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021: Gunky Grotto - JDC
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 5 - 021: Gunky Grotto - JDC
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I'll give this one a try later tonight. As you said, the tar bubbles are basically out of your control (as in, not your fault), so if there are any bugs present with them, we can try and get them fixed up once they're pointed out in this thread.

Just wanted to clear that up in case you get upset that bugs are being noted regarding them.
School got in the way. You know how it goes.

Right off the back, I'll say that I think you have the actual architecture and sprite placement of this level down rather nicely, for the most part. The level doesn't overstay its welcome, nor does it feel like a chore to play. I just have a few things to point out.

What's that weird black thing down there? It looks like a custom sprite that isn't inserted or something.

Is that arrow supposed to be in the ground? It looks a bit weird.

This is a really minor nitpick, but I think that platform would look better if it was either connected to both walls or disconnected from both walls. Having it connected to one but not to the other in a two-tile wide gap really bugs me for some unknown and probably dumb reason.

You may want to rethink this area a bit. The Pokey will fall slowly through the tall, and then continue falling slowly through thin air.

Also, you haven't done the secret exit yet, right? Or was I just unable to find it?

Other than that, pretty solid work so far. Keep it up.
Originally posted by Lightvayne

Dazio: After confirming with SNN about this, we have decided to drop the second exit for this level and place it on 103 since its become such a large project.....

I thought it was removed, then again i probably missed something.

Oh yes, sorry. I totally forgot I even said that (need to start writing these things down). I was going off of the thread's first post and the level list thread, both of which still say 2.

I'll edit those to avoid any further confusion. In that case, disregard my secret exit question.
Originally posted by cstutor89

I don't think you've changed very much from the last version that I looked at. There were some old problems that were supposedly fixed and a few new ones this time around. As a cautionary note, please do not do what Daizo did.

The old problems that are not fixed:
- The colors for blocks and coins are still off.
- The SMWC coin is too visible
- The pipe shouldn't be there for an exit.
- The cutoff is still there
- The fact that there's too many Charging Chucks in 9F
- The Boomerang Bro is still ineffective.

The new problems I have with the level:
- Color schemes are off for Koopas, 1-Ups, and Boomerang Brothers.
- One more enemy in the top route of Screen 11.

The ASM code needs to be altered if the color palette is incorrect for them and the priority bits need to be set for the bubbles.

Honestly, your descriptions are so vague I can hardly tell what you are referring to.

-Fixed the colours a little
-Which SMWC Coin? I've fixed the 2nd one.
-The pipe ios there to warp you back to the midway entrance. It is intended for that to be there.
-What cutoff? I've fixed a little in Screen 0E, but that is all I can find.
-There's only 1 chargin chuck in 9F. Admittedly, this sprite set is very annoying to work with, hence the limited range of sprites. :(
-Changed to a slightly more effective fire bro.

-Fixed colour sceheme a little but I think the colours are off for some objects. Not my fault, because they are at default now.
-I've added one more enemy there.

@SNN: The weird black thing is part of the tar, I think. I think it's a glicth or something (not sure)
I've checked my base, and all that's there is the tar shooter. :(

I've fixed all other issues noted. New IPS

-Ignore tar and all issues relating to that
-C/C would be nice.
Okay for the most part the level is pretty much done. You've fixed most of those things. There are still a few more things that I don't think should take too long to fix and then you're done.

1. Coins/Yellow Blocks colors are still way too dark. For a well lit FG and BG to have dark colors makes no sense.
2. The colors of the Green Koopa Shoes are not quite right. If the issue is the bubbles use that palette then I can change that with one bit in the code.
3. That Boomerang Brother needs to be replaced with something else in Screen 10. It does nothing where it is placed.

That weird object appearing has something to do with the shooter/bubbles. I'll look into that but unless other people have issues with this level, this level can be completed by Friday.
I refrained from testing this level before due to certain attitudes shown throughout the thread, but this is kind of a big issue now (yes I know you, JDC, can't fix this):

One second I'm standing in the tar, when a bubble touches me, and the next moment:

I'm in some glitchy mess and die.

I don't know if this specific bug with them has been pointed out, so there.

As has been mentioned, the green palette is messed up, as you can see right there on the fire flower and on all the green Koopas.

Also the girders in this entire stage look weird, the metal-rods inside them are always kind of mis-aligned.

Your layout has been removed.
So I've fixed the problems with the bubble shooter - how the bubbles spawn, priority, and interaction when they hit a wall from below. It is Friday, how much longer will it take from this point on to finish this level?
This is the final version

-I'm glad to see cstutor has finished the bubbles. That's good news.

-I've fixed #1 and #3.
-#2 seems to be a palette conflict. I think the bubbles need to be repaletted.

-That's an interesting error with the bubbles...
I think cstutor has just fixed that though.
-I've fixed two mismatched Girder tiles.
Okay, I've fixed up the rest of the problems with the sprite colors and made the bubbles follow palette C instead of D. Anyways you're done, I'll send SNN the files.
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