don't think people would think it will be weird to edit the Bonus game; but as long as the edit is good.

Also, make sure you also edited Level 100; two bonus game level are used: Level 000 and 100

Wart's Room: It looks awesome! Although, what is with that door behind? Mario could easily powerdown and pass by Wart during the invincibility phase. Or is it some custom door that appears only after defeating Wart?

10C: The Bullet Bill shooter looks cut-off.

106: Uhm, the 3-Up Moon is easy to find and get - it's a hack removal reason if 3-Up Moons are easy to get - try having the player work to find it.

Also, the Mods wouldn't be happy to find those copy-paste ledges/ceilings - have them connected, so they wouldn't look lazy.

One last thing, add more variety to it. It currently looks baer.

And, seeing that you can insert ExGFX, try finding a sewer fg and/or bg, so it will look like a sewer.


Your off to a good start! I'm definitely liking the Wart Room, although I don't quite get why it's Level 105; but hey, that's how you wanted it!

Keep up the good work! Try fixing somethings and think about the suggestions I gave and the others gave!
This is looking promising but for the bonis room it looks kind of bleh... I mean editing it is perfectly fine and I've seen some really nice ones that still use the default game.
For the levels warts room looks good but maybe remove one or both of the flowers you don't want to overpower the player at the start of the game. For the sewer level is rather bland I mean the colors aren't bad but the level itself is just so-so add more decoration and probably ExGFX would make it look much better.
I also must ask if those are the actual size of the levels or if they are going to be bigger because those are all rather small.
I just want to edit the bonus game into something cool. Still WIP though.
The flowers were to replenish the player to fight wart.
I do have ExGFX for a sewer level but I'm still working on that.
I will expand the levels when i get more ideas.

Updated Level 10C, what do you think about it?

Here's the titlescreen so far:

(Ignore Mario falling)
To be honest it's pretty hard to judge your level 10C as it really is only like 2 screens of land thats hardly anything to judge your level construction on, it's a nice start and has a nice palette but thats pretty much all I can say about it.
Updated 10C, and here is Level 108:

Like the other levels, this is still in beta form.

Edit: Redoing level 106.
I've worked on some of the levels today!
Also, I created Fake-HDMA backgrounds in some levels.
Level 102:
Level 103:
Level 104:
Level 106: (Still not done yet)
Level 108:
Level 10C:
Anyone got any comments/suggestions?

And yes, I'm still waiting for my coin player GFX in the Requests Section.

Also, the reason I'm doing Fake HDMA is because I can't seem to get HDMA to work.:P
I really think actual screenshots of gameplay would be better then of the level in LM.
Good fucking bye.
Your wish is my command.

Level 10C:

Level 105:

Level 102:

Level 103:

Any comments/suggestions?
Note that I am still working on level 106 and that some levels are testing Fake-HDMA gradients.

Does anybody have an idea of how to take overworld pictures?!
Very hack good :)

But 102 and 103 look like of the edit blatant...
I like the fake HDMa gradients you did. I agree about level 102 and 103. They're blatant edits. Also I think the gray ledges look kinda out of place for a sunset kind of level.
The reason the ledges are gray is because i was testing some of WhiteYoshiEgg's Fake-HDMA to make it seem like nighttime and it didn't work out so well.

I know they're blatant edits, I was just testing Good color gradients; I'll work on those later.
For Level 10C, I'm planning for the pipe at the end to lead to a cave. I think that will work well.
My themes for the overworld/submaps will be:
WORLD 1 - Typical grassland
Castle #1=Goomba Fort
WORLD 2 - Desert
Castle #2=Tryclyde's Castle
WORLD 3 - Big Island
Castle #3=Overgrown Fortress
WORLD 4 - Paradise/Beach
Castle #4=Sunset Battle
WORLD 5 - Forest/Rainforest
Castle #5=Inner Jungle Territory
WORLD 6 - Winter
Castle #6=Icy Ruins
WORLD 7 - Sky
Castle #7=Altostratus Descent
WORLD 8 - Mario's Army/Nostalgia Land
Castle #8=Mario's Pipes
WORLD 9 (Bonus) - COIN Land
Castle #9=Back Home?
Oh, and have I ever told you COOL SMB3's Graphics are? I know they're greatly overused, but they are incredible! The only thing that would be better would be SMA4's GFX, unfortunately there is no palette for it though...
SMB3 graphics are good. Nothing amazing but they're pretty good. I agree, they're pretty overused in some hacks.
More SMB2 Sprites!
This time, i show off Clawgrip:

Did i mention I changed the Course Clear to Level Clear?
I'll see to those gradients, and make them a bit more gradient-ish. By gradient-ish i mean make the colors smoother AND remove the big, unneccesary lines between colors.

Does anyone have an opinion on clawgrip or the level clear pictures I've shown? I know that Christmas is coming soon, so progress will be slower.
I am hoping to have at least 95 levels (Accessable in the OW) for this hack.
Overall, thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread! It means a lot to get feedback from you guys.
I present this level:

This is supposedly my intro level so far. The BG is from the SMAS Battle Game. I haven't finished it, but this level is supposed to look almost identical to the real battle. There are other backgrounds too, such as this,

or this,

or this,

or this,

and this.
So, what BG do you guys think i should use?
Oh. and ignore the cutoff BG's, level C5 is only 1 screen long.