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Duck Season 2

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That's right Duck season is ready for a new installment. Everyone's favorite little critters, flip and chip, will partake in a full 9 worlds filled with adventure.
Unlike the first duck season this one will NOT be a kaizo game. This is a legit hack. On to the story!!

Flip is ready to leave the mushroom kingdom back to his home planet in the *insert name here* galaxy. But there is a group of people that want a "piece" of Flip before he leaves. Mario and the gang want to make a nice little meal out of our ducky friend so they'll try to stop him from leaving. He'll have to travel through nine world to escape;
1.Swamp world
2.Giant world
3.City world
4.Sewer world
5.Cemetery/ Haunted mansion world
6.Ship/Boat world
7.Ice world
8. Space world
9. Bonus World(note book)

Currently finishing up world one.
Here's a picture of the overworld.

more pics to come soon.
OW looks really nice.

It's rare to see a hack with a ton of ExGfx for the Maps! Definetly looks like a swamp. Good work #w{=3}
The OW looks kinda RPG-ish for me. Isn't it? (but that doesn't mean it doesn't look nice). If the water is going to be swamp, I'd darken it a bit but it's not necessary.
I don't mind the green color. It looks all toxic and sinister that way, if that's what you're going for.

That's a funny shaped Yellow Switch Palace you've got there. Quirky, like the rest of the map.

I like the style--it's very unique. It's OK for a swamp to be flat, but try to vary the topography for the rest of the OW or it looks boring.

Good work so far.
"(Z->)90° - (E-N²W)90°t=1"


Current project: Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip
Thanks guys. I don't know why exgfx for overworlds is use for games. It make that game more unique.
Also I tried making the water a darker brown but it just look ugly if it was that color.

Originally posted by Biospark88
I like the style--it's very unique. It's OK for a swamp to be flat, but try to vary the topography for the rest of the OW or it looks boring.

This is definitely not the final design for the world one overworld. It's my first time making OWs so i'll see what i can do with it.

Instead of picture heres a video!!
Oh man that song... Does not fit a swamp level at all, but I still like it. :3
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
Oh man that song... Does not fit a swamp level at all, but I still like it. :3

Yeah must would expect dark and creepy songs for swamps but i wanted to do something different, more cheery.
world one samples

This is the start of world 2

Half way done with world 2. Then on to the city world.
I like screen-by-screen reviews:

First screen: just explain me what is that behind the bridge. But the graphics, you made a good choice here!
Second screen: that "mud" isn't good yet. Anyways, I LIKE the YI graphics!
Third screen: good sprite, graphics and design. But that fishes... YAY...
Fourth screen: not 100% good OW. So squared and need more decorations.
Fifth screen: that's all BIIIG... Cool! I just didn't liked the shooter base.
Sixth screen: cool graphics!

This is what I can say: just beware with your OW. Making it better, your hack will looks better. But about the levels, you're doing a really good job!
I'm really liking those screens. The "lava" in screen 2 could use a better palette. I'm loving the 64x64 Mole in screen 6 plus the FG is very fitting with the DKC3 cave BG.
That's pretty nice. The graphics seem to fit together.
Graphics and level design looks great but I see cutoff in 2nd screenshot.
OW isn't square but you can put more decorations.
Wow this is a really good looking hack. I really like this, you should finish it.
Liked the overworld of this hack, but is it better if you added paths to the level or not?
Loved the foreground and background designs of the levels. Keep it up 2dareduck.
Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D
Thanks everybody for the feed back!

@Austin: What didn't you like about the shooter? To simple?

@mariofan22: Yeah the "lava" is actually bubbling swamp water. I'll try to fix the palette it up a bit.

Thanks Wormer21, It's hard finding FG and BG that fit together. Other time's i have to draw then my self.

[email protected] Cut off? i can't see it.Also I'm new to making OW graphics so they might not be the best.

@TheRPGLPer thanks, i plan on finishing it but it won't be any time soon.

@Detroit Lions Deity: Thanks! I'm debating if i should add paths or not. I'll probably save that till the end.

I'm almost finished with world 2, the next one it a city world. Any ideas of gimmicks??
Originally posted by 2dareduck
What didn't you like about the shooter? To simple?

Well, the shooter is ok, but the base is so... Thin, I think.

About the gimmicks, I can't see anyone for towns, so use aleatory ones...

Also 200th post yay.
Well, maybe you want to create a thick base or reduce the size of the shooter but overall the idea is very good.
I didn't want the base the same size as the shooter, it looks to bulky that way.

This is the city ow.

Im stating the third world even though i haven't finished 2 levels in the 2nd world.
Actually this is looking much 2D... I mean, these graphics are much simple, and unfitting with the level graphical style.
This OW GFX style looks something from "Animaniacs" if I recall correctly, I like it but I think that add more shapes will make it better.

Overworlds doesn't need to fit the level style, it just need to fit the BG of that level. Like a desert OW and a Icy level...
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